Legend of the Asura Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Heavenly Dragon Secret Token (Part 1)
Most of the players had already changed jobs and Heavenly Dragon Imperial City was already filled with people.  Feng Xiao was running to the Imperial Palace, he just wanted to turn in the qilin blood quest and then find a quiet place to discuss with Feng Yao how to unseal the Xuanyuan Sword.

The most quiet place would be one’s own home.  Feng Xiao decided to turn the quest in first because he had already picked out his reward: A mansion that belonged to him.

“For this kind of abnormal quest, it would be no problem asking for a house.”

Wearing Asura’s Ilusion, Feng Xiao entered the Imperial Palace without anything blocking him in front of all the shocked players.  Several players also attempted to enter, but they were blocked by the guards and retreated in a sorry state.

“Warrior Wind Spirit, welcome back!”  Feng Xiao entered the palace and was shocked by the scene in front of him.  There were several ministers and generals lined up on both side. The emperor was wearing a yellow dragon robe as he led the ministers with a serious smile on his face.  At the same time, there were countless gazes of doubt and disbelief looking at him.

“This wouldn’t be for welcoming me, right?”  Feng Xiao’s heart skipped a beat as he walked forward and said, “Hello, emperor.  I’ve brought the qilin blood. Eh…..You wouldn’t all know already, right?”

“He, he…..”  The Heavenly Dragon Emperor patted Feng Xiao’s shoulder, “Let’s go, come into the court with me.  I must thank you in front of all the ministers.”

The Heavenly Dragon Emperor spared no effort in how he treated Feng Xiao.  In his eyes, the master of a qilin was definitely someone powerful. Qiling could be considered the head of the five sacred beasts of the Heavenly Dragon Continent.  It was an existence even he, the Heavenly Dragon Emperor could only look up to.

Not to mention this was the Asura’s successor.  Although the Asura had declined, the previous emperors had all warned him that Asuras were people that could not be provoked.  Once a slumbering Asura was awakened, they would be the most terrifying existence on the Heavenly Dragon Continent.

The Heavenly Dragon Palace’s court was silent as all the officials looked on with wide eyes at the purple qilin blood from Feng Xiao’s Spirit Jade Bottle slowly fall into the other Spirit Jade Bottle by the emperor’s side.

Although the Heavenly Dragon Emperor did know know why he didn’t give the original bottle to him and leave with the new Spirit Jade bottle, he did not ask about this.  Feng Xiao naturally would not tell him there was another drop of qilin blood inside.

Qilin’s Essence Blood: Sacred Grade Medicine
The thousand years cultivation of the Purple Lightning Qilin is condensed in a drop of blood.  Using it will prolong one’s life, give one everlasting youth, and cure all illnesses in the world
Effect: +200 to all four basic stats, Thunder Attributed Magic increased by 3 times, and +70% Thunder Resistance.

Seeing the stats of the Qilin Essence Blood, Feng Xiao’s eyes almost fell out.  If this was obtained by a thunder attributed magician, the effects would be too terrifying.

If this was sold, it would be unknown how much it would earn.

The Heavenly Dragon Emperor held the Spirit Jade Bottle with trembling hands.  First he confirmed that it was indeed real Qilin Essence Blood before opening the bottle and sniffing it.  Instantly, the countless years of fatigue was swept away and he felt relaxed. Even everything in front of him became much clearer.

“Good!  Good! It really is qilin blood!  Many thanks for the Heavenly Dragon Goddess’ blessing…..”

With the emperor’s words, the ministers and generals all looked at Feng Xiao differently.  There was appreciation, jealousy, and shock, but there was no longer doubt and disbelief.

“Warrior Wind Spirit, in times of imminent danger to the Heavenly Dragon Continent, you have saved this one’s life and performed a great merit.  This one really does not know how to thank you. Warrior Wind Spirit, if you have any requests, please say them. This one will surely comply.”

“It’s here!”  Feng Xiao quickly came forward and said, “Sir emperor, I still do not have a fixed foothold on the Heavenly Dragon Continent, so I hope the emperor can give me a house.  Eh, a mansion.”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha…..How difficult is that.  Minister Fang, bring warrior Wing Spirit to Heavenly Dragon West Street’s largest mansion later, it will belong to warrior Wind Spirit from now on.”

“Yes, emperor.”  A fat and vulgar looking old man came out and responded, while narrowing his eyes as he looked at Feng Xiao.  Feng Xiao gave a shiver. This old man…..he looks like a bad guy with a single glance.

The Heavenly Dragon Emperor changed the topic, “This one does not feel a single manor is enough reward for warrior Wind Spirit’s merits.  Various ministers, what else does everyone think this one should award Wind Spirit.”

The civil and military ministers whispered amongst each other.  After a while, an imposing general walked out. He first looked at Feng Xiao with a gaze of respect and admiration before cupping his hands and saying, “Emperor, this lowly minister has followed the emperor’s command and has been unsuccessful in finding the qilin for two years now.  Today warrior Wind Spirit has only used three days to complete this impossible mission. This minister feels that to accomplish this, courage, wisdom, perseverance, and luck are all indispensable.”

“Warrior Wind Spirit is a human from another world, so beginning to search immediately after the emperor’s request demonstrates his dedication and loyalty.  Being recognized as the master of a venerable sacred beast means he is not an ordinary person. Being able to obtain a sacred item like the qilin blood and immediately bringing it to the emperor represents his selflessness and righteousness…..”

“The loyal, virtuous, selfless, and righteous” Feng Xiao was feeling more and more pleased hearing the praises of this middle aged man named Shang Wu and his opinion of him continued to rise.  He could not help looking over himself, I actually had this many good points.

“Because of this, this lowly ministers believes that for this brave, wise, selfless, and virtuous human, he can be awarded - the Heavenly Dragon Secret Token!”


With the four words “Heavenly Dragon Secret Token”, the entire court almost exploded.  The ministers all shouted out with what seemed to be sounds of opposition.

“Such a big reaction, could this Heavenly Dragon Secret Token be some incredible thing?”  Feng Xiao secretly thought.

“Emperor, you can’t listen to Shang Wu’s words.  This matter cannot be done.” A blue robed old man stood up and roared out.  His face was filled with sincere fear, like giving the Heavenly Dragon Secret Token was like digging up his family’s graves.”

“Emperor, the Heavenly Dragon Secret Token has only been given to people who have accomplished world changing merits.  Feng Xiao was just lucky enough to encounter the qilin’s blood, this does not count as any merits. Moreover, he is unfamiliar with the rules of the empire, so casually giving him the Heavenly Dragon Secret Token will be disgracing all the merits of the brave soldiers.  This cannot be given, it mustn’t, it absolutely mustn’t be done!”

Shang Wu took a step forward and said with cupped hands, “Emperor, this lowly minister feels that warrior Wind Spirit saving the emperor’s life is worth tens of thousands of military merits.  Not to mention that the Heavenly Dragon Secret Token can cut down on corrupt ministers, one needs a truly righteous person. Although he is currently weak, this minister believes that in time, he will surely becoming a shocking person.”

The ministers were all discussing, some in agreement and some in objection, continuously debating.  Feng Xiao was even more curious, just what kind of thing was the Heavenly Dragon Secret Token?