Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort Chapter 58 part 2

Chapter 58: Is this sick person trustworthy? Part 2
Mu Zi Ling secretly rolled her eyes and frostily requested in response, “You and this Princess are not close, so there’s no need for you to call me by such an affectionate term. Also, if I recall correctly, the Qi King has never married a concubine, so what are you trying to imply by calling me sister?”
Mu Yi Xue was still as hateful as ever. She had already given her a lesson last time, but Mu Yi Xue still had the guts to return. This time, she even brought support too. Could a sick person even be relied upon?
However, she couldn’t deny that she held a variety of advantages. Not only was she the Empress Dowager’s favourite, she was also ill, untouchable, and unfeelable. If something happened to her in the Qi King’s Manor, then she would definitely have a crime pinned to her head in an instant.
Mu Yi Xue was still holding her posture before her. She had on an innocent expression. Tsk, who cared about her?
Before Mu Yi Xue got a chance to reply, Long Xiao Ze curiously spoke out before her.
“Third sister in law, is this your little sister? Why does she look nothing like you. She’s so ugly? She wasn’t born in the wilderness, was she? She sure knows how to decorate her face in gold. How could my Third Brother possibly fall for trash like her?”
Everything that Long Xiao Ze had just remarked, came from raw from his heart. The girl in front of them really was ugly. She didn’t even have one tenth of his third sister in law’s beauty. The layer of makeup she had on was almost thicker than the city‘s wall. It was like she didn’t even want a face.
When Mu Zi Ling heard what he said, she almost burst out in laughter right on the spot. She couldn’t believe that Long Xiao Ze would be able to say such poisonous words. Although they were blunt, and looking for a beating, she liked his words very much.

Ugly? Mu Yi Xue was far from ugly.
Mu ZI Ling inspected Mu Yi Xue from head to toe. She had a desirable face, and a well shaped body. How was she ugly? Didn’t all men like a woman with an attractive body?
He even asked if Mu Yi Xue had been born in the wild! Only he would be able to think of such a blunt question.
However, Long Xiao Ze was right about one thing. She shared no blood with Mu Yi Xue, though not many in the Mu Manor knew about that. She was not surprised that Long Xiao Ze thought her and Mu Yi Xue looked nothing alike,.
As for whether Mu Yi Xue was actually born in the wild, that she didn’t know.
After Mu Yi Xue heard Long Xiao Ze, her face immediately stiffened. How was she ugly? No matter how you put it, she was still the one of the prettiest women in the Imperial City. She was on the verge of breaking out in rage, however, she knew that she could not offend the other party, so she could only endure it.
‘Sister, Xue’er didn’t mean it like that. Xue’er just…” Mu Yi Xue hadn’t finished talking before she was cut off again.
The An Yan Princess coughed, “An Ya greets third sister in law. I didn’t know earlier that you were my third sister in law, so I didn’t give you my greetings immediately earlier. I hope that third sister in law will not punish me for that.”

The An Ya Princess was being supported by two servants, one on her left and one on her right. She used another hand to support herself.
Only now did Mu Zi Ling take a proper look at this An Ya Princess. The first words that came to mind when she looked at her was “paper doll”. By the look of it, her illness struck her pretty hard. It looked nothing like an act.
Such a morbid beauty. Her face was pale as paper, and her whole body was weak. She looked like someone who could be blown down by a gust of wind.
This girl was already sick to this point, yet she still had the heart to come out here.
However, since the An Ya Princess cam with Mu Yi Xue and was one of the Empress Dowager’s kindred, there was no way she had come with kind intentions. Whether or not her illness was real, Mu Zi Ling was not about to go soft on her.
“How could I ever blame you? It’s this Princess who hopes that the An Yan Princess doesn’t blame for arriving so late,” mocked Mu Zi Ling in terror.
Tch. She wasn’t the only one who knew how to act terrified and pitiable.
“An Ya would never dare.” The An Ya Princess acted like Mu Zi Ling’s words had scared her, and started to cough even harder. It was as if had Mu Zi Ling said anymore, she would’ve fainted.
Mu Zi Ling sneered secretly inside.
She would never dare? They hadn’t even met before she had already started to drag her down. And once they had met, she had tried to ignore her. Then, she had even tried to look pitiful after paying Mu Zi Ling her greetings. What else did she ‘not dare to do’?
“What are you doing? Do not see that the Princess is feeling unwell? Hurry up and help the Princess to a seat,” ordered Mu Zi Ling to the two maids, ignoring the An Ya Princess.
What a joke! If the An Ya Princess really did faint, even if she had nothing to do with it, she would still be dragged into trouble. She wasn’t about to look for trouble without a reason.
The two maids were startled by Mu Zi Ling’s demand. They would’ve never imagined a person as unremarkable as the Qi Princess to have such a cold side. Cautiously, they brought the An Ya Princess to the side and sat her down.
“Thank you, third sister in law. An Ya feels fine now.” Of course the An Ya Princess didn’t forget to thank Mu Zi Ling either.
After the An Ya Princess had settled down, Mu Zi Ling interrogated her lightly, “Uncle Fu told me that the An Ya Princess was looking for me? You may ask away with whatever question you may have.”
“An Ya just heard that Brother Yu had just wedded a Princess, so I merely came here to take a look at my third sister in law and pay my respects,” said the An Ya Princess weakly. She looked away slightly bashfully when she mentioned Long Xiao Yu.
Brother Yu? What? She called Long Xiao Ze her Sixth Brother, but called Long Xiao Yu, Brother Yu? Was it her who misheard, or was it the An Ya Princess who addressed wrongly? Was it really necessary to sound so affectionate?

Well, it looked like this Princess actually did have special feelings for Long Xiao Yu, huh?
However, Mu Zi Ling still looked over at Long Xiao Ze for answers. She wordlessly asked him if this frail girl really did like his Third Brother.
Long Xiao Ze immediately caught on to what Mu Zi Ling was trying to ask, and replied with a look that seemed to mean, yup, however, my Third Brother would never fall for that type of women, so you don’t have to worry about her.
Mu Zi Ling rolled her eyes towards Long Xiao Yu. Why would she care if Long Xiao Yu liked this girl or not?
However, would that cold and heartless man really not fall for such a weak person? Her frailness made it so she could evoke pity and sympathy from almost anyone.


  1. Just another woman to try and set the Qi King's house on fire and burn the wife with it.Mu Zi Ling should get rid of her sister first.If she can.

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