Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort Chapter 57 part 2

Chapter 57: Purposefully making things difficult, meeting foe part 2
Just as Mu Zi Ling was about to get on her carriage to leave the Zhang Princess’s Manor, an excited voice rang out from behind her.
“Hey! Third sister in law, why are you here? Are you looking for my aunt?”
Who could the voice belong to other than Long Xiao Ze?
Mu Zi Ling turned around and rolled her eyes at Long Xiao Ze. She continued to ignore him and pulled Xie up into the carriage before telling the coachman to leave.
Long Xiao Ze was not dismayed at the least by Mu Zi Ling’s ignorance of his existence. He had already cheerfully and jumped into the carriage with them.
Mu Zi Ling watched as Long Xiao Ze entered the carriage like it was his house. He looked more excited than a lottery winner. Mu Zi Ling could only stare speechlessly.
She started to get a headache so she struck her own head a few days. Why did she have run into this foe again? After so much difficulty, she was finally able to get a few days of peace, but now here he came again.
“Aren’t you going to look for the Zhang Princess? What are you in here for?” asked Mu Zi Ling carelessly looking at Long Xiao Ze.
“Who said I was here to look for my aunt? I knew that third sister in law would be here today, so I was here to look for you,” declared Long Xiao Ze full of confidence.
Long Xiao Ze was in an amazing mood. Such a ridiculous joke. He hadn’t seen his third sister in law for so long. It was only today that he finally ran into her. How could he let this chance slip by?
His third brother had banned him from going the Qi King’s Manor , so he would just follow third sister in law into the Qi King’s Manor and think of it as his third sister in law taking him there.
As for the matter that his imperial father wanted him to pass to his aunty, he would just push that to the side since it wasn’t an important matter anyways. If it was not because he was bored in the Royal Palace, he wouldn’t have even come here.
WIth Long Xiao Ze lying so carelessly, Mu Zi Ling could only wonder what kind of crazy things he would spout next.

Mu Zi Ling threw him a “keep boasting” look then disregarded his presence.She ordered the coachman to start moving.
But Long Xiao Ze was not about to give up his chance to whine so easily. He started to talk non-stop and asked a bunch of useless question, to which he would be replied a word or two.
However, this time, Long Xiao Ze had also brought news that she was actually interested in. It was Long Xiao Li. He had acted just as she had thought he would. His days and nights were spent in brothels.
Originally the Empress hadn’t cared too much about it, but later on, Long Xiao Li had started to become even more riotous, the last bits of restraint he had were gone. In the end, he had lost consciousness and was taken out of the brothel. Because of that, the Empress was mentally and physically exhausted again.
Since Long Xiao Li was a Prince, even if nothing major happened, it would be spread to everyone’s ears. With how many people in the Imperial City gossiping about him, the Royal Family had lost a lot of face. Everyone in the royal court had even pleaded the Emperor to punish Long Xiao Li and give the commoners justice.
Under the pressure of the Empress Dowager, Empress, and the royal court, the Emperor came to the resolution to lock Long Xiao Li in his palace for six months.
Originally, it had been only three months. However, the Empress had gone to beg the Emperor while he was in a bad mood, and he extended the period of time by three months and declared that anymore pleads for leniency would extend the time period even more.

Mu Zi Ling found it hilarious that the Empress would beg for leniency. She was able to utilize the full extent of her power when opposing someone, and dared to commit all manners of crime. However, when her son was involved, she suddenly turned into an idiot. She couldn’t even stand for him to be locked in a palace for three months, and she foolishly went to beg for leniency. It served her right, she had only reaped what she sowed.
In her opinion though, six months was just a tap on the wrist for Long Xiao Li. If it was her who had to make the decision, she would’ve locked him up for his whole life. Either way, she would be able to enjoy some peace for a while.
“Third sister in law, I heard that you went to the Royal Palace and cured my elder brother’s strange illness. Why did you have to go cure him? Isn’t it a good thing that he can’t touch women?” asked Long Xiao Ze in confusion.

“Do you think that I actually wanted to cure his illness? Would you be able to stand watching him kill all those imperial doctors?” asked Mu Zi Ling rightfully.

Long Xiao Ze suddenly understood why she did what she did. “Oh! So it was because of that. Third sister in law is too kind.”
If third sister in law hadn’t cured his eldest brother, then he would have definitely killed even more people. However, what he didn’t understand was why he was so thirsty after just a few days without women. He even knocked himself out in his rampage.
If Long Xiao Ze found out what happened to Long Xiao Li was all Mu Zi Ling’s doing, who knew how he would think about all this.
Since Long Xiao Ze had been droning on the whole way back, time seemed to pass by slower. However, to Long Xiao Ze it felt as if only a little bit of time had passed before they reached the Qi King’s Manor.

As they came to a stop, they saw uncle Fu waiting outside the Manor.
What on earth happened this time?


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