Legend of the Asura Chapter 3

Chapter 3: An impossible quest
Surrounding the Beginner Village were level 1 rabbits, but it was also filled with a large crowd of people.  Often there were 5-6 people guarding a rabbit’s respawn point.  As soon as a rabbit spawned, it would be instantly killed with countless short swords and elemental balls.
After waiting for half a day, he finally saw a single rabbit.  Feng Xiao’s blade quickly chopped over and at the same time, information was transmitted into his head from Eye of the Soul.
Rabbit: Level 1
Life: 30HP
Skills: None.
A group of rabbits with violent tendencies.  Be careful of its large carrot.
A sword fell down and a red -6 appeared above the rabbit’s head.  The rabbit received the attack and immediately raised its large carrot to attack Feng Xiao.
Critical hit!  Feng Xiao was lucky enough to receive a critical attack that happens once every ten thousand years and his HP went to zero.
“Ding, Player Feng Xiao has just died.  Do you wish to revive in the beginner village?”
Feng Xiao was so depressed he wanted to smash his head on the wall.  He was probably the first person that had been killed in a single hit by a low level rabbit…...Although that was because his defense and HP was too low.
“Fuck, I was actually killed by the rabbit.  Big Brother, how did you do it?  Little brother is really impressed……”
Before he revived, Feng Xiao had heard someone say this phrase which made his heart die.
A white light shined and Feng Xiao reappeared in the Beginner Village with a depressed face.  He couldn’t level from killing mobs, it was too embarrassing.  It would be better to finish quests first.
The Beginner Village only had a few houses and there were also only a few NPCs.  At this time they had all being surrounded completely by players.  Feng Xiao gave a slight sob.  Who knows how long it would be before he could get a quest.
Feng Xiao noticed that the only person that wasn’t being surrounded was an old man sitting by the wall.  The old man had tattered clothing and his eyes were closed.  His beard was like a pile of grass on his face.  At this time he was curled up motionlessly, just like an aged statue.
Feng Xiao’s expression changed.  This seems very strange, the system wouldn’t organize a useless NPC.  Perhaps there’s a secret on this old man’s body.  In this game, the more special a NPC was, the more likely it was they were hiding a hidden quest.  This was his many years of gaming experience speaking.
Feng Xiao immediately ran over as he put on an attentive face and said to the old man, “Hello Old mister, is there anything that I could help you with?”
The old man ignored him.  Even his eyebrows didn’t even move.
“Old mister, do you have anything I can help with?”
There was still no reaction.  Perhaps he was deaf?
“Old mister, do you need me to help you move to a better sitting area…..”
“Old mister, are you cold?”
“Old mister, there is a fly on your nose.”
“Old mister………..”
Feng Xiao didn’t have anything else to do, so he continued to asking in front of the old man for over half an hour.  He would continue to bother him until the end.
Finally, the old man reacted.
“Scram for me!!!”
This loud shout was like a bolt of thunder on a clear day.  Feng Xiao stared on dumbfounded as cold sweat poured out.
“If you need something to do then go find Madame Ma in the opposing house!!  Otherwise, unless you find the Holy Chaos Water, don’t come bothering me!  Scram right now!!!”
Feng Xiao suddenly became alert and quickly ran off.  If he offended this strange old man, the entire Beginner Village would come and kill him.
Wait, what did he just say?  Madame Ma on the other side?  Holy Chaos Water?  Could it possibly be a hidden quest?  But there was no system prompt that appeared.
Feng Xiao looked at the other side of the old man and he found that there was a small enclosed house.  It was hard to see if there were people in it.  At the very least, there had been no players that had entered it.
Also, what was the Holy Chaos Water?
Feng Xiao cautiously returned in front of the strange old man and weakly asked, “Old man, what is the Holy Chaos Water?”
Feng Xiao quickly fleed.
“The mark of the asura and the sacred mark appearing at the same time on a single person.  It seems like being sealed for the full year has made my spiritual sense chaotic, I could come up with this kind of laughable deduction.”  Seeing Feng Xiao’s running away figure, the old man muttered these words that no one else could understand.
Feng Xiao arrived in front of the little house and knocked on the door with a “dong, dong” sound.
One minute…...
Two minute…...
Five minute…...
Ten minute…...
“If there are people inside, I believe they will open the door.  It doesn’t matter since little master has nothing else to do today.”  Feng Xiao wickedly thought.
After fifteen minutes, the door finally opened and a middle aged woman came out.  This woman was around forty years old, her face was quite pale and her hair and clothes were quite messy.
“I’m sorry young man, there is nothing here for you to do, please leave.”  The woman’s voice was very good, but there were traces of anger and impatience mixed into her words.
Feng Xiao just stared.  It seemed like she thought I was a someone here looking for a quest, no wonder she didn’t open the door.  It seemed like she was quite annoyed by the players from before.
Feng Xiao quickly asked, “Hello, are you Madame Ma?”
Madame Ma stared at him as she asked in surprise, “How do you know my name?”
Ha, ha, there’s an opening!  Feng Xiao quickly explained, “Hello Madame Ma, I was sent here by the old man on the opposite side.  Is there anything you need me to help you with?”  At the same time he mentioned the corpse like old man.  In his heart he was betting that old man’s name was of use.
“Ah?  You were sent over by my benefactor?  Quickly come in, I was quite rude to you earlier.”  Hearing that the old man sent him, Madame Ma’s attitude had an 180 degree turn.  She quickly revealed an excited expression as she pulled Feng Xiao in.
It can’t be, it was this easy?  Perhaps that old man really is a famous person?
The door was closed and Madame Ma turned around.  Without saying anything, her eyes stared at Feng Xiao.  Those sparkling eyes seemed to see every hair on Feng Xiao’s body.  
Was it possible that this middle aged woman wasn’t satisfied and once she saw this young master’s handsome face, she now wants him to fan the urges in her heart?!  Feng Xiao thought of this and then his whole body broke out in a cold sweat.  He immediately prepared to run away.  Being killed by the rabbit was a small thing, but losing his virginity is a big problem.  Of course, en, that doesn’t include beautiful women.
Completely out of Feng Xiao’s expectation, Madame Ma kneeled down on the floor with a “Putong” sound and sobbed as she said, “Brave warrior, you must rescue my husband……”
Feng Xiao was surprised as he quickly helped Madame Ma up, “What happened?  If I can help I will help.”
There truly is all kinds of birds in the forest…...Someone actually kneeled down to give a quest.
Hearing Madame Ma’s story, Feng Xiao finally understand what had happened.
Normally villagers of the NPC Village had no way of leaving, but Madame Ma’s husband, Ma Lie Hu was someone that was fond of curiosity.  After exploring every inch of the Beginner Village, his biggest hope was to explore outside the Beginner Village one day.  Finally one day, it finally came.  
The Beginner Village chief had experimented for countless years and finally he had been rewarded.  He had successfully created 3 Unbounded Scrolls and 2 Beginner Village Return Scrolls.  The Unbounded Scrolls could travel to any random location on the Heavenly Dragon Continent (The Heavenly Dragon Continent: The Chinese server, but also includes the Japanese server, the Korean server, the American server, the British server, the France server, and over a hundred various other countries.).  And the Beginner Village Return Scroll could be used from anywhere to return to the Beginner Village.  Each scroll can be used once and they disappear after use.
Once Ma Lie Hu knew of this, he immediately went to find the village chief.  Using soft and hard methods, they finally received an Unbounded Scroll and a Beginner Village Return Scroll from the village chief.  Half a year ago, Ma Lie Hu and the village chief used the Unbounded Scroll together and travelled to the Heavenly Dragon Continent.
The result was, the two of them were sent to different places.  And once the village chief found Ma Lie Hu, he already could not speak or even see.  Other than being able to breathe, he was no different from a dead person.  From the view of modern medicine, he had become a vegetable.
The village chief was shocked to find a City Return Scroll on Ma Lie Hu’s body, then the two of them returned to the Beginner Village.  But after asking everyone in the Beginner Village, no one knew what was wrong with Ma Lie Hu.  Finally a strange man understood Ma Lie Hu’s situation and told everyone that Ma Lie Hu was attacked by a very strong dark monster.  He had lost his soul and would die in a weak.
NPCs and Players were different.  When Players died, they could revive and at most they would lose a level or equipment durability.  After a NPC dies, they would completely disappear.  The only exception was if they had a very strong resurrection skill.  After they died, even if the system remade the NPCs, they would be completely different.
Finally the strange old man displayed a mysterious water magic and instilled a water soul inside of Ma Lie Hu.   It was enough to keep him alive for one year, but if Ma Lie Hu’s soul wasn’t returned to his mortal body, even saint level medicine wasn’t enough to save him.
As for what kind of person that old man was, Madame Ma didn’t even know.  She only knew that he was already in the village when she was born.  Everyday he lived so sloppily and never interacted with other people.
“Brave warrior, can you please help me return my husband’s soul?”
“Ding, Player Wind Spirit, Madame Ma has requested that you return her husband’s soul.
Quest Limit: Half a year
Quest Penalty: None
Do you accept this quest?”
Feng Xiao was shocked, he didn’t know how to respond.  That was because this was an absolutely impossible quest.
And not to mention, who knows where Ma Lie Hu had been killed by this unknown creature.  Even if he could find his soul…...Could souls be seen?  Could they be touched?  What would he use to hold it?
Going back 10000 steps, even if he could find the monster that stole Ma Lie Hu’s soul, how could he return to the Beginner Village?
There was only one way to return to the Beginner Village on the Heavenly Dragon Continent.  That was to let your level fall below level 10.
To be able to defeat a soul stealing monster, who knows how strong he had to become.  Even if he found the monster, who knows what level he had to become to kill it.   Would there be a person who sacrificed their hard work just so they could return to the Beginner Village?  Only if that person was an idiot.
Was Feng Xiao an idiot?  He shouldn’t be.
“Accept.”  Under Madame Ma’s sad and hopeful gaze, Feng Xiao was not cruel enough to say no.  He smiled bitterly as he accepted.  The quest didn’t have a punishment so after he left the Beginner Village, he wouldn’t be able to see Madame Ma again.  If he didn’t see her, he wouldn’t feel guilt.


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