Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort Chapter 29 part 1

Chapter 29: To anger a person to death would have to be paid with one’s life part 1
Imperial doctor Li walked over to the bed, and saw Long Xiao Nan lying on bed sheets filled with blood.
Before he arrived, the Sixth Prince hadn’t told them why Fifth Prince was unconscious, so they all thought that he was bleeding because hit his head during one of his headaches. None of them thought that something else could’ve happened.

Imperial doctor Li’s facial expression didn't change as he sat by the bed, grabbed Long Xiao Nan’s hand, and felt his pulse.
Moments later, imperial doctor Li stood up and said respectfully, “Your highness, there is nothing wrong with the Fifth Prince. He fainted after being given anesthetics. He should wake up in two hours.
“How could Xiao Nan be fine? He lost so much blood. All of you, go check again for this Dowager,” said the Empress Dowager with a face full concern.

Her heart was filled with doubt. She didn’t believe, and wasn’t willing to believe that Mu Zi Ling, the idiot, would know how to perform medical operations. She wasn’t going just let such a good opportunity to threaten Long Xiao Yu slip by.
“This old servant understands his orders,” said the rest of the imperial doctors in unison. They were all very curious as to what happened to the Fifth Prince.
“I, the Qi King is here. You must check very carefully, and then reply honestly,” reminded Long Xiao Ze standing off to the side.

He knew that some of the imperial doctors here were not very honest, so he didn’t forget to remind them. A lot of them followed the women of the imperial harem and harmed many innocent lives by doing what they ordered.
The imperial doctors naturally understood Long Xiao Ze’s hidden meaning. If they dared pull any small tricks in front of the Qi King, then they would not be able to walk out of those doors alive. Every one of them, took Long Xiao Nan’s pulse slowly and carefully.
Soon, all of the imperial doctors finished taking Long Xiao Nan’s pulse. Every one of them reported the same result. There was nothing wrong with him. He was only unconscious because he was under anesthetic.
Although it was already proved that Long Xiao Nan was still alive, the Empress Dowager still didn’t want to give up.
She walked over to the main seat and sat down. Then seriously, she asked Mu Zi Ling, “Ling’er tell us, why did Xiao Nan lose so much blood?”
Mu Zi Ling didn’t answer immediately. Instead, she walked over to a cloth-covered tray and brought it over.
She pulled the cloth away, looked at the item on the tray, and said, “The Fifth Prince’s headaches were caused by this tumor. Since this wife has taken it out, the Fifth Prince is now fine.”
Her face was as tranquil as water as she talked, making it seem like removing a tumor was no big deal. However, off to the side, the imperial doctors were not so calm anymore. Now, the imperial doctors knew why the Empress Dowager, the Empress, and the Qi King were all here.
Every one of them looked at the bloody tumor in surprise. So it turned out that this thing, was growing in the Fifth Prince’s head, causing the headaches.
However, how did the Qi Princess know about this? She could even cut open the Fifth Prince’s head without the slightest bit of hesitation, and take this thing out.

It was such an astonishing medical operation. For a patient to be safe and sound after having their head opened. It was such a weird method.
They had heard of this method before, but never had they seen it. It was said that this method was extremely dangerous, and the patient may never wake up if one was not careful.
How exactly did Qi Princess do this? Now that they saw this operation with their own eyes, they couldn’t help but be very impressed by the Qi Princess.
Everybody else were also startled by the tumor. So it turns out that if something was growing in the head, it could still be taken out.
The Empress Dowager looked at the horrifying tumor, about the size of a dove’s egg. Her expressions changed slightly, and she immediately turned away. Mu Zi Ling was really too reckless. She wasn’t afraid of doing anything.
She glared at Mu Zi Ling and then angrily asked, “You opened Xiao Nan’s head?”
“Yes,” answered Mu Zi Ling, without the slightest bit of fear.
She knew that the Empress Dowager wouldn’t give up so easily. Now, she would use her to stir up trouble since she cut open Long Xiao Nan’s head. After she finished with one problem, another one was already searching for her.
“Mu Zi Ling, do you know what crime you commited?”

The Empress Dowager slapped down her hand and stood up after hearing Mu Zi Ling’s righteous tone without the slightest trace of worry. She had already set her goal onto pinning a crime on Mu Zi Ling.

The Empress Dowager would’ve never thought that the idiot she married to Long Xiao Yu to humiliate him, was actually clever, eloquent, and knew how to perform medical operations.
Last time at the Palace feast, she had already lost to Mu Zi Ling once, losing her dignity in front of so many people in one day. After that, she had sent people to check on her, but she found nothing.
For days, she had been thinking up ways for Mu Zi Ling to suffer. She didn’t expect that she would show herself here. How could she let an immature and inexperienced girl trick her, who had been so careful and alert for so many years, so many times?
Mu Zi Ling, you only have yourself to blame for this. Instead of staying as an idiot, you decided to expose yourself so early on. You even tried to oppose this Dowager. Since you aren’t an idiot, then this Dowager will not only make sure you suffer, this Dowager will make sure you disappear.
“This wife doesn’t know.”

Mu Zi Ling wasn’t scared, and still kept the same righteous face she had on before.
Empress Dowager already couldn’t wait to pin a crime on her. Even if she was to touch the head of a god, she still wouldn’t foolishly let someone kill her.

She was the one with reasons. Even if the Empress Dowager doesn’t have any reasons, she still had his highness Qi King on her side. At the end, it would still be the Empress Dowager losing her face.