Legend of the Asura Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Purple pupiled young girl
“Uncle Wang, can you find out who those two people are?”  Long Wei was visibly tired after bustling around for a day, but he was still not able to hide the ruler’s aura that was being released.

“This…..is basically impossible.  «Rebirth»’s privacy system was personally created by Ying Luo and no one can get private player information from «Rebirth».  Only if Ying Luo gives permission, but…..For someone that always strives for making things fair, there is no way she would agree to this matter.”  Uncle Wang said with a face filled with regret.

“He, he, do everything possible then.  Not only is this person first among the hundreds of millions of Chinese players, he is also first in the entire world.  They are not a simple person.  If possible, we must pull them to work for our country.”

“Yes…..Young master.”

Thinking of the video call that he had with the other country leaders and their expressions, Long Wei couldn’t help revealing a faint smile, “This unknown person, not only has he allowed China to succeed, he has also helped me vent quite a bit.”

“What kind of person will this person be?”

“Big brother, so the Job you picked is warrior?”  The lyrical voice was filled with endless caring and warmth.  It was like a cool rain in a hot summer, calming Feng Xiao’s slightly restless heart.

“Un, it’s close enough!  My ingame name is Wind…..Spirit.”  Feng Xiao thought about it as he responded in a small voice.  He used the Xuanyuan Sword as a weapon, so his Job was pretty close to the Warrior Job


This name made the two of them fall into a short period of silence.

“Yao’er, have you made your preparations to begin?”

“Of course, I don’t want to become a burden to big brother.  Also, everyone at my school is playing the game and there is even a strong senior that has already changed Jobs.  Big brother, what level are you now?”

“About this…..Hei, hei, you’ll know when you enter the game!”  Feng Xiao revealed a proud smile, as if he could already see his little sister’s surprised and cute look of worship already.

“Yao’er, what Job are you planning to choose?”

“About this…..Hee, hee, I won’t tell you.  Un, you have to remember to meet me on the afternoon the day after tomorrow…..”

Feng Xiao was reluctant to put down the phone as he imagined his little sister’s sweet smile on the other side of the call.

His house was two hours away by car to the Capital City University, but he didn’t want his little sister to rush to school everyday, so under her eyes filled with blame, he chose to make her stay at the dorm, limiting the time they could be together.  Although they call each other every day, it did not reduce how much he missed her, but now she was finally on vacation.  Summer and winter vacation were the times that Feng Xiao felt the best every year.

Capital City University was a place he went twice a year.  All other times, he avoided it like a forbidden area because that was the place where his most painful memory resided.  Even after all these years, the wounds were still there and touching them was very painful.

With a gentle sigh, Feng Xiao made another phone call…...Once the call connected, only silence came from the other side.

“Can you see a business opportunity in «Rebirth» yet?”

“It is immeasurably deep and inestimable.”  A deep and low sound that had no emotions came from the phone.

“Then just take it as a beginning!”  Feng Xiao cut off the call.  Talking with Maniac, he did not need to understand much.

On the other side of the call, a normal four eyed face revealed a cold and fierce smile…..He was called Maniac, a perfect example of a maniac.

Although he had quickly looked over the four great rankings yesterday, Feng Xiao could see the power structure of the «Rebirth» world from this chart.  The four great rankings, contained all the greatest powers of China.

The only one he was unfamiliar with was that Hen Tian.

After playing from 7am to 3pm, Feng Xiao had not eaten his lunch yet.  He still had not reached the realm of not starving to death from not eating yet, so he just ate something random.  Feng Xiao went out the door and began to make his purchases.

Feng Xiao was a shut in, sometimes not even leaving his house for ten days to half a month.  Only in two days, Feng Yao was coming home and he was not willing to allow his beloved little sister to eat instant noodles and bread.

The old business street was filled with people, those who were not wildly captured by «Rebirth» were still living their normal lives.  Coming out of the crowded grocery store, Feng Xiao had a variety of large and small bags on his body.  This idiot at living life did not know what to buy, so he just picked a variety of good looking fruits and vegetables as well as a mess of daily necessities.

There was a large square in the center of the business street.  People of all age and gender were walking around, enjoying the joys of life.  It was like he could not control himself as Feng Xiao walked to the center of the square…..There was a little girl there that piqued his curiosity because she had purple coloured eyes!

This girl was around twelve-thirteen years old and was wearing a cute white dyed princess skirt.  With a snow white face that was like jade, she looked like a porcelain doll, cute beyond compare.

The girl’s chin was resting in her hands as she sat by herself on the stone fountain in the center.  Her purple eyes flashed with a brilliant glow as she watched the people of all ages walking by her.

A stream of people walked past this girl, but not a single person stopped to stare at this cute and strange girl.

A single person stood in front of the little girl, looking at her with a gaze filled with curiosity.  The girl slowly raised her head and looked at this person with a gaze filled with surprise.  With a bewildered voice, she asked, “Big brother, you can see me?”

Feng Xiao was stunned, but then squatted down with a faint smile on his face.  He did not care about her seemingly innocent question and looked at her as he said in a gentle voice, “Little sister, why are you sitting here alone?  Where is your friend?”

Blind!  This word entered Feng Xiao’s mind and he couldn’t help feeling pain in his heart.

But why can she see me?  Why would her eyes be purple?

The little girl ignored Feng Xiao’s question and then asked in a strange manner, “Big brother, do you think that this world is beautiful?”

Feng Xiao’s heart skipped a beat.  He felt this girl’s desire to see the light and then said in a pitying voice, “Un, the world is very beautiful.  There is sunlight, green leaves, big brother, big sisters, little brothers, and little sisters.”

The girl silently looked at him and at a loss, she said, “Why is the world I see contaminated and full of filth!”

“.......Dirty things are everywhere!  We only need to look at the beautiful things.”  Feng Xiao was a bit surprised by this girl’s words.

“No!  Big brother, you’re wrong!”  The girl’s purple glowing eyes stared right at him.  In a somewhat familiar voice, she said, “Filth needs to be cleaned!  It needs to be washed away with blood!”

Feng Xiao shivered and his heart filled with a sense of danger!

Feng Xiao quickly stood up and carefully looked around himself.  His sixth sense had never lied to him before and it told him that there was danger nearby.  Although it had been several years since someone could make him feel danger, he did not let his guard down at all.

However, he was disappointed and found nothing.  But that sense of danger did not disappear…...

“Little sister, you should go home early!  Goodbye!”  After quickly saying goodbye to the little girl, Feng Xiao quickly turned around and left.  His instincts were telling him that he should get as far from here as possible.

With an emotionless face, she watched Feng Xiao’s disappearing back.  The little girl slowly stood up and then muttered the same words she had just said.

“This filthy world needs to be washed with blood……”

An extreme cold aura came from the little girl and she revealed a smile.  With a slight movement of her body, she completely disappeared.  It was like she had disappeared into thin air, not leaving a single trace.

The bodies of several passersby froze, as if they had just entered an ice cold cave.  Their hearts were filled with an unknown fear and they looked all around them, looking for the source of that fear.  Then they staggered their way back home…..Without an exception, they all became seriously ill when the got home.

“Perhaps I was just feeling too sensitive after not going out for so long.”  The sense of danger slowly faded, until it completely disappeared.  Feng Xiao revealed a smile of self ridicule.


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