Empress Running Away with the Ball! Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Stepping on his face
All the guest were all muttering and the whispers wouldn’t stop.
Chu Shao Yang’s eyes were staring at Chen Ning sitting in the main position.  The smile on his face had disappeared as all that remained were cold eyes.
He recognized her!
The girl who was sitting in the main position, whose face was even more exaggerated than the actors in a play, she was truly the wife who King Ding Yuan had married three days ago, young miss Chen!
Chu Shao Yang’s expression suddenly became very ugly.
Even in his dreams he wouldn’t have imagined that the sick Chen Ning who was on her last breath would not die, and could even come to his wedding.  She had put on such ugly makeup and walked into his wedding.
His eyes once again fell onto Chen Ning’s face.  His eyes couldn’t help but want to turn away and his heart had misgivings.
Three days ago when he had married her, although he hadn’t seen her once, he still had never heard that country protecting family’s young miss Chen was a hideous monster.  Bi Yun was her blood related sister and was the most beautiful girl in the country.  Even if the older sister was ugly, she couldn’t possibly be this ugly, right?
Chen Ning and his eyes met.
Chen Ning’s lips curled and revealed a faint smile.
Chu Shao Yang kept staring, until he was filled with rage.
She did it on purpose!
She had deliberately made herself look this ugly.
The reason she had done this was to fiercely slap his, Chu Shao Yang’s face in front of all the guests here.
It wouldn’t even take a day before the news of “King Ding Yuan’s wife was a hideous monster” would take flight and spread to every corner of the capital.
And then he, Chu Shao Yang would become the laughingstock of the city.
Thinking of Chu Shao Yang, he was the most famous handsome man in the capital.  He was the righteous King Ding Yuan and was the dream man of countless young girls.  If everyone knew that his wife was this kind of hideous monster, with this kind of shame, even if he married ten beautiful concubines, he still wouldn’t be able to live it down!
She was quite ruthless.  Truly ruthless!
This move of hers was like taking Chu Shao Yan’s face and throwing it onto the capital’s street, letting everyone viciously stomping on it…….
Chu Shao Yang’s face turned from red to white, then from white to green, and finally green to black.  It was the perfect colour.
He clenched his teeth together and his eyes burned as he stared at Chen Ning.  If he had a sword in his hand, he would not have hesitated to run his sword through her heart on the spot.
But he was on his stage and every one of his guests was staring at him.  Only could he not kill her, he had to hold it in and smile.
He held it in so much that he almost spat out blood.
Chen Ning sat there in her chair, coldly smiling at him.  She was fully enjoying the look on his face.
This Chu Shao Yang wasn’t stupid, he could actually see through her intentions.
But, this was only the first move.  She had prepared an even better gift for him.
Chu Shao Yang, just wait for the next move!
“Weren’t you sick?  Why don’t you stay in your yard and heal up?  What did you come here for?  Quickly go back!  Come, send the princess back to rest!”
Chu Shao Yang saw his guest looking at his princess like they were staring at a monkey and she had a happy gloating expression on her face.  He felt his face turn burning hot as he panicked from the embarrassment.
This disgusting woman, the thing he wanted most was to make her disappear from here!
Chen Ning blinked as she revealed an innocent expression.
“I’ve already said, today is the king and my little sister’s big day, how could I miss it as the princess and an older sister?  Not to mention being sick, even if I died…..” she deliberately stalled out her voice, “I would still climb out of the coffin and come congratulate you two!”
Hearing the word “die”, Chu Shao Yang felt a cold chill run down his back.


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