Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort Chapter 40 part 2

Chapter 40: She had a lot of time part 2
The pitch dark night was very quiet. It was as if all living things had fallen asleep. 
A white shadow entered the Yu Han Palace quietly.
He slowly walked towards the side of the bed without making any noises. He was 
as calm as water, and couldn’t take his eyes off of the person sleeping on the bed.
At this moment, no one knew what he was thinking about. It was not known how 
long he had been looking at her before he looked away. He started to walk towards 
the other room, opened the door, and then shut the door. Everything was back to 
how it was before, as if nothing had ever happened.
It was a beautiful morning when Mu Zi Ling woke up early. She changed into a pair 
of comfortable clothing and headed out to exercise. Once she thought about 
yesterday, she felt unhappy.
“Young Miss, someone came from the palace! She said her name was Lin mama, 
and she’s here to deliver a message,” said Xie hurriedly as she ran indoors. What 
did the Royal Palace want with the Young Miss this time?
Mu Zi Ling furrowed her brows and said, “Let them wait in the front hall. I will see 
them once I've finished changing.”

The reason the Empress Dowager sent over a person, was clearly to get her to 
come to the Royal Palace. As for what the Empress Dowager wanted her there for, 
she had already made a guess. This time around, she must be extra careful.
“Of course, this servant now leave,” said Xie as she left.

Mu Zi Ling changed into some low key, yet luxurious light clothes. Although it 
wasn’t as grand and as rich as her other attire, these clothes wouldn’t lose her any 
face either.

As long as it was simple, it was fine. Mu Zi Ling then took graceful steps towards 
the front hall.

When Lin mama saw Mu Zi Ling, she walked up to her arrogantly. She didn’t even
 pay her respects before she started to talk, “Princess, this old servant carries a 
message from the Empress Dowager. The Empress Dowager summons the 
princess to the Royal Palace.”

Mu Zi Ling glared coldly at Lin mama, who was using her identity to bully her. Then 
she coldly said, “Did the message from the Empress Dowager also include for 
servants to not to pay their respects when they see me? You’re allowed to even 
that speak rudely to this Princess?”

Mu Zi Ling had heard that this Lin mama was highly favored by the Empress 
Dowager. She had also heard that the Lin mama who came over to retrieve the 
handkerchief of chastity, had already been killed by the Empress Dowager, which 
was the reason why this Lin mama could climb up so smoothly and become one 
of the Empress Dowager’s most favored people. In the palace she was rampant, 
domineering, and relied on force to bully others.

“This old servant doesn’t dare. May I ask the Princess to follow me to the Royal 
Palace? We wouldn’t want to keep the Empress Dowager waiting for too long.”

Lin mama wasn’t scared in the slightest at Mu Zi Ling’s coldness. Instead, she 
gathered even more courage and used the Empress Dowager’s name.

Lin mama had already heard from the palace that this weak, ignorant, and 
incompetent Princess was not ordinary. However, she just didn’t believe the rumour. 
How unordinary could a little girl, who knew of nothing, get? Maybe after scaring 
her, she would follow her to the Royal Palace.
Mu Zi Ling laughed coldly and ignored her. She walked over to the main seat and 
sat down. Then she picked up a cup of tea, and took a sip. Then she slowly took 
another sip, and another. She had no intention of leaving, instead, she seemed to 
be waiting for something.
When Lin mama saw that Mu Zi Ling was ignoring her, she raised her voice and 
said, “Princess, are you trying to disobey the Empress Dowager’s imperial degree?”
Still Mu Zi Ling stayed silent while sipping her cup of tea. Normally, she did really 
like to act like she was in a master and servant relationship, however, this old thing 
didn’t know what was good for her. If she could not get that old servant to pay her 
respects, then she would not leave. She had lots of time to wait for this wicked old 
She wasn’t in a rush, but Lin mama was getting anxious. She knew that she had 
only just climbed up in position recently, so she should not show off too much. If 
she made the Empress Dowager wait for too long, it could be possible that she 
would be the one with bad luck. This stupid girl really was unordinary. Not only was 
she unafraid of her, she was also able to fully display her arrogance as a Princess.
Lin mama finally lowered her head and disdainfully said, “This old servant greets 
the Princess.”
Mu Zi Ling didn’t look at her, instead, she looked at Xie and asked, “Xie, was that 
how a servant is supposed to greet a master?” Although she had been asking Xie, 
her words were meant for Lin mama.
At this point, Lin mama was very angry, but she didn’t dare let her anger spill out. 
She could only settle down again. She bent her back, lowered her head, and stiffly 
said, “This servant greets the Princess.” After she finished speaking, she raised her
 head before Mu Zi Ling said anything.
“Xie, when a servant is greeting a master, should they be use an angry tone while 
speaking? They seem like emotionless words from a dying person. Also, when the
 master hasn’t said anything, can the servant raise their head themselves?” Mu Zi 
Ling continued to ask Xie. This old hag didn’t even know who she is and had the 
nerve to act arrogant with her.
She bent her back, lowered her head, and said loudly through clenched teeth,
“The old servant pays her respects to the Princess. I wish for the Princess to be 
auspicious.” This time, she did not raise her head by herself.
Satisfied, Mu Zi Ling nodded her head and lightly said, “This is how a servant is 
supposed to act. Alright, let's not keep the Empress Dowager waiting for any longer 
and head over now.”

Once she finished speaking, she elegantly reached out her hand and left with Xie.
Behind them, Lin mama was gripping on tightly onto a handkerchief, she glared 
angrily at the master servant pair that had walked out.