Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort Chapter 46 part 2

Chapter 46: I incidentally passed by here part 2
Desire filled Long Xiao Li’s eyes as if it was about to break out from him.

Even though they lowered their heads, every one of them knew what the Eldest 
Prince was about to do, but no one had the courage to raise their heads and try 
stop him. They all wanted to leave this terrifying place as soon as possible. However, 
before the Eldest Prince gave them permission, they were too afraid to even twitch.
Naturally, the Empress saw and knew everything that was happening, but still she did 
not stop him nor take pity and pay a mind to the palace maids’ pleads. Turning a deaf 
ear, she considerately lead everyone apart from the palace maids out the room.
Terrified, despairing screams rung from the palace, followed by Long Xiao Li’s 
pleasured roars.
Not long later, the screaming stopped and the doors opened to reveal Long Xiao Li 
walking out. His clothes were as neat as before, and his expressions revealed nothing 
of the events taken place.
If it wasn’t because of the mess and dead palace maids, the earlier screams could’ve 
passed as just a trick of mind.

Elsewhere, Mu Zi Ling was leaving the Kun Ning Palace happily, with a jar of soup in
her hands. However, she couldn’t help but feel a bit suspicious when Long Xiao Yu 
was nowhere to be seen outside.

Wasn’t Long Xiao Yu here for her? Why did he suddenly disappear? Did she really 
take so long for the bowl of soup that he already left?

Since she was in such a good mood, she decided to stop thinking about it. It didn’t 
matter whether or not Long Xiao Yu had waited for her, it wasn’t like she cared 
anyways. For now, it was probably better to focus on returning to the manor. She 
had already stayed here for so long that Xie was probably losing her mind with 
Mu Zi Ling quickly hurried over to her horse carriage. She noticed that the 
coachman was looking at her with a weird expression, but she couldn’t put her 
finger on why.
Shaking her head, she quickly made her way onto the horse carriage. The 
moment she lifted the curtains to the carriage, she figured out why the coachman 
was looking at her so strangely.
So it turned out that Long Xiao Yu had been in the carriage. He sat calmly in the 
carriage with his eyes shut, as if nothing had happened.
A calming and cool scent of cold plum filled the carriage. Subconsciously, Mu Zi 
Ling took a deep breath, enjoying the refreshing smell. Usually, the scene in front 
of Mu Zi Ling would’ve rendered people starry eyed. However, Mu Zi Ling wasn’t 
in the mood to become a love struck fool.
Since she had left alone, the horse carriage she prepared was a bit small for two 
people. Long Xiao Yu’s large frame had already taken up most the carriage. If she 
got on the carriage now, she would definitely make physical contact with him.
She didn’t dare try guess what Long Xiao Yu was thinking. Although he could touch 
her if he wanted, she didn’t make contact with him.
The horse carriage was hers, so she should have full rights to sit down. However, 
no matter how much courage one gave her, she would never dare kick Long Xiao 
Yu off the carriage.
Originally, her plan was to sneak off the carriage without alerting Long Xiao Yu, but 
she didn’t even get a chance to take a step back.

The guy she was facing suddenly opened his eyes. He glanced over at the jar Mu 
Zi Ling held, but didn’t ask any extra questions.

“Mu Zi Ling, keep your claws to yourself and don’t go provoking everyone you see.”

Long Xiao Yu’s words slightly disturbed Mu Zi Ling. Was he telling her to not 
provoke the Empress?
“Your highness, I wouldn’t dream of provoking someone who hasn’t provoked me 
first,” said Mu Zi Ling without the slightest bit of hesitation.
Never had she provoked another mindlessly, but that didn’t mean she would do 
nothing if someone decided to provoke her. Never would she just stand there 
stupidly to be attacked. However, if she had already provoked them, then she would 
naturally take responsibility no matter what happened.
Long Xiao Yu didn’t say anything in response, his deep, dark eyes stared at Mu Zi 
Ling, his thoughts unknown.
Mu Zi Ling started to feel a bit uncomfortable by the way he was staring at her. At 
the moment, not only couldn’t she enter, she couldn’t leave either, added to the fact 
that Long Xiao Yu hadn’t said a word, the atmosphere started to turn cold.
A few moments later.
“Your highness, did you have something you need from this Wife?” inquired Mu Zi 
Ling after she gathered up her courage.
If they continued staying motionless like this, then they would never be able to 
leave the spot they were in now. Seeing Long Xiao Yu stay so calm and silent 
right now, she was starting to doubt whether or not Long Xiao Yu actually had 
something that he needed her for.
“No,” came Long Xiao Yu’s short one word answer.
Then why did he collect her from the Kun Ning Palace? Also, how did he even 
come to know that she was at the Empress’ place? Furthermore, why was he 
even in her carriage?! Didn’t he come to the Royal Palace with his own carriage?!?!

Mu Zi Ling could only scream these questions to herself since she didn’t dare voice 
them out loud. She also turned silent, and once again, the atmosphere begun to 
freeze over.
Long Xiao Yu seemed to know what Mu Zi ling was thinking and said, “This King 
was just so happening to pass by here, so I coincidentally grabbed you along.”
His tone was still as cold as before, and the words that came out his mouth were 
as unpleasant as ever to the ears. No matter how many times you heard him, it 
was impossible to warm up to them.
Mu Zi Ling looked at Long Xiao Yu, who had spoken with his eyes closed. There 
was no trace of unhappiness on her face, instead, she felt a strange sense of 
warmth. She had almost been moved by him.

Just passing by? Just coincidentally grabbing her along? Was Long Xiao Yu trying 
to say that he had been passing the Kun Ning Palace coincidentally, so decided to 
pick her up?
Since Long Xiao Yu had said that was what had happened, then she would not 
expose him. After all, his highness the Qi King was a person that valued his pride 
Right now, Mu Zi Ling’s courage was rising by the second. She faced Long Xiao 
Yu and quietly said, “Your highness, I will leave this carriage for you, and look for 
another one then.”
After she finished talking, she was about to leave, but Long Xiao Yu interrupted her 
by saying, “That would be unnecessary.”
Unnecessary? Was he trying to say that she didn’t have to get out of the carriage?
So Mu Zi Ling stopped in her tracks and waited for Long Xiao Yu to get off.

However, she had waited for a while, but Long Xiao Yu didn't seem to have any 
intention of moving. Did she interpret him wrongly?

Mu Zi Ling was just about to speak when Long Xiao Yu beat her to it and said icily, 
“Fu Lin, leave.”

When the coachman heard Long Xiao Yu’s voice, he raised his whip and whipped 
the horse, “Jia!”


  1. Is he going to make her drive the carriage? Not cool

    Thanks for the chapter

  2. I think since Long Xiao Yu has been monitoring her actions he suspected that she may have been in trouble and in fact had come to save her. He would not let his brother or the empress harm her. Even if he could not admit it. besides he needs her to cure a few people , right?