Legend of the Asura Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Death God’s Tomb
“Oh, then old man Tian Xiu, do you know a suitable place for me to level up in?”  With Asura’s Illusion giving him an extra 50% in damage, it would be a waste of nature’s resources if he did not make use of this.

“Humph, I knew you would ask this.”  Tian Xiu had an expression like he expected this as he said, “Do dead people count as people?”

“Uh, it should barely count.  Old man Tian Xiu, you wouldn’t be having me kill zombies, right?”  Feng Xiao had a disgusted look on his face as he looked at Tian Xiu in a dissatisfied manner.

“Do zombies count as people!  I’m talking about the Death God’s Tomb!  It is a place that only we Asuras can enter!”

“Death God’s Tomb?  It sounds quite scary.”

“You don’t have to go if you’re scared.  Thinking back, I spent three years practicing there and I wasn’t scared once.”  Tian Xiu said with a face of disdain.

“Che!  Did I say I was afraid?  But why can only Asuras go in?”  Feng Xiao asked in a curious voice.

“The Death God’s Tomb is filled with death qi.  If a normal person enters in, the death qi will drain their life until they die, but we Asuras can negate damage from death qi.”

“It’s said that the Death God’s Tomb has seven floors and each floor has various guards or demons guarding it.  They are just spirits formed by the death qi.  It’s said that the last floor of the Death God’s Tomb has the Death God sealed in and it’s unknown whether it is true or not.   With my skills, I was only able to reach the fifth floor, but I really want to see what the Death God is like.”  Tian Xiu revealed a look of slight regret.

“Alright, then I’ll go.  I have to become stronger immediately.  I’ll see you later old man Tian Xiu!”  When he gathered enough information, Feng Xiao ran off as fast as the wind.

Tian Xie was speechless as he resisted the urge to angrily chase after him.

After three minutes…….

Feng Xiao ran back with a head covered in sweat.  He had a face of despair as he asked, “How do I get to the Death God’s Tomb……”

“Fuck, I knew it would be like this!  How did a harebrained person like you become one of the great Asuras!  Also, what did I give you that map for…..”  Tian Xiu turned to scold him.  Feng Xiao just agreed, not caring about what he said at all.

After an hour, Feng Xiao arrived at the Death God’s Tomb.

The Death God’s Tomb was not far from the west side of Heavenly Dragon City.  With his various skills, Feng Xiao running at full speed arrived in around an hour.  With the decline in stats disappearing, Feng Xiao with the Asura’s Illusion and the Snow Spirit Cloak looked at his strong stats and could not help feeling satisfied.  Although he was still wearing the Beginner clothes.

The aura of the Death God’s Tomb made Feng Xiao uncomfortable, but after a while, it began to disappear.  He opened his Heavenly Eye and surveyed the surrounding area.

Death God’s Tomb: 50000 years ago, the Demon Monarch wished for the Death God to enter his service, but he encountered the Death God’s revolt.  The Demon Monarch was furious, but the Death God was too strong and even the Demon Monarch was unable to exterminate him.  He could only use his strength to seal him and turn this area into the Death God’s Tomb.  Although the Death God was sealed, he still continued to release death qi which turned this Death God’s Tomb area into a forbidden zone for all living beings.

Demon Monarch?  Feng Xiao’s heart trembled as he once again heard the name, Demon Monarch.

Without thinking about it, Feng Xiao said, “Xuanyuan Sword!  Water’s Magnificence!  Wind’s Spirit!”

The Xuanyuan Sword appeared in his hands and a blue and green light appeared around Feng Xiao.  Feng Xiao then opened up his stats.

Player Name: Wind Spirit.

Job: Asura and Magic Warrior.

Guild: None

Level: 14

Prestige: 1350
Gold Coins: 2607

Basic Stats:
Strength: 193
Vitality: 120
Agility: 463
Intelligence: 86

Fixed Stats:
Luck: 14
Perception: 50

HP: 4796

MP: 2860

Attack: 774

Magic Attack: 189

Defense: 246

Accuracy: 520

Evasion: 509

Attack Speed: Normal

Move Speed: 55

Reaction: 147

Pet: None

Mount: None

Fire Resistance: 30%
Water Resistance: 40%
Wind Resistance: 60%
Thunder Resistance: 30%
Earth Resistance: 30%
Light Resistance: 10%
Darkness Resistance: 10%

These stats were incomparably strong, especially his HP.  His HP at level 14 was already 40 times what a meat shield Knight would have.  Feng Xiao had no choice but to call the Divine Equipment abnormal.

With an incredible self confidence, Feng Xiao opened the doors to the first floor of the Death God’s Tomb.

“Ding, congratulations to player Wind Spirit for discovering the map ‘Death God’s Tomb’.  Experience +1000 and Prestige +20.”

With a prompt sound, the Death God’s Tomb’s first floor appeared in front of Feng Xiao.

This place looked like a giant cemetery with countless amounts of tall or short dirt mounds with fences appearing occasionally.  There were guards wielding blades wandering around without a purpose at all.  The entire space was very gloomy and deathly silent.

The door being opened alarmed all the guards wandering around.  They had been wandering around for over ten thousand years and bird’s nests were already growing in them.  When the suddenly saw someone enter, they all immediately happily charged over.

White Clothed Guard: Level 18
HP: 680
The spirits slowly formed from the death qi released by the Death God who guard the Death God’s Tomb.  Has a set consciousness and will relentlessly attack intruders.

Innate Skill:
Spirit Body: Has a certain resistance to death attribute attacks.

Blade Watching: The user concentrates their mind to slash at enemies.  There is a chance to do double damage.

The Heavenly Eye gave him the information on these monsters.  “There are level 18 monsters on the first floor and there are quite a few of them!”  Feng Xiao did not even finish speaking before the attacks landed on his body.

Miss, miss, -40, miss, -35, miss…….

With the Snow Spirit Cloak’s abnormal Agility increase, countless red misses appeared above Feng Xiao’s head.  Even the few damage figures that went through could not keep up with the Asura’s Heavenly Return automatic recovery.  Feng Xiao openly stuck up his middle finger at them before sending out an Ice Shattering Slash.

“Hua~Cha~”  The Xuanyuan Sword slashed out and white ice flowers bloomed on the bodies of the White Clothed Guards within four meters.  When the blade left, the ice flowers shattered dealing a beautiful giant damage figure.

-1612, -1601, -3194, -1583…...

“It really is instant kills!  These small soldiers’ defenses should not surpass 100.”

The excited White Clothed Guards did not even last 5 seconds before they were all killed, dropping copper coins and potions.  The soldiers behind them charged forward and a second later, they all fell with a ice flower blooming.

Feng Xiao was like a tiger entering a flock of chickens, sweeping through the first floor.  All that could be seen was a single attack followed by ice flowers blooming.  The space was filled with falling items and ice shattering as the White Clothed Guards decreased in number.  The respawn rate could not catch up to Feng Xiao’s killing rate.

“There is no challenge here at all…..:”  Feng Xiao curled his lips.  After fighting for around ten minutes, his HP and MP were still full.  The regeneration of the Asura’s Heavenly Return far surpassed the damage he took and his MP consumption.

The White Clothed Guards were considered high attack and low HP among same level monsters.  They had around 200 attack power, but in front of Feng Xiao’s high defense from his high Vitality, it seemed weak in comparison.

With the Asura’s high attack and the 50% increase from the Asura’s Illusion, as well as the strong skills and his stats, these White Clothed Guards were chopped down like tofu.

The White Clothed Guards respawned and roared out as they charged at Feng Xiao who welcomed them with the Ice Shattering Slash and ice flowers.  They quickly turned into experience points for Feng Xiao.  After Feng Xiao killed these small monsters, he walked deeper into the cemetery, looking for the entrance to the second floor.

The entire first floor was exactly the same with the same earth mounds and fences all around him.  Feng Xiao was completely puzzled for half an hour, not being able to find anything that was different.

Walking forward a hundred meters, three white figures appeared not far from him and Feng Xiao threw a Wind Wheel Slash at them!

The spinning Xuanyuan Sword generated a wild breeze and the giant sword flew out with a whistle, raising dust up as it flew forward.  It was much faster compared to the previous Returning Slash and the sword was surrounded by a green wind blade.

-1202, -1196.

The opposing white figure took the attack and continued to charge forward.

“It didn’t die in a single hit?”  Feng Xiao was stunned.


  1. Wtf happened to his "god of luck's pity" passive skill!?

    1. Normal players luck cannot be changed. But his would raise +1 EVERYTIME his level raises. That's why his luck is now 14.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Idiot. It's +1 luck for every 10 levels. And even if it's +1 luck every level up, his base luck should be 15(+1 luck for obtaining God of Luck's Pity). His total luck should be 28(15+10[sword's bonus]+3[cloak's bonus]). Now, his real total luck should be 15(+1 luck for obtaining God of Luck's Pity, another +1 luck for reaching level 10, +10 luck from the sword and +3 luck from the cloak. The +3 bonus luck from the Asura job is negated by the Asura Illusion mask.