Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort Chapter 28 part 1

Chapter 28: Empress Dowager ruining the match part 1
Currently, there was a big group of people standing outside the room. The Empress Dowager had already heard what was going on in the Nan He Palace so she came grandiosely with the Empress and some other people. Once they arrived, they saw Long Xiao Yu sitting majestically in front of the doors.
Long Xiao Yu glanced coldly at the newcomers. He didn’t really care about them, and only rised to greet them, “This son greets the Empress Dowager and imperial mother.”
Empress Dowager smiled and put on a face full of benevolence, “Xiao Yu, I heard that you’ve found a godly doctor to cure Xiao Nan’s headaches, so I came here to take a look.”
“That’s right Xiao Yu. Mother has also heard that you invited a godly doctor. Even the imperial doctors couldn’t cure this illness. How is the godly doctor going to cure it?” The Empress smiled mockingly as she walked closer.
“Your highness the Qi King, what’s wrong with Xiao Nan? Let us go take a look.” asked concubine Li worriedly as her eyes filled with tears. Concubine Li was Long Xiao Nan’s birth mother.
Ever since she found out that Long Xiao Nan was being tormented so much from the pain from his headaches, that he didn’t even want to live anymore, her face had been washed with tears every day.
This morning, when she went to pay her respects to the Empress Dowager, she had heard that Long Xiao Yu had invited a godly doctor over. Then hurried over here with Empress Dowager. Normally, she was the one the Empress had most trouble dealing with, but today since they were on the same side of the battle, there wasn't much need to worry.
“Imperial grandmother, the godly doctor is curing Fifth Brother’s illness right now. She can’t be distracted, otherwise no one will be able to take responsibility for anything that goes wrong.” Long Xiao Ze looked at the women who couldn’t be trusted. His tone was still unruly, but there were traces of seriousness.
After hearing him, a sense of discontent flashed past the Empress Dowager’s eyes. But she was still unwilling to give up and said, “Let this dowager go in and see. I won’t bother the godly doctor in anyway.”
“Xiao Yu, we will only go in to get a glance.” said the Empress again.
Inside the room, Mu Zi Ling had already started to cut off the tumor. She couldn’t afford to make any mistakes. She furrowed her eyebrows, annoyed. She heard that there was something going on outside and couldn't ignore it no matter how hard she tried. However, she never stopped moving and working with her hands.

The Empress Dowager and the Empress had appeared. Her head would probably be off before she could even say anything if the people outside really came it.
Since she had already gotten muddled in the waters of the palace, she wouldn’t let anything happen to him. Not only did she hold Long Xiao Nan’s life in her hand, she also held the lives of the entire Mu family.


Long Xiao Yu watched as the women spoke up one after the another, but he still didn’t reveal any signs of letting them in. He slowly took out a jade pendant from his chest and held it up into the air without any words.
The Empress Dowager and the Empress completely changed their personalities once they saw the jade pendant. Everyone present, except for the Empress Dowager had all bowed down. The palace maids and eunuchs had the color drained from their face and all kowtowed. It looked as if their heads would be buried into the ground
This was the “Dragon Flame Jade” gifted by the late Emperor. Anyone who saw this jade must behave like they had just seen the late Emperor. Even the current Emperor didn’t own such a piece of jade.
Empress Dowager had always assumed that the Dragon Flame Jade had been on the current Emperor so she had always been trying to think up ways to be take it from him. Never did she expect that the late Emperor would’ve given the jade pendant to Long Xiao Yu.
Right now, Long Xiao Yu seemed like a king who had just descended from the heavens. He entire being radiated an aura of one who could control the whole earth. He coldly glanced at everyone around him.
“You can enter, but if anything happens you will hold responsibility to all consequences. If you agree to those terms, then this King will let you in.”

After speaking, he took a step back, creating a pathway.
What he was implying was that he would let anyone take responsibility, no matter whether or not they could. The way he worded it prevented anyone from pushing off the responsibility onto someone else.
Just because of that one sentence, every one present closed their mouths. If they really did go in, then they would still be the ones taking responsibilities whether or not something happened because of them..
Although the Empress Dowager was ranked above everyone, she still couldn't disregard the laws of nature(Note- Since she needs to act like Long Xiao Yu is the late emperor, who is her elder). In addition, the person inside wasn’t just anybody, he was the Emperor’s blood related son. She held hatred in her heart, but she didn’t say anything else.
She had already known about the mysterious doctor Long Xiao Yu brought into the Nan He Palace and was extremely curious as to who they were. Even the imperial doctors couldn't cure Long Xiao Nan. How skilled was this person?
However, once she arrived at the Nan He Palace, she was stopped at the doors. To her, this was definitely fishy. What kind of person had to close the doors if they could cure the illness. She had to enter that room.
But never would she have thought that Long Xiao Yu would pull such a move on her. If it wasn’t because of the Dragon Fire Jade, then Long Xiao Yu wouldn't have been able to stop her.
She started to hate the late Emperor all over again for giving Long Xiao Yu the jade pendant. That person inside had better be able to cure Long Xiao Nan, otherwise she wasn't going to give up so easily,
Everyone present were all silent. Then Long Xiao Yu said, “Since no one wants to take responsibility, then you can all wait here until the person inside comes out.”
His words were cold and tough, emitting an irresistible and imposing manner. Even if the Emperor were to come, he would still have to wait.
The high and mighty Empress Dowager was being so heavily pressured by her grandson. How could she still hang on to her dignity? However, she didn’t have another choice.
The Empress knew that the Empress Dowager wouldn’t be able to hold onto her dignity by herself, so she hopped in and smiled embarrassingly, “It makes sense, after all, godly doctors are all very mysterious. Their medical operations cannot be leaked. The godly doctor was probably just worried about us learning his medical procedures so he doesn't want to let us in. Mother, lets just wait here.”