Legend of the Asura Chapter 2

Chapter 2: From Hell to Heaven
“Analyzing DNA, binding complete…….Analyzing brain waves, binding complete…….Analyzing retinas, binding complete…….”
“Player’s name: Feng Xiao.  Sex: Male.  ID Number: XXXXXXXXXXX.  Age: 21.  Home address: China’s Jinghua City, Phoenix District.  Player Server: China.  Are these character details correct?”
“Correct.”  It truly is worthy of being called the world’s gene bank system.  As long as they wanted, they could even track down all eighteen generations of ancestors.
“The information has been successfully confirmed.  Now binding identity.  Now please enter the character creation process.”
“Please name your character.  Your name cannot contain any insults or any vulgarities.  The shortest it can be is 2 characters and it cannot surpass 20 characters.”
“Wind Spirit!”  Feng Xiao had already long thought of a good name.  This name to him, it held quite a bit of significance.
“The name is not currently in use so it can be used.  Character name successfully chosen.”
“Please choose your beginner job.  Beginner jobs can be divided into Physical Apprentice or Magic Apprentice.  Please pick now.”
“Physical Apprentice.”  Apprentices were divided into physical and magical categorizations.  Physical Apprentices had no skills and they could only attack by straight slices.  Once they reached level 10 they could transfer to a physical based job in the city.  Magic Apprentices had an innate skill which allowed them to use the most preliminary magic - elemental ball.  They could change to a magic based job after level 10.
“You’ve successfully selected your job.  Now please assign your character’s stat points.  Each player has an initial 50 points to distribute and now your body will be scanned to determine your character’s stats!  Luck and Perception will have a random value between 1-5.  The four other main stats will have a value between 1-20.”
“Currently undergoing body scan, please wait a minute……”
«Rebirth» had 6 main stats which included:
Strength: Influences physical attack strength.
Vitality: Influences max HP and defense.
Agility: Influences accuracy and dodge rate.
Intelligence: Influences magical attack strength and max MP.
Luck: Influences the drop rate, critical attack rate, and the success rate of ingame events.  This was a fixed attribute, it couldn’t be increased by adding points.
Perception: Influences the comprehension and upgrading of skills. This is an innate fixed attribute, once it is determined, there is no way to change it.
Each different stat had a different effect on each job.  For apprentices: 1 Strength=2 physical attack, 1 vitality=10 HP and 1 defense, 1 agility=1 accuracy and 1 dodge, and 1 intelligence=2 magic attack power and 10 MP.
Feng Xiao was very confident about his body’s condition as he waited patiently for the body scan.
…….After a while…….
Feng Xiao was beginning to lose his patience as a prompt finally sounded:
“The scanning has resulted in an error, the reason is unknown.  Now rescanning, please wait patiently……”
“Error?  Didn’t they say that «Rebirth» definitely wouldn’t have a bug?  How could I bump into one so quickly?”  Feng Xiao knits his brows as his mind filled with questions.
…….After a while…….
“The scanning has resulted in an error, the reason is unknown.  Now rescanning, please wait patiently……”
“.......Now rescanning, please wait patiently……”
“.......Now rescanning, please wait patiently……”
“Me and the Ascend group really don’t match…….”
If the Ascend system was a beautiful girl, Feng Xiao would not have minded raping her then killing her, then raping her and killing her again.  His body had already been scanned for over an hour.  Every time ended in failure and he couldn’t log out while his body was being scanned.
Slowly going insane, Feng Xiao began to wonder whether the gaming chamber that Xiao Tian gave him was defective.
“The scanning has resulted in an error…….Unable to determine body constitution.  Could player Wind Spirit please manually enter the stat points.  We apologize for the inconvenience.”
A white stat screen appeared in front of him.  Written on the screen were the six main stats, strength, vitality, agility, intelligence, luck, and perception.  Every stat had a red and yellow “+” sign beside it.
Feng Xiao was a little surprised, he could unexpectedly assign the stat points himself?  Moreover it seemed like he could also assign fixed stats.  This was simply a golden gift!  Feng Xiao’s face filled with joy as his dissatisfaction immediately disappeared.
Being able to assign the stat points himself made it that he could design his character to perfectly fit his job.  He could not was a single stat point.  In the early game, he would have absolute superiority.  Feng Xiao immediately began to carefully calculate.
Finally, he decided on 20 agility, 10 vitality, 10 luck, and 10 perception.  He had already long decided that he would become a death god of the night, so he had to have agility and vitality.  Although he didn’t know what effects luck and perception had, but since it was a fixed attribute, it definitely had a large use.  Normal players would have values between 1-5 points, so having 10 points would be a large advantage.
After he decided, Feng Xiao reached out a finger and first pressed the yellow “+” beside perception 10 times…...
“The stats have been assigned, are you certain about this character?”
“What?!  Wait…..Wait a minute, I clearly only assigned only 10 points.”  Feng Xiao was shocked, the main system couldn’t also be defective.
“......Player Wind Spirit, you have already successfully added 50 points in perception.”  The system replied.
“I only clicked it 10 times, how could it possibly 50 points.”
“The red plus sign indicates adding a single point and the yellow plus sign indicates adding five points.  You clicked the yellow shortcut button ten times.”
“.....Fuck!  How come there wasn’t a prompt in advance?  I want to protest, let me redistribute the points!”  Feng Xian almost wanted to walk away.  He never expected that the system would come up with this kind of stupid configuration.  Did he really have to begin his risky adventure with just 50 perception?  Not to mention the fact that 0 vitality meant that he had 0 HP.  The minute he entered the game he would die, then be revived and die once again!  Dying then being revived, being revived then dying again.  He wouldn’t even be able to do anything.
“After stats have been distributed, they cannot be changed again.  You can choose to delete your character and create a new one a month later.”
“.......”  To be fair, «Rebirth» had put a strict restriction in terms of deleting accounts and restarting accounts.  If a person wanted to create a second account, they had to wait a whole month after deleting their account.
Feng Xiao was very depressed.  «Rebirth» number 555555 receptionist almost had a heart attack.  The other receptionists receiving the other Beginners did not have any kind of abnormalities, but he had bumped into this freak Feng Xiao whose body couldn’t be scanned.  He could only call his manager to think of a compromise - to let him assign his stat points himself.  So in a rush to create the stat assigning panel, he generously set up two shortcuts to help him assign his stat points faster…...This led to Feng Xiao accidentally adding all his points into Perception.
“Please confirm whether you wish to create this character or if you wish to delete this account.”
“I’ll create the character!”  Feng Xiao’s heart died…...he had no choice.  He could only delete and restart his character, but first he would take a look at the Beginner Village and experience the game world.
Sue!  He had to sue Ascend!!
“Player ‘Wind Spirit’ has been successfully created!”
“Congratulations Player Wind Spirit.  Because your innate strength value is 0 and your perception is extremely high, you have unlocked the hidden skill ‘Strength God’s Pity’.”
“Congratulations Player Wind Spirit.  Because your innate vitality value is 0 and your perception is extremely high, you have unlocked the hidden skill ‘Defense God’s Pity’.”
“Congratulations Player Wind Spirit.  Because your innate agility value is 0 and your perception is extremely high, you have unlocked the hidden skill ‘Speed God’s Pity’.”
“Congratulations Player Wind Spirit.  Because your innate intelligence value is 0 and your perception is extremely high, you have unlocked the hidden skill ‘Magic God’s Pity’.”
“Congratulations Player Wind Spirit.  Because your innate luck value is 0 and your perception is extremely high, you have unlocked the hidden skill ‘Luck God’s Pity’.”
Strength God’s Pity: High level passive skill.  Only players with 0 innate strength and high perception can obtain this skill
Effects: Strength +1 and +1 strength every level up.
Defense God’s Pity: High level passive skill.  Only players with 0 innate vitality and high perception can obtain this skill
Effects: Vitality +1 and +1 vitality every level up.
Speed God’s Pity: High level passive skill………….
Effects: Agility +1 and +1 agility every level up.
Magic God’s Pity: High level passive skill………….
Effects: Intelligence +1 and +1 intelligence every level up.
Luck God’s Pity: High level passive skill………….
Effects: Luck +1 and +1 luck every 10 levels.
Feng Xiao was shocked by the continuous stream of prompts, but the prompt sounds continued:
“The power of your soul has awaked, you have comprehended the hidden skill ‘Eye of the soul’.”
“......Because an unknown reason, the Xuanyuan sword has recognized you as its master.  You have accomplished «Rebirth» ultimate quest - Rebirth.  Prestige +100.”
Feng Xiao’s mouth opened wide enough for a rhinoceros to fit in.  Not only did he not need to die, he also received a bunch of broken skills.  Actually…….Actually there was also the Xuanyuan sword - just what was happening?  It was as if all the good things in the world were coming together in his body.
“Who’s coming to tell me that this is a dream!!”
Feng Xiao was more clear on what the Xuanyuan sword was compared to anyone else.  The second place artifact out of the Eastern God’s ten ancient divine artifacts, it had the greatest strength!
In the legend of China, China had a Xuanyuan sword.  This sword was ranked first among China’s ten great ancient weapons.  Feng Xiao was one of the few people that believed this legend.  China’s Xuanyuan sword, it was an important goal in his life.
“I want to enter the game.”
“Enter!”  The character creating process had wasted over two hours.  Calming his own feelings, Feng Xiao was already feeling very impatient.
A bright light shine and Feng Xiao had been born in the Beginner Village.
“Welcome Player Wind Spirit to Beginner Village 99999.  You may transfer over to the city after reaching level 10.  We wish you a happy gaming experience.”
Without even taking the time to enjoy the scenery, Feng Xiao immediately called out his inventor.  The system had given him a Xuanyuan sword for free, thinking of this made his blood boil.
His backpack was unexpectedly - empty!
“Fuck, where’s my Xuanyuan sword?  Didn’t it say it recognized me as its master?”  Feng Xiao was unsatisfied as he flipped through his backpack several times, only to find nothing.
Finally, Feng Xiao gave up.  He could only clench his teeth as he thought, “It seems like things aren’t that easy, the system was really just playing around with me!”
No longer thinking about the Xuanyuan Sword matter, Feng Xiao called out his own status screen:
Player Name: Wind Spirit
Job: Apprentice (Physical)
Guild: None
Level: 0
Prestige: 100
Gold Coins: 0
Basic Attributes:
Strength: 1
Vitality: 1
Agility: 1
Intelligence: 1
Fixed Attributes:
Luck: 1
Perception: 50
HP: 10
MP: 10
Physical Attack: 7 (System bestowed Beginner’s Short Sword adds 5 physical attack power)
Magic Attack: 2
Defense: 7 (System bestowed Beginner’s Cotton Clothing adds 5 defense)
Accuracy: 1
Dodge Rate: 1
Attack Speed: Ordinary
Move Speed: 30 (Player starting value)
Reaction: 147 (Correlated with player’s real life reaction speed)
Pet: None
Mount: None
Fire Resistance: 0%
Water Resistance: 0%
Wind Resistance: 0%
Thunder Resistance: 0%
Earth Resistance: 0%
Light Resistance: 0%
Dark Resistance: 0%
Strength God’s Pity:......
Defense God’s Pity:......
Speed God’s Pity:......
Magic God’s Pity:......
Luck God’s Pity:......
Eye of the soul: Level 1, 0%.  A high level self growth skill.  An ancient soul that has lost its power, containing a mysterious power.  Currently in an incomplete state and can only display a small of its true power.
Effects: Activation opens a heavenly eye that allows for clear analysis of one’s surroundings.  Has a range of 10 meters.  No MP consumption.
Feng Xiao was very satisfied as he looked at this status.  Although the beginning had been extremely bad, but now he was certainly above all other players.  Especially that eye of the soul skill, it seemed to be very practical.
With these kinds of stats, killing mobs would be extremely slow, but he should give a try first.  Feng Xiao brandished his Beginner’s Short Sword as he went forth to meet the monsters outside the village.


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