Legend of the Asura Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Xuanyuan three forms
Dominating the World: The Xuanyuan three forms.  The Xuanyuan Sword explodes with dominating might and ignores all things in the world, to launch a world defying exterminating attack at the enemy.  
Effects: Single target attack and ignores all defence, dealing 5000% damage.  Causes all enemies within a ten meter range to fall into a 1 second fear that stops them from moving and makes it so they cannot attack.  It can only be used once a day.  Because of the user’s insufficient abilities, the user will fall into a weakened state for three hours and all their stats will fall by 70%.

Feng Xiao was completely shocked…….

It was not because of his level rising so quickly and was because of this shocking “Dominating the World” skill.  Not only could it ignore all defense, it also dealt 5000% damage.  This was 50 times his normal damage!

Although he already understood that the Xuanyuan Sword was very powerful, Feng Xiao never imagined that it would be this strong.  It allowed him to kill a level 30 Yellow Gold Boss at just level 6 and the most important thing was that it was an instant kill!

Moreover, this was just a Xuanyuan Sword with one seal unlocked…...

Crazy!  This was the only thing deserving of being called heaven defying!

“Feng…...Big Brother Feng, you actually unlocked the Xuanyuan Forms!  This…..This is too…...Too unbelievable.”  Xuanyuan Wan’er’s shocked voice came from his sea of consciousness.

“Wan’er, you’re awake.  This move is called a form?  Hu, is it hard to unlock?”  Feng Xiao panted as he asked.  This Dominating the World Skill decreased all his stats and made him exhausted, but he was not dissatisfied with it at all.  If this kind of perverted skill did not have a strict limitation, then the other players would not want to live anymore.

Xuanyuan Wan’er replied, “There are a total of 12 owners of the Xuanyuan Sword.  Big Brother Feng, can you guess how long it took for the quickest person to unlock the Dominating the World skill?”

Feng Xiao thought about it and said, “Since I only used a single day to unlock it and all the previous masters of the Xuanyuan Sword are not simple people, so it should not be that different from me.”

“Big Brother Feng, you’re wrong.”  Xuanyuan Wan’er’s voice suddenly stopped for a bit.  Then she said in a strange voice, “In the history of the Xuanyuan Sword, the Xuanyuan Emperor with the highest perception…...took a total of 5 years.”

“.......”  Feng Xiao was speechless, “Then is it a coincidence that I unlocked it so quickly?”

“For the three Xuanyuan forms, it requires a strong aura and a high perception.  I don’t know why master’s aura suddenly reached its apex a moment ago, but it also awakened me.  As for perception…...Big Brother Feng, can you tell Wan’er how much perception you have?  Is it over 10?”

“Uh…..Wan’er, it’s like this.  My perception…..seems to be 50.”

Feng Xiao now thought that he had distributed his stats perfectly (Reader: Che, you added it by accident!  Feng Xiao: ……).  Up until now, all the skills he learned and unlocked all depended on having a high perception.  As for Feng Xiao’s perception, it was so abnormally high that people would all call it appalling.

“Wh, what?  Feng, Big Brother Feng, Wan’er seemed to have heard that wrong.  Can you repeat it for Wan’er once more?”

“50!  You didn’t hear wrong, it’s 50!  A perception of 50!  I could assign my stats for a special reason and the results were that all 50 points was added to perception.”  Feng Xiao simply explained.

“.......”  If Wan’er had a physical body right now, Feng Xiao would have seen her eyes wide open in a cute manner and her mouth hanging wide open.

But Wan’er’s next sentence almost made Feng Xiao fall down.

“Big Brother Feng, you really are abnormal!”

Feng Xiao wiped the cold sweat on his forehead.  He never would have thought that such a cute and ancient sword spirit would say these words.

“That’s right, Wan’er, what are the three Xuanyuan forms you mentioned?”  Feng Xiao asked.

“The Dominating the World skill Big Brother Feng used was one of the three Xuanyuan forms.  The Dominating the World form is the might form.  There are also the reactive form and the exterminating form.”

“The reactive form is called Revolving Star Battle Shift.  It requires a high agility, luck, and perception to unlock.  In the history of the Xuanyuan Sword, there have only been 4 people that have unlocked it.”

“The exterminating form is called, Exterminating All Souls.  It has a shockingly strong destructive might and requires high strength, intelligence, and perception to unlock.  The third Xuanyuan Sword user unlocked this skill in a desperate situation and used it to perish with several tens of thousands of people.  He was also the only person to unlock the Exterminating All Souls skill.”

“The three Xuanyuan forms are all incomparably strong, but in reality, the might form is inferior to the reactive form and the exterminating form.”

“What?!  The other two are even more powerful?”  Feng Xiao felt like his tongue could not move anymore.  His heart just continued to beat and he almost fell down onto the ground to kneel in worship, “Xuanyuan Sword, you truly are abnormal!”

“But, Big Brother Feng, your perception it truly too abnormal.  Perhaps you can even unlock the legendary Xuanyuan Sword skill.”  Xuanyuan Wan’er spoke in an excited tone.

“Legendary skill?  Just hearing about it makes it sound incredibly strong.”

“Un, Big Brother Feng, it is very powerful.  It’s so strong that I don’t even know how to describe it.  This form is called the void form.  The legends say that once this move appears, it can turn the world to nothing.  Even the entire universe would be torn to pieces.  So, this void form is called, Star Breaker!”

“But no one has seen the void form before and there has never been anyone that used it.  But the God Realm legends confirm that it does exist.  Big Brother Feng, you have to work hard.  I believe you’ll definitely be able to learn this skill.”

Hearing that it has the power to destroy the universe, Feng Xiao sucked in a cold breath.  This kind of strength that surpassed his understanding finally allowed him to understand what is called the greatest power.  

“I used to boast that to Yao’er that the Xuanyuan Sword was strong enough to shatter a mountain, but it seems like I’ve been telling a cold joke…..”  Feng Xiao dejectedly thought.

“How could I give up this strongest power.  Xuanyuan Sword, you are destined to shine in my hands!  As for Wan’er, she can just stay with me for eternity!  Hei, hei…..”

Wan’er’s heart skipped a beat when she heard what Feng Xiao thought…...

“Feng…..Big Brother Feng, Wan’er thinks…...Thinks she wants to sleep some more.  See you Big Brother Feng…..”  After Wan’er finished stuttering, she did not make another sound.  She quickly made a hasty retreat.

Seeing that he had risen to level 14, 38% and the floor covered in equipment and items, he couldn’t help given a loud and wild laugh.

Feng Xiao really wanted to hug the Golden Snow Wolf Emperor lying on the ground and kiss it twice.  Not only had it raised his level by 8, it had also given him this much loot.

Feng Xiao quickly picked up the gold coins and items on the floor.  For items that monsters dropped, if they were not picked up within ten minutes, they would disappear.  He had talked to Xuanyuan Wan’er for quite a bit, so he was afraid that the items he worked hard to get would disappear.

The Golden Snow Wolf Emperor had dropped a total of 12 items.  Other than the 30 gold coins and 4 white grade items, there were 6 golden glowing pieces of equipment and also a strange item.  Although Feng Xiao thought that skipping levels and killing a Yellow Gold Boss would definitely give great drops, he was still a little surprised.

In «Rebirth», equipment were divided into different levels and each grade had their own special glow.

Low Level: Normal white and green steel equipment only added 0-1 stats.

Medium Level: Blue iron equipment that added 2 stats.

High Level: Orange bronze equipment that added 2-3 stats.

Low to high level equipment were popular with the masses, since a person could obtain them if they worked hard.  White Silver equipment were a level of equipments, but they were also a threshold for people to pass.  White Silver equipment appeared less, but they had much stronger stats.  At the same time, White Silver equipment needed to be appraised before being used.

Rare Level: Silver glowing White Silver Equipment.  It has stats that are stronger than high level equipment, but are rare to find.

Precious Level: Gold glowing Yellow Gold Equipment.  Having a Yellow Gold equipment could increase a user’s strength by more than one level, but the opportunity of it appearing is very low.  Normal players could farm for several months without finding one.

Legendary Level: Red glowing Spiritual Equipment.  Each piece of equipment had a special use.

Epic Level: White glowing Immortal Equipment.  Items said to be left behind by the immortal realm.  It has very strong stats.

Myth Level: Purple glowing Divine Equipment.  Incomparable strong items that would allow one to run around freely in the Rebirth world.  It depended on one’s strength and luck to obtain a Divine equipment.

God Punishing Level: Purple and black glowing High Level Divine Equipment.  Existences that could destroy the balance.  It is said that every time a High Level Divine Equipment is born, there will be heavenly punishment sent for several days.  It is unlikely for a person to survive.

Void Level: Holy Equipment.  These only exists in legends.

For the monsters of the low level Beginner Village, it was rare for Yellow Gold Equipment to appear, but Feng Xiao had suddenly gained 6 of them.  He quickly looked at their stats.

Golden Wolf Fang Sword: Level 30 Yellow Gold Equipment.  Unknown effects.  Cannot be used.

Golden Wolf Battle Helmet: Level 30 Yellow Gold Equipment.  Unknown effects.  Cannot be used.

Golden Wolf Wristguards: Level 30 Yellow Gold Equipment.  Unknown effects.  Cannot be used.

Golden Wolf Battle Clothes: Level 30 Yellow Gold Equipment.  Unknown effects.  Cannot be used.

Golden Wolf Battle Pants: Level 30 Yellow Gold Equipment.  Unknown effects.  Cannot be used.

Golden Wolf Battle Boots: Level 30 Yellow Gold Equipment.  Unknown effects.  Cannot be used.

Crazy, Feng Xiao thought he was going crazy.  He had actually obtained a full set of level 30 golden wolf equipments.

Equipment in the same series usually had a set equipment effect added on, but that made it hard to collect.  A player would have fight again and again to farm out the set piece which made it as hard as finding a piece of Divine Equipment.

Looking at the rest of the equipment dropped, he actually found a purple glowing necklace.  Feng Xiao’s heart began to beat wildly, was this actually a piece of Divine Equipment?

Purple Jade Clear Heart Necklace: Special Item.
This will only be dropped after the first time the Bloodthirsty Wolf King is killed.  It was lost by a random pedestrian and the Bloodthirsty Wolf King picked it up.  Perhaps the village chief will know more about it.

Was it a quest item?  It really wasn’t that simple.  Feng Xiao was a little disappointed, but he had found a hidden quest, so Feng Xiao was still satisfied.  The hidden quest would definitely guarantee a high reward.

The last item was a piece of skin of a white golden glow.

Golden Snow Wolf Hide: Immortal Level material.  This can be used to forge a cloak.

Materials, herbs, and precious stones can be divided into Low Level, Medium Level, High Level, Immortal Level, and Divine Level.  Immortal Level materials were hard to find.

With such a rich reward, Feng Xiao was dizzy with happiness.  His only regret was that the Golden Wolf set required one to be level 30 to equip it.  After all, the Golden Snow Wolf Emperor was a level 30 boss.

Since Feng Xiao was weakened for three hours and all his stats were decreased by 70%, he had no way of fighting monsters.  Feng Xiao assigned the 40 points he gained in the same 4:1 ration as before and then returned to the Beginner Village.

Feng Xiao was being careful to avoid monsters on the way back.  Although most of them did not take the initiative to attack, he was still being cautious.  After all, even the Golden Snow Wolf Emperor could not kill him, it would be sad if he died to a random monster on the side of the road.

A weakened player would feel a bit fatigued.  Feng Xiao took close to half an hour to reach the Beginner Village.

The Beginner Village was filled with players.  Some were wandering around, some were arguing, some were cursing, some were hugging beautiful girls, some were looking for quests, and others were just about to leave.  The players were beginning to gain equipment because the Beginner Village was filled with little stalls.

Feng Xiao was still wearing the same system given equipment ( He was too lazy to change equipment after level 5), so he wasn’t very conspicuous.  Feng Xiao forced his way into pharmacist Wang’s pharmacy and gave him the herbs for the quest.  He received 300 experience points and a bundle of recovery potions from pharmacist Wang.

(A bundle = 50 potions, which took up a single inventory space.  Beginners only had 50 spaces in their inventory.)

Medium Red Potion: Instantly heals 200 HP.
Requirement: Level 10
Has a 10 second cooldown.

Before leaving, Feng Xiao looked at the prices of the other recovery potions in the pharmacy.

A small red potion costs 10 copper coins and a medium red potion costs 40 copper coins, this was a difference of four times.  Feng Xiao was speechless.

God, with this kind of increase, the higher level potions must be incredibly expensive.

The cooldown times of recovery potions could not be crossed.  So, if you use a small red potion, you could not use another recovery potion for the next 10 seconds, other than a few rare recovery potions.  So every time the amount recovered increased, the price would also increase by several times.

“Hello Grandpa Village Chief, here are the 10 pieces of Xiangyang grass you wanted.”  After leaving the pharmacy, Feng Xiao came to find the village chief.

“Oh, it’s Wind Spirit.  Thank you for collecting these pieces of Xiangyang grass.  Come, this is your reward.”  The village chief gave a mechanical response and handed over a bundle of medium blue potions to Feng Xiao.

“Ding, you have completed the village chief’s request.  You have gained 300 experience and 50 medium blue potions.”  With the quest completion sound, Feng Xiao’s experience bar increased by a tiny amount.

“That’s right, Grandpa Village Chief, can I talk to you about something?”  After placing the blue potions in his bag, Feng Xiao suddenly remembered the Purple Jade Clear Heart Necklace.

“What is it young man?”  The village chief listlessly asked.

Feng Xiao replied, “It’s like this Grandpa Village Chief, has there been anyone from the Beginner Village that lost a purple necklace called the Purple Jade Clear Heart Necklace?”

Once Feng Xiao finished saying the word “necklace”, the village chief’s eyes suddenly opened wide.  His arms grabbed Feng Xiao’s shoulder as fast as lightning.  It was so fast that even a master like Feng Xiao couldn’t even react in time.

“Why do you know about the Purple Jade Clear Heart Necklace?  Did someone find it?  Wind Spirit, did you find it?”

The village chief’s excited words did not even give Feng Xiao a chance to react.  It seemed like the seemed like the Purple Jade Clear Heart Necklace was something the village chief had lost and it seemed to be something important.

Feng Xiao quickly took out the Purple Jade Clear Heart Necklace and said, “That’s right Grandpa Village Chief.  I got it from the Bloodthirsty White Wolf King.”  Feng Xiao did not mention the Golden Snow Wolf Emperor because the old man would not believe him if he did.

The village chief snatched the Purple Jade Clear Heart Necklace over from Feng Xiao and excitedly held it in his hand.  He looked over it several times and then said in a trembling voice, “It really is my Purple Jade Clear Heart Necklace.  I thought I had lost it because of my own carelessness, but now it’s come back to me…...Thank the heavens…...Thank you Heavenly Dragon Goddess……”

The village chief was in tears and talking to himself for quite a while, completely ignoring the hero Feng Xiao’s existence.  Feng Xiao really wanted to remind the village chief of his own existence.

Finally, the village chief stopped and spoke to Feng Xiao in an embarrassed voice, “I’m sorry Feng Xiao, this necklace is very important to me, so I lost control for a bit.  Please do not mind it.”  The village chief finally began to talk about the lost necklace.

This Purple Jade Clear Heart Necklace was the most precious item for the village chief.  The village chief loved his wife very much and after his wife died, he treated the Purple Jade Clear Heart Necklace as something that was more important than his own life.  He never left it since seeing it was like seeing his dead wife.  However, half a month ago, the village chief had been collecting Xiangyang Grass in the sunset slopes when he accidentally stepped onto the White Wolf King’s territory.  He had been chased by the White Wolf King and had accidentally lost the Purple Jade Clear Heart Necklace.  In the end, it had been picked up by the White Wolf King.

The village chief suddenly turned and looked at Feng Xiao as he said, “Wind Spirit, thank you for retrieving the momento of my wife.  I really don’t know how to repay you…….”

Feng Xiao secretly said, “It’s coming.  He doesn’t know how to repay me?  It has to be a high level equipment.”

“Oh, that’s right, I’ll give you the collection that I’ve spent half my life gathering.  It’s not like I have any use for it.”

The collection he spent half his life gathering?  It sounded like something good.  Feng Xiao could not help getting excited.

The village chief searched around his body for a while, then he took out a yellow scroll and three red glowing needles which he placed in Feng Xiao’s hands.  Feng Xiao then heard the sound of completing the quest ring in his ears.

“Ding, congratulations to player Wind Spirit for completing the hidden quest ‘the lost necklace’.  Prestige +20 and Gold Coins +100.”

Spiritual Items!  It was actually four Spiritual Items!  Feng Xiao quickly looked at their stats.

Unbounded Scroll: Red Spiritual Item
A special scroll produced by the Beginner Village Chief.  It will send the user to a random location on the Heavenly Dragon Continent.  Each scroll can be used once and will disappear after being used.

Unbounded Needle: Red Spiritual Item
A special item produced by the Beginner Village Chief.  It can break the prohibition set on the Heavenly Dragon Continent.  Each needle can be used once and will disappear after being used.

These were good things.  These were definitely good things.

The Unbounded Scroll was the item Ma Lie Hu had used to travel and were little use to Feng Xiao.  But the Unbounded Needles were too strong.  It could let Feng Xiao enter prohibited areas and he could do it three times.

Feng Xiao excitedly placed the Unbounded Scroll and Needle into his inventory and then he said to the village chief, “That’s right, Grandpa Village Chief, I’m already level 10.  Please send me to the Heavenly Dragon Star City.”

“What?  You’re already level 10 this quick?”  The village chief looked doubtfully at Feng Xiao because there had been no one that was sent to the large cities yet in the entire world.  But, he quickly began to laugh, “Good!  You truly are worthy of being someone that defeated the Bloodthirsty White Wolf King, you’re actually he strongest person.  I never thought that my Beginner Village 99999 would have the number one hero in the entire world.”

“I’m actually the first person?!”  Feng Xiao’s heart began to beat quickly because he felt that he was one step closer to his goal.

“Once you’re sent to the Heavenly Dragon Star City, you’ll have no way to come back.  Wind Spirit, are you sure you want to leave now?”  The village chief stared at Feng Xiao and asked.

“Un, send me now…...Ah?  Wait a second…….I seemed to have forgotten something.”  Feng Xiao suddenly remembered that he still had not down the blacksmith’s mining quest, so he quickly stopped the village chief.  Because he had learned the “Mining Skill” from accepting the blacksmith’s quest, if he did not finish it, there was the chance he might lose the “Mining Skill”.