Legend of the Asura Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Changing Jobs into Asura
Tian Xiu slowly finished reciting the history of the Asura Job.  Taking in a breath, he said with a stern face, “I, the 22nd generation Asura Tian Xiu ask whether you are willing to accept the Asura’s strength, prestige, and reputation?”

“I’m willing!”  Feng Xiao secretly curled his lips.  He hated that Tian Xiu would ask this rhetorical questions, but at the same time, his heart filled with anticipation.

“Alright!”  Tian Xiu face turned red with excitement, “I, Tian Xiu, by the prestige of the Asuras now pass on the strength of the Asura to the 23rd generation successor, Wind Spirit.”

Tian Xiu’s body was covered in a layer of red light that gradually condensed into his finger and was released as a dark red ball of light.

Cruelty, viciousness, resentment, and countless other kinds of evil qi came from the ball of light.  Tian Xiu muttered a few words and quickly extended his index finger, making the ball of light fly into Feng Xiao’s forehead.

Feng Xiao felt an explosion happen in his mind and he slowly lost consciousness as his vision turned fuzzy…...When his eyes cleared once again, his heart skipped a beat and he could not help trembling because he saw a sea of blood in front of him…..As well as a slaughter, an endless slaughter.

A man was wielding a giant sword with bloodshot eyes, just like a god of killing from hell, continuously harvesting lives all around him.  The enemies fell all around him, their blood staining his sword and clothes, but he had no hesitation at all and continued to take the lives around him without pausing a single step!

Luo Jia!

…….It was hard to tell how many people he killed and how long he had been killing, but the earth had been turned into a sea of blood and the sky had been dyed blood read.  There was even the smell of blood in the air that irritated his nose…...The only thing that didn’t change was his calm expression.  Until there was not a single living being around him, he held the sword in his hand as he stood there like a man made of blood in the middle of the countless severed limbs…...Not knowing where to go or who to kill next.

What this Luo Jia…...Feng Xiao’s heart trembled.  It could be said that an Asura killing others looked just like a real Asura, but this was nothing more than a giant joke.

“Ding, congratulations to player Wind Spirit for changing into the Hidden Job, Asura.  You have gained 50 prestige.  HP +200, MP +200, Attack +100, four major stats +20, seven main resistances +10%, and Luck +3.”

“Ding, congratulations to player Wind Spirit for being the first person in the world to change Jobs.  You have gained 200 prestige and 1000 gold coins.”

The system prompt awoke Feng Xiao from his stupor and he looked at Tian Xiu with a dazed expression as he nodded with his pale face, revealing an understanding expression.  Before one could change into the Asura Job, they had understand what being an Asura meant.

Tian Xiu’s face was also pale as he slowly limped over.  He walked beside Feng Xiao and quickly supported him up, “This old man has spared nothing and used his own remaining life force to help you change…..”

“Ai, it’s really tiring.  Not being able to use your Asura powers three minutes after helping someone change Jobs.”

Feng Xiao gently patted down and Tian Xiu fell to the flower with a “putong”.  “And  here I thought that this old man had wasted his own powers to help me, wasting my sentiment…..”

“Fuck, dismantling the bridge before crossing it!  Don’t you understand caring for elders!  Can my old bones handle falling like this?”  Tian Xiu angrily stood up and patted off the dust on his body.  Then he had a generous look on his face as he said, “Forget it, I’m not gonna argue with a little brat like you.  Ai, after waiting for a thousand years, I can finally accomplish my dream of traveling across the Heavenly Dragon Continent.  I really can’t wait to leave.  I’ll go now…..Little brat, this is for you!”

Tian Xiu threw a scroll and a seashell over to Feng Xiao, “This is a map of the Heavenly Dragon Continent drawn by the previous generation Asura.  I dare to say that there isn’t a single more comprehensive map and it should be very helpful to you.  This seashell is for when you need to talk to me, but don’t call me unless it is important, otherwise father will lose his patience and take it back!”  Patting Feng Xiao’s shoulder, Tian Xiu said with a serious face, “The Asura seeks for battles and lives a persistent and aloof lifestyle.  Being one with nature and not being bound by the rituals of the world.  They will not bully others and will not allow themselves to be bullied, otherwise it would be a waste for them to be an Asura!”

“Also, the Hexagram Scroll that you just used was something that the 21st generation Asura traded his life for, so I hope you will not bring disgrace to it.  No matter how difficult it is, I hope that all the Jobs you have will be Hidden Jobs!”

“I understand master Tian Xiu!”  Feng Xiao honestly nodded his head as he became more respectful.

Tian Xiu gave a few curt laughs, “A little brat like you does have a conscience, ha, ha, ha…...I’m going now!”

Tian Xiu said this and left very curtly, not even saying goodbye to the other five old men.


“Fuck!”  Feng Xiao patted his head and anxiously shouted, “Wait master Tian Xiu!  Come back!”

“What is it little brat Wind Spirit?  Are you unwilling to part with me!  Ha, ha…..We will have a chance to meet again in the future.”  Tian Xiu’s voice came from the distance.

“Asura’s Illusion!  My Asura’s Illusion!”

A black mask flew at Feng Xiao from the distance, followed by an angry voice, “You little brat with no conscience, only thinking about father’s Divine Equipment!  This old man was excited for nothing.  Fuck!”

Feng Xiao anxiously caught Asura’s Illusion and was greeted by the purple glow coming from it.  Feng Xiao was so excited that he almost forgot to say, “Divine Equipment!  It’s actually a piece of Divine Equipment!”  He quickly looked at its stats.

The first stat he saw almost made Feng Xiao faint.

+100% HP!

Feng Xiao was so excited that he almost broke out in tears.  With this stat, he would have even more HP than a Knight of the same level!  He would dare to fight a boss alone unarmed with this!

Asura’s Illusion: Divine Equipment
Requirement: Asura Job.
This used to be Luo Jia’s Spiritual Grade Mask, the Good and Evil Mask, but after being baptized in the blood of over ten thousand people, this mask evolved into an Asura’s Mask.

Effects: HP +100%, MP +100%, four major stats x3, move speed +10, instant death chance +3%, debuff resist +30, death attributed resistance +30%, luck -3, and the user will deal 50% more damage against enemies.

Soul Absorption: Passive Skill.  The souls of any enemy killed will be sealed within the Asura’s Illusion.  Sealed soul limit: 50.

Deep Soul Break: Calls upon the souls sealed within Asura’s Illusion to launch an attack.  This can be a single target attack or an AoE attack and the attack power will be equal to double the user’s normal attack power.  The maximum number of souls that can be summoned is level/5.  Souls available to be summoned: 35/50.

Asura Hades Wave: Active Skill
Launches a Hades Wave attack against all surrounding enemies.  All enemies within the range will suffer a 100% chance to be either poisoned, blinded, terrified, weakened, cursed, confused, dizzied, paralyzed, frozen, sent to sleep, or petrified depending on the enemies’ abilities.  Costs 300 MP to use and the attack range is equal to the player’s level/2.  This can be used two times a day.

Feng Xiao viciously pinched himself to make sure that he wasn’t dreaming.  These stats…...were too strong.

“Divine Equipment!  What is a Divine Equipment, this is a Divine Equipment!  Just have a single piece of Divine Equipment is enough to allow one to run wild in the «Rebirth» world, this was the complete truth!”

“But what is the death attributed resistance?”  Out of the main seven attributes, there was no death attribute.  As well, for the main magician jobs, there was no death attributed magician.

That -3 to luck was completely ignored by Feng Xiao.  With all the strong stats being added, this one minor loss could be ignored.

Feng Xiao had an abnormal 10 luck so he naturally would not understand how much of a significance this was to other players.  With the lowest being 1 and the highest being 5, this -3 decrease in luck could drop a person’s luck to 0.  With a luck value of 0, one would no longer receive drops from killing monsters or receive hidden quests.  Losing luck could even send one into a misfortunate state.  Being in the misfortunate state meant that the probability of being hit, falling into traps, receiving trap quests, dying from drinking a potion, and randomly falling into a PK state was increased.


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  2. Asura’s Illusion: Divine Equipment
    Requirement: Asura Job.
    This used to be Luo Jia’s Spiritual Grade Mask, the Good and Evil Mask, but after being baptized in the blood of over ten thousand people, this mask evolved into an Asura’s Mask.

    Effects: HP +100%, MP +100%, four major stats x3, move speed +10, instant death chance +3%, debuff resist +30, death attributed resistance +30%, luck -3, and the user will deal 50% more damage against enemies.

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