Empress Running Away with the Ball! Chapter 4

Chapter 4: A good white lotus
As Chu Shao Yang’s face turned darker, Chen Ning’s smile became brighter.
“Your highness, I’m truly sorry.  I just received the good news of the king and my little sister’s marriage.  I tried to rush over, but I still arrived late and missed the your exchange of vows.  Are the two of you about to enter the bridal chamber now?  But before the two of you enter the bridal chamber, I as an elder sister wish to talk to my younger sister over a cup of tea.  Your highness, I don’t know if I’d be allowed this chance?”  She coldly smiled as she spoke.
Chu Shao Yan finally recovered himself.  What did she come here to do?
She hadn’t come just to make him lose face or just to make him feel nauseous!
But, according to the regulations of the West Chu Country, when a concubine gets married, she must drink a cup of tea with the wife.  By drinking a cup of tea with the wife, she was admitting to her own status.
In front of all the guests, Chen Ning had asked this request.  He had no way to refuse her.
“Humph!”  Chu Shao Yang snorted, which could be counted as permission.
He secretly clenched his fist as his eyes stared at Chen Ning.
This cursed hideous monster.  If she used this drinking tea opportunity to bully his most loved woman, he would definitely kill her!
“Yun’er, go and make her a cup of tea.”  He said in a gentle voice, as he spoke to Chen Bi Yun beside him.
Although he was reluctant in his heart, but he had to allow Chen Bi Yun perform this task.  If he didn’t then he would be breaking the West Chu Country’s regulations and will receive the disdain of the citizens.
Chen Bi Yun had a red veil over her head so she couldn’t see well, but she could clearly hear what was happening.
She was blood related sisters with Chen Ning.  She was more clear on her voice compared to Chu Shao Yang.
From the minute Chen Ning said her first sentence, she could hear it.  Her body could not help but tremble as her eyebrows tightly knit together.  
Wasn’t she about to die?  How did she appear here perfectly healthy?  Moreover she talked in such a strong tone and it wasn’t the tone of a dying person?
But before she could think it through, she had heard Chen Ning confidently ask her to make some tea.  It was angered her to the point her chest almost exploded.
She had thought she had planned it all out and Chen Ning had come down with a heavy “sickness”’.  Even if she didn’t immediately die, she still wouldn’t be able to last a few days.  Then she got married and although she was only a concubine, once Chen Ning died, Chu Shao Yan would immediately make her the legal wife.  At that time she would become the true princess of Ding Yuan.  No one can shake her position and no can compete with her.
Because the thing that was hindering her, had already long died!
Only, Chen Bi Yun had counted for everything, but she never expected that Chen Ning would actually show up alive in the marriage hall.  Now she was even asking her to make her a cup of tea!
Chen Bi Yun clenched her silver teeth in anger, but she was not stupid.  In front of all the guests, she knew that is impossible for her not to make this cup of tea.
Her eyes changed and a touch of ruthlessness appeared in her eyes.
With the red veil, no one could see the ruthlessness in her eyes.
“Since a concubine is getting married, it’s normal for me to make a cup of tea for elder sister.”  Chen Bi Yun was supported down by her bridesmaid.  She gracefully walked down and her soft slender waist was like a white lotus floating in the wind.
Her voice was very soft, as if she could make water appear.
Chen Ning’s eyes didn’t move to watch her every move.  Her eyes slowly fell down and like Chu Shao Yang, it fell onto her waist.  Then a trace of an idea flashed in her eyes.
The original owner of her body and Chen Bi Yun had grown up together.  What this little sister that was like a white lotus was thinking, she knew better than anyone else.
It was a pity the original owner couldn’t understand and had always treated Chen Bi Yun as a normal little sister.
She, Chen Ning, was not that easy to fool.
“Little sister, be careful with your feet.  There is a puddle in front of you, be careful not to slip.”  Chen Ning gave her a kind reminder.

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