Legend of the Asura Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Heavenly Profound Fantasy Jade
“Little brat Wind Spirit, this wolf has three minutes before disappearing, quickly try your Gathering Skill on it.  With the increase of luck from my blessing, perhaps you have a chance of succeeding.” The Purple Lightning Qilin was out of breath, wishing he could slap this fellow that was getting carried away.

“Un……”  With an addition of 50 Luck, Feng Xiao was filled with confidence.  He immediately walked in front of the Nether Wolf and used his “Gathering Skill”.

“Ding, your ‘Gathering Skill’ has failed.  Your Gathering Skill level has increased.”

“Ding, your ‘Gathering Skill’ has failed.  Your Gathering Skill level has increased.”

“Ding, your ‘Gathering Skill’ has failed.  Your Gathering Skill level has increased.”


After two minutes, Feng Xiao’s head was covered in sweat…...

“Ding, congratulations to player Wind Spirit for gathering the Nether Wolf Fang.  Your ‘Gathering Skill’ level has increased.”

“Ding, congratulations to player Wind Spirit for leveling ‘Gathering Skill’ to high level.”

“It directly increased the Gathering Skill level?”  Feng Xiao’s wildly shouted in his heart as he quickly looked at his gathered item.

Nether Wolf Fang: Divine Grade Material
The sharp wolf fang of the Dual Headed Illusory Eye Nether Wolf.  It can be used to craft weapons.

“It’s a Divine Grade Material, it might be able to make a Divine Weapon!”  Feng Xiao threw out several pieces of equipment he didn’t have a use for from his inventory and threw the Nether Wolf Fang in before using the Gathering Skill again.

“Ding, your ‘Gathering Skill’ has failed.  Your ‘Gathering Skill’ level has increased.”


“Ding, congratulations to player Wind Spirit for gathering the Nether Wolf Meat.  Your ‘Gathering Skill’ level has increased.”

“Ding, congratulations to player Wind Spirit for gathering the Nether Wolf Meat.  Your ‘Gathering Skill’ level has increased.”

Nether Wolf Meat: Divine Grade Cooking Material.  Can be used to cook Death Resistance increasing food.

“Ding, your ‘Gathering Skill’ has failed.  Your ‘Gathering Skill’ level has increased.”


After three minutes, before the Nether Wolf’s corpse disappeared…..

“Ding, congratulations to player Wind Spirit for gathering the ‘Heavenly Profound Fantasy Jade’.  Your ‘Gathering Skill’ level has increased.”

“Ding, congratulations to player Wind Spirit for leveling ‘Gathering Skill’ to Spiritual Level.”

“Ding, congratulations to player Wind Spirit for leveling ‘Gathering Skill’ to Immortal Level.”

“It actually…..allowed the Gathering Skill to reach the Immortal Level!  What kind of thing is this Heavenly Profound Fantasy Jade?” Feng Xiao’s heart began to beat fast.

Heavenly Profound Fantasy Jade: ????

An item he had obtained but couldn’t see the stats of?  Feng Xiao was stunned.

“Does it need to be appraised?”

Only equipment needed to be appraised, he had never heard of a material needing to be appraised.  But why couldn’t he see the stats?

“Boss qilin, what is this Heavenly Profound Fantasy Jade?”  Feng Xiao placed the jade releasing a faint white glow in front of the Purple Lightning Qilin.  This old fellow who had lived for billions of years should know.

The Purple Lightning Qilin looked at it for a while before shaking its head, “I don’t know?”

Feng Xiao was speechless as he could only carefully place the Heavenly Profound Fantasy Jade into his inventory.  Being able to raise his Gathering Skill to the Immortal Level, it had to be something at the high Divine Level.

“Wind Spirit, I should send you out now.  I have used too much energy and need to enter into a state of dormancy…..”  The Purple Lightning Qilin wanted him to summon the qilin child to say goodbye, but did not say anything in the end.

“Un, boss qilin, I’ll have to trouble you.”  Feng Xiao felt like today’s experience was like a dream.  He used the Unbounded Scroll to escape a dangerous situation and landed in this qilin’s cave.  He appeared in front of the Purple Lightning Qilin at the right time and used his chaos blood to save the little qilin’s life, receiving a pet.  At the same time, he had obtained the qilin blood he dreamed of and even obtained the once in a hundred million years qilin’s blessing. As well, his Gathering Skill had increased by three levels and he obtained some powerful materials.

Everything seemed like it was destined.

“Wind Spirit, you are too weak right now, so work hard to become strong.  Your Chaotic Body has destined the mission you will shoulder.” The Purple Lightning Qilin thought for a moment before one black and one white ring came from his fingers, directly entering Feng Xiao’s inventory, “These are rings passed down from the ancient era and legends say that there is a secret as big as the heavens hidden within.  If my guesses aren’t wrong, then perhaps you will be that single person that will solve this secret.”

“Go!  You’re not allowed to return before my child has fully grown.”

Feng Xiao was just about to ask something when a purple coloured teleportation array appeared under his feet, instantly causing his figure to disappear.

The Purple Lightning Qilin collapsed to the ground like it had used all its strength, at the same time turning back into its qilin body.  It was panting as it thought aloud, “Just with the purple qilin glow, it was able to become a Super Sacred Beast, it really is strong without compare.  Just a tenth of its strength is enough to defeat that Nether Wolf. That five coloured qilin glow, just how strong will it become?”

“The Chaotic Body and the Saint Qilin has appeared one after the other, it seems like this Heavenly Dragon Continent disaster surpassed my imaginations.  The Azure Dragon, the White Tiger, the Vermillion Bird, and the Black Turtle, there should be mutations there as well.”

Feng Xiao was directly sent into Heavenly Dragon Imperial City’s square by the Purple Lightning Qilin.  The square was filled with players at this time and it was incredibly busy.

“I am a level 15 warrior and I’ll level people.  5 gold coins per hour, payment first…..”

“Selling a level 10 top grade Bronze Dual Handed Sword.  If it’s a beautiful girl, the price can be discussed.”

“I’ll shoot you until you’re innocent, you mob stealing trash.  Father will ooxx your entire family…..”

“Level 14 Thunder Wizard looking for a party to kill crabs!”

“Wa, this boss has already obtained a pet and it’s actually a qilin.”

“Just a Fifth Grade Pet, it doesn’t catch my eye.  I will surely obtain a Divine Grade Pet in the future.”

“Che~ Brother, don’t be so jealous and don’t give empty boasts.  If you want a meat pie from the heavens, everything depends on your effort and skills.  His pet is the only pet in «Rebirth» and you still don’t have any wool on you.”

“Fuck, what kind of thing are you.  Stop being so chatty or else be careful of father beating you.”

“.....Brothers, that blue clothed archer wants to beat me.  Go, slice him up for me!”

When Feng Xiao appeared, he immediately attracted the attention of many people.

“This brother, where did you buy your mask.  This brother also wants to buy one.”

“Che!  Clearly this was a dropped mask.  Brother, how do you want to sell your mask, just give a price…..How about 31 silver coins?  What! You won’t sell? Then 31….Big brother, I don’t have much money on me.”

“Wa, big brother, such a cool mask.  Can you give it to me?”

“Brother, what monster did you kill to get that mask?  I’ll go kill them now.”

“Wa, so handsome…..Ah, no, I can’t control my innermost feelings.  I’ve decided, you are my husband from this day forth…..Ai, ai, ai, don’t leave…..”

Feng Xiao pushed through the crowd, not daring to stay here any longer.  There were several magical screens in the center Heavenly Dragon Square with each on displaying a ranking list.  At this time, other than the wealth ranking, Feng Xiao was at the head of every other list.

For money earned by an individual, Feng Xiao was surely on top, but the money he had could not compare to the wealth of a hundred, a thousand, or even ten thousand people’s in game wealth added together.  With more and more people getting Job Changes, Feng Xiao had already fallen to 7th place on the wealth rankings. However, he was not bothered by this because after all, this was not a ranking that represented a person’s strength.

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