Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort Chapter 64 part 2

Chapter 64 This stupid woman part 2
  A bit of suspicion flashed by Long Xiao Yu’s eyes. Then he continued to ask, 
“Then how did you know that there was Heart Controlling Gu in the soup?”
This time Mu Zi Ling was stumped by the question. How could she just answer this 
question with a simple, “I just know it”? The purpose of Long Xiao Yu coming here 
was to ask her about the Heart Controlling Gu, but she couldn’t reveal the Stellar 
Moreover, this matter has already happened many days ago, why was Long Xiao Yu 
still coming over and interrogating her? The Gu was a really frightful creature, and it 
was also prepared by the Empress. Does Long Xiao Yu want to investigate something 
from her? If that’s the case, then Long Xiao Yu found the wrong person to investigate 
because other than knowing what type of Gu it was, she doesn’t know anything else.
However, since Long Xiao Yu has asked her a question, it would not be right for her to 
not answer.
“This wife noticed that something was strange about the bowl of soup that day. 
However, no matter how hard I try to investigate it, I couldn’t find what was wrong 
with it. Only later did I realize that there was Gu in the soup. This wife has heard her 
master mention something about the Gu before, so according to the circumstances 
of the soup, this wife concluded that it must’ve been the Heart Controlling Gu.” 
spoke Mu Zi Ling without any feelings of guilt. The way she spoke was as if she was 
telling the truth, not letting anyone see through her lies.
After Mu Zi Ling finished speaking, she felt better inside. Having a master that 
doesn’t actually exist was really useful! She could pull her “master’s” name out 
anytime she wants. No one will also be able to find him, so it’s a very safe option. 
In the future when she lies, she wouldn’t have to think up an excuse anymore.
Mu Zi Ling waited for a while, but Long Xiao Yu still didn’t speak. In a split second, 
Mu Zi Ling felt a holt of coldness up her legs. She suddenly felt very cold.
She involuntarily raised her head and looked towards Long Xiao Yu, and her eyes 
met up with Long Xiao Yu’s deep eyes.
Mu Zi Ling’s heart trembled. Crap, this guy’s expression was clearly saying that he 
doesn’t believe in her words. However, when she spoke, she made it sound like 
she was telling the truth and there was no holes in her lie.
Le Tian seemed to just guess that it was the Gu too. The only thing that Le Tian 
didn’t guess was what type of Gu it was. Could she not be a bit smarter than Le 
Tian and guess what type of Gu was in the soup? How is this so strange?
Mu Zi Ling started to feel a bit guilty inside when she being coldly stared down by 
Long Xiao Yu like this. However, she clenched down her teeth and still pretended 
to be calm in front of Long Xiao Yu’s glaze. She didn’t reveal any of her guilty 
Her heart was beating like crazy at this moment. She didn’t even do anything bad, 
why was she feeling so guilty?
In this whole world, she was probably the only person who would dare to look at the 
Qi King calmly while he was shooting cold glares.
How smart of a person was Long Xiao Yu? How could it be possible for Long Xiao 
Yu to believe that Mu Zi Lin has a master like that? Plus, he already knew that this 
Heart Controlling Gu was different from other species of Gu.
He doesn’t believe in Mu Zi Ling’s words. One thing he knew for sure was that this 
woman definitely knows more than what she claims to know.
Long Xiao Yu knew that he would get the same response if he asked again, so he 
didn’t ask Mu Zi Ling more questions.
However, he didn’t expect this woman to lie straight to his face. Her face didn’t 
even turn red, and she still remained calm.
It was not known how much time has passed. Just at the moment that Mu Zi Ling 
was about to run out of breath and give up, Long Xiao Yu opened his mouth, 
“Where’s the bowl of soup?”
How could Mu Zi Ling still mind what question Long Xiao Yu asks her anymore? 
She only wishes for Long Xiao Yu to stop staring at her and scaring her. This was 
the reason why she quickly replied to his question without even processing it in 
her mind, “Drank it.”
“Drank it?” said Long Xiao Yu as his eyes shot back at Mu Zi Ling.
Mu Zi Ling was suddenly startled. Only then did she realized what Long Xiao Yu 
asked and what she has answered him with. She opened her mouth again and 
said, “This wife fed it to a poisonous toad.”
Now Mu Zi Ling was able to claim her heart down. The bowl of soup truly was 
eaten by Little Idiot, so her response this time was true. Long Xiao Yu shouldn’t 
be doubting her anymore right?
Little could she imagined, she was making the situation worse and stretching 
the story further.
“This King is curious, what type of poisonous toad would be able to drink the whole 
jar of food? Its appetite sure is huge to be able to drink a whole jar.”
This woman was surprising him more and more. She even brought poisonous toads 
into this conversation. It seems like this woman has many more secrets.
Now Mu Zi Ling wished that she didn’t say anything earlier. Why did she have to say 
“Drank it” when Long Xiao Yu asked her the question? Wouldn’t it be easier if she 
have just said that she poured it out? The way that Long Xiao Yu was asking her 
question was clearly pointing out that he didn’t believe her.
At this moment, Mu Zi Ling really wanted to reply Long Xiao Yu with: This is my own 
business, why does the Qi King have to bother with so much?
However, she has already been warned by Long Xiao Yu twice. If she replied to him 
saying that this was her own business, then who knows if Long Xiao Yu would 
explode on the spot or not.
Even though she still doesn't understand why Long Xiao Yu would say it like that, 
but this guy’s emotions doesn’t seem calm. It would be better if she doesn’t provoke 
Long Xiao Yu’s words had hidden meanings in them. What he have asked was not 
what he seemed like he asked. However, Mu Zi Ling didn’t think about it that much. 
Mu Zi Ling only simply thought that Long Xiao Yu didn’t believe that a tiny poisonous 
toad would be able to drink a whole jar of soup. Then she foolishly said,
“Poisonous toads would not drink the soup itself. There are worms in the soup, and 
the poisonous toad only eats the worms. This wife fed it in portions many different 
times. It didn’t drink it all at once.” said Mu Zi Ling naturally with a serious face.
She could only say it like that. Little idiot was so tiny. If it was not because she saw it 
with her own eyes, she would never believe that Little Idiot would be able to eat so 
If Long Xiao Yu doubts her for about that, then it wouldn’t be strange at all. After all, 
even a normal toad wouldn’t be that large. Not to mention that Little Idiot was not 
even larger than an inch.
Seeing Mu Zi Ling lie foolishly with such a serious face, his eyes flashed by with a 
feeling that no one else could see. Then he coldly threw out a few words and left.


  1. The Qi King knows she is telling lies. He just can't get her to tell the truth. How long will this go on before he explodes? Not that it matters. Mu Zi Ling must stick with the half truth.

    1. dont know why he is expecting otherwise. he doesnt trust her nor does she trust him. yet wants her to blurt out all her secrets when she doesnt know anything about him

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