Legend of the Asura Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Xuanyuan Wan’er (Part 1)
After leaving Madame Ma’s small house, Feng Xiao realized that his gaming time had passed 4 hours.  It was a pity that he was still at level 0, 0%.

“There should be people at level 5 now.”  Feng Xiao was depressed as he thought about this.  First creating his account had taken over 2 hours and now he had been detained by the NPC for another two hours.  In the end, he had received a quest that was impossible.  On step at a time, but it was a pity that his starting point was way behind the other players.

At this time, the crowd around the NPCs was a lot smaller.  After all the Chinese server had over 100000 Beginner Villages, each village had a few thousand players and 4 hours had already passed.

He should go and find a quest that didn’t require fighting mobs first.  Feng Xiao ran towards the least populated pharmacy.

“Ding.  Player Feng Xiao, there is someone calling you on the phone.  Do you wish to connect?”


The use of the gaming chamber was that it could use radio waves to connect allow the people in game to pick up the phone.

“Boss, my «Rebirth».  Wu, wu, wu, wu~~”  After it connected, the call was filled with Xiao Tian’s wild crying.

Xiao Tian and Chen Bing were Xiao Feng’s fated followers.  They were also two of the few people who knew his true identity.  The two people’s personalities were opposites, Xiao Tian was very open and loved playing with treasures whereas Chen Bing was like his name stated, cold as ice.

“Aren’t you on that devil’s training mission right now?  How do you have time to call me?”  Disregarding the other party’s tear filled complaints, Feng Xiao asked out of curiosity.

“It’s time to eat so I stole a communications device, hei, hei…..Boss, what does the game feel like?  It must be great.  What level are you now?”

“Ke, ke, it feels great, it feels just like reality.  As for my level, you’ll know when you come back.  Do you think your boss is a normal person?”  Feng Xiao coughed to cover up.  If this little brat knew that he was still at level 0, he would laugh himself to death.

“Ai, you have no way of understanding my sadness.  This feeling is like using tens of thousands of methods to convince a beautiful girl to sleep with you, only to discover your own impotence.  That ice cube actually said he doesn’t care, but his face actually turned really ugly…..Ah!!~~That bastard ice cube hit me…...What, old man ye didn’t come?  Boss, we won’t say anything else.  Once we come back, you have to bring us to dominate the «Rebirth» world!”

Hanging up the phone, Feng Xiao arrived at the Beginner Village pharmacy.  The pharmacy owner old man Wang was pounding medicine in his mortar.

“Hello old man Wang…...Ke, ke, pharmacist Wang.  Do you have anything that you need help with?”

“Yes Wind Spirit, I’m lacking a few materials that I regularly use.  Can you help me gather some herbs for me?”  Old man Wang looked at him and then mechanically responded.

“Ding, pharmacist Wang has asked you to pick ten herbs for me.  Do you wish to accept this quest?”

“I accept.”

“Ding, you have accepted pharmacist Wang’s request.  You have learned the ‘Herb Gathering Skill’.”

“Ding, because of your high perception, you have understood the essence of the Herb Gathering Skill.  Your Herb Gathering Skill has risen to intermediate rank.  You have learned the Intermediate Herb Gathering Skill.”

Herb Gathering Skill: Intermediate 0%
You may collect intermediate and below level materials.

“There’s actually this kind of good thing, the skill level can be directly increased?  It seems like that 50 points added in perception didn’t go to waste.”  Feng Xiao thought this out loud and then turned to run to the weapon shop.

“Hello blacksmith.  Please give me any quests that you have!”

“Oh, hello Wind Spirit.  I am lacking a few ores, can you go and mine some ores for me?”

“Ding, blacksmith Zhang has asked you to mine 10 ores.  Do you accept this quest?”

“I accept.”

“Ding, You have accepted blacksmith Zhang’s request.  You have learned the ‘Mining Skill’ and now have access to low level pickaxes.”

“Ding, because of your high perception, you have understood the essence of the Mining Skill.  Your Mining Skill has risen to intermediate rank.  You have learned the Intermediate Mining Skill.”

Mining Skill: Intermediate 0%
Mining speed 10.
50% chance to mine intermediate and below level ores.  2% chance to mine high level ores.  0.0001% chance to mine a spiritual rank ore.

Basic mining pickaxe: Mining speed + 2
Number of times it can be used: 200 (Will be damaged after 200 uses).

It really did rise to intermediate level.  Having 50 perception was quite good.

What Feng Xiao didn’t think about was that 50 perception wasn’t just “not bad”.  Normal players only had around 1-5 perception, he was simply just an anomaly.  For an average person to raise their Herb Gathering Skill to the intermediate level, they would need to constantly gather herbs until they were level 30 or above.

“Hello grandpa village chief, do you have anything you need me to help you with?”

The Beginner Village only had these few NPCs.  Pharmacist Wang, blacksmith Zhang, Madame Ma, the strange old man, and this gentle looking village chief in front of him.  At the same time, the village chief was also responsible for sending level 10 players to the city.

“Hello Wind Spirit, I am the Beginner Village chief.  I am responsible for teaching basic life skills to players.  Before accepting the quest, first let me teach you a few skills.” The village chief had an anxious look as if he had encountered something troublesome as he mechanically replied to Feng Xiao.

“Ding, Player Wind Spirit, the Beginner Village chief wishes to teach you several life skills.  Do you wish to accept?”

“I accept.”

“Ding, you have learned the ‘Gathering Skill’.  Because of your high perception, you have understood the essence of the Gathering Skill.  Your Gathering Skill has risen to intermediate rank.  You have learned the Intermediate Gathering Skill.”

“Ding, you have learned the ‘Capture Skill’.  Because of your high perception, you have understood the essence of the Capture Skill.  Your Capture Skill has risen to intermediate rank.  You have learned the Intermediate Capture Skill.”

Gathering Skill: Support Skill
Uses 30 MP.
Collects various items from defeated monsters.

Capture Skill: Support Skill
Uses 30 MP
There is a certain chance to capture a monster and tame it as a pet.

“The west side of the Beginner Village is being destroyed by a wild cat.  Can you help me eliminate it?”

“Ding, the village chief has asked you to kill twenty demonic wild cats.  Do you wish to accept this quest?”

“Eh…..About this…...Grandpa village chief, I’ll be honest with you.  I as a person do not have any other shortcomings, but my heart is too soft so I will never take another’s life.  Can you give me another quest that doesn’t involve killing small animals?”  Feng Xiao seemed a little “shy” as he spoke.  At the same time, he showed his level 0, 0% status to the village chief.

“Oh……”  The village chief had an appreciative look as he stared at Feng Xiao and said, “It’s rare to find a compassionate youth like you.  Although it is a waste to be benevolent to these demonified monsters, but it is still good to have a natural disposition like this.  Alright then, I’ll have to trouble you to pick 10 Xiangyang grass from the sunset slopes to the north of the Beginner Village.  Although the monsters along the way do not take the initiative to attack people, you still have be careful…..”

Feng Xiao’s thick skinned face turned red as he accepted the quest and said, “Goodbye grandpa village chief.”  He ran out of the north side of the Beginner Village.  He had decided to do the village chief’s quest first because the herbs pharmacist Wang wanted him to pick also grew in the sunset slopes.

“......Don’t approach the cave in the sunset slopes…...Ai!  Young man, I haven’t even finished talking yet!”

“Ai, young people nowadays, they are always rushing when doing things.  Forget it, he shouldn’t run into anything unlucky while he’s there.”  Seeing Feng Xiao run away, the village chief helplessly gave a sigh.

Feng Xiao ran right for the sunset slopes, while enjoying the beautiful scenery along the way.  The bees were flying, the butterflies were dancing, and the flowers were blooming.  Feng Xiao could feel himself falling into nature’s serene and beautiful embrace.  Compared to the city’s noise and filth, the Beginner Village seemed like a wonderland.

Along the way, he met a bunch of adorable little monsters.  But like the village chief said, they wouldn’t take the initiative to attack people.  And since there were only a few of them around, there weren’t many people here levelling on them.

After running continuously for 20 minutes, Feng Xiao finally arrived at the sunset slopes map.  This place was the level 5 white wolf’s territory, but what was strange is that the white wolves didn’t take the initiative to attack people.  What was even stranger was the fact that there was actually no one grinding levels here.

Had the majority of the other players already surpassed level 5?

Without thinking too much, Feng Xiao began to use his Herb Gathering Skill to collect the Xiangyang grass and herbs.


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