Legend of the Asura Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Heavenly Dragon Secret Token (Part 2)

“Alright, don’t mention it.”  The Heavenly Dragon Emperor waved his hand and said in a deep voice, “This one thinks minister Shang’s words are reasonable and will grant the warrior Wind Spirit the ‘Heavenly Dragon Secret Token’.”

“Emperor, you can’t do this so rashly…..”  The blue robed old man quickly bowed down.

“The minister of the left does not need to say anything else, this one has his discretion.  In terms of martial strength, Wing Spirit is the number among the otherworlders. In terms of ability, he completed something the entire Heavenly Dragon Imperial Palace couldn’t complete in three years in just three days.  In term of merit, he has saved this one’s life. In terms of duty, various ministers, he obtained such a sacred item, but he chose to selflessly give it to this one instead of using it for himself.”

The emperor’s deep voice stopped and his sharp eyes swept over the ministers.

The ministers were speechless as they slowly digested the emperor’s words.  They began to feel that Wind Spirit, this otherworlder was more of a virtuous talent and even Feng Xiao himself began to feel that he was synonymous to perfection.

The minister of the left saw that the emperor had made his choice and he could only sigh as he retreated.  He just hoped in his heart that Wind Spirit would be worthy of this token.

“Master Zhang Tian, bring the Heavenly Dragon Secret Token in the royal room here for warrior Wind Spirit.”

“Yes, emperor.”

“Heavenly Dipper Talisman’s Intake!  Go!”

A talisman in master Zhang Tian’s hand broke as a golden token appeared in front of Feng Xiao.  It floated over by itself and placed itself on his left chest.

“Warrior Wind Spirit, this one grants you the Heavenly Dragon Secret Token and specially names you the Heavenly Dragon Secret Envoy.  You will receive the respect of the Heavenly Dragon citizens, be able to enter the imperial palace at will and move as you please. You can cut down corrupt officials and traitors without care.  This one hopes that you will not disappoint this one.” The Heavenly Dragon Emperor was secret smiling in his heart. With this token, it’s impossible for you to be unrelated to the government.

“This broken?”  Feng Xiao quickly looked at the Heavenly Dragon Secret Token’s stats.

Heavenly Dragon Secret Token: Special Grade
Set Owner: Wind Spirit.
Cannot be traded, cannot be dropped, and cannot be stolen.  The Heavenly Dragon Imperial Court grants this token to a person with distinguished merit, only granting one every 30 years.  The owner of the token will becoming the Heavenly Dragon Secret Envoy, receiving large amounts of honour and authority.

Secret Token’s Command: The one holding the token can use it to receive items for free 5 times from any store in Heavenly Dragon City.  They will also receive a 50% discount from now on.

Secret Token’s Power: Luck +5.  The holder of the token was PK in the city at will without being caught by the guards and killing people will not increase the holder’s sin value.  If the holder cuts down corrupt officials or rebels, they may receive rewards from the Heavenly Dragon Court.

Secret Token’s Prestige: Prestige +1000.  The holder can command up to 1000 soldiers to help with fighting in the city each day.  This can only be used for fights in the city.

Feng Xiao almost cheered.  This common looking Heavenly Dragon Secret Toke was a license that allowed him to freely murder and to rally soldiers.

Feng Xiao quickly cupped his hands like those old men and said, “Many thanks for the emperor’s grace!  This subordinate will not brame shame to this token.”

“He, he, good…..That’s right, warrior Wind Spirit, can you call out your qilin to allow this one to see the prestige of the qilin?”

The eyes of the Heavenly Dragon Emperor lit up as his expression turned impatient.  The ministers’ attentions were all attracted as they looked over at Feng Xiao in anticipation.

“Eh…..Sir emperor, my qilin was just born an hour ago and it is still sleeping…..”  Feng Xiao pondered this and determined not to let the Xiao Xiao out.

“Just born?”  The emperor was filled with doubts, “Then what about that qilin blood?  From what this one knows, a qilin’s essence blood can only be produced once every thousand years, could you have obtained the essence blood from another qilin?”

“That’s right, it was its father.  After the little qilin was born, it had already withered away.”  After saying this, Feng Xiao’s heart was startled. He didn’t know if he should have mentioned that the Purple Lightning Qilin was dead already.

Feng Xiao did not know that after the Purple Lightning Qilin sent him away, in order to prevent others from having ideas about him, it used its strong soul power to add in subconscious suggestions.

“So it’s like this.  This one has also heard that qilins since ancient times would only exist one at a time.  Like this, the qilin blood this one received should be the only one for the next thousand years.”  The Heavenly Dragon Emperor seemed sad, but he was secretly happy.

After bidding farewell to the Heavenly Dragon Emperor, Feng Xiao followed old man Fang to the Heavenly Dragon East Street to receive his mansion.

“Warrior Wind Spirit, this is the mansion the emperor has bestowed to you.  After you sign this land deed, other than people that you permit, no one else will be able to enter this house.”  Old man Fang said with a charming smile as he took out a land deed.

“Wa!  This can’t be true!  This is too…..”

The mansion in front of him was incomparably fabulous.  It was at least the size of a soccer field and it had a garden, a pool, and a warehouse.  In the center of the mansion, there was a three story classical loft. The decorations were luxurious and elegant, and the layout was fresh and stylish.  This mansion gave one a stunned and comfortable feeling.

A mansion, this was definitely a mansion.  Even in real life, there were only a few people that could live in this kind of mansion.

What was even better was that this mansion was in the center of Heavenly Dragon West Street.  It was facing the spacious Heavenly Dragon Square and the business street, it was an excellent position!

Feng Xiao wrote his name on the deed and the deed turned into white light as it entered his body.

“Ding, you have become the owner of the number 1 mansion on Heavenly Dragon West Street.  Please give the mansion a name.”

“......Feng House.”

“Ding, the name has been accepted.  The use and control of Feng House has now been handed to you.  You can choose to reconstruct, demolish, repair, rent, sell, or etc. at your convenience.”

“Eh….Demolish or sell?  Only if I’m crazy.”

After sending off old man Fang that kept trying to get close to him with a few words, Feng Xiao opened the main door and walked into the Feng House.

“Hello young master Wind Spirit, welcome back…..”

Entering the Feng House, an attractive woman from the system stood there welcoming him.  The girl was not old, being around sixteen-seventeen. She had red lips, white teeth, and a face as beautiful as a picture.

“You are?”

“Young master, I am Rou Rou.  I used to be princess Shui Yue’s maid, but now I am the young master’s maid.”

“You were sent by the Heavenly Dragon Emperor?”


“Why did you not continue to serve….eh, princess Shui Yue.”

“Young master Wind Spirit, princess Shui Yue, she…..She…..The court doctors say she wouldn’t live past three days and the emperor is currently personally accompanying her.”  Mentioning princess Shui Yue, Rou Rou began to gently sob. It was as if she had a deep connection with princess Shui Yue.

“Won’t live past three days?  So princess Shui Yue’s situation is this bad.  What a pitiful emperor, he has just saved his life, but he will lose the life of his daughter.”  Feng Xiao gave a sigh of pity.

“Rou Rou, what is your responsibility?”

“My responsibility?”  Rou Rou wiped away the tears and said in a slightly stunned voice, “My responsibilities is to tidy up for the young master and to listen to any of the young master’s orders.”

“Any orders?  I can have you do anything?”  Feng Xiao was stunned before speaking in a teasing tone.

A maid that listened to all orders, what an evil existence.

Rou Rou’s jade white face turned red, clearly thinking of something evil.  After hesitating for a while, she finally said, “The emperor said that I would belong to young master Wind Spirit from now on.  As long as young master is willing, you can….do anything you want.”

Feng Xiao gave a laugh as he walked towards the loft.  When he passed by Rou Rou, he suddenly reached out and ruthlessly squeezed twice on her ample chest.

“Ah……”  With her sensitive spot being assaulted, Rou Rou instinctively hugged her chest and squatted down.  Her face turned red and she looked very wronged.

“Ding, you have received harassment from your master Wind Spirit.  You can choose to punish him through the system, will you punish him?”

“No…..No punishment.”  Rou Rou quickly chose not to punish him.  First because she had been warned and second because she didn’t dare.

“Never reveal your cards too early.  Your young master is not certain to be a good person.”  Feng Xiao’s voice came from in front and Rou Rou quickly stood up.  She organized the clothes in front of her chest and followed him.

What am I afraid of, this indecent beautiful system girl will not punish me, rather she gives herself to me.

“Young master…..”


“Can you…..take off your mask and let me see young master’s appearance?  Otherwise…..Otherwise this won’t seem real to Rou Rou.” Following Feng Xiao into the luxuriously decorated main hall, Rou Rou finally couldn’t help asking in a timid voice.

“Oh, it’s no problem letting you see, but I am too handsome.  People have named me ‘Prince of the Wind’, ‘Jade Faced Little White Dragon’, and ‘Bewitching Young Monarch’.  People have fallen in love after seeing me and girls would wildly fall in love with me after taking a single glance.  Are you not worried that you will accidentally fall in love with me? Oh, don’t you feel that this mask is very flashy?”

“.....”  Rou Rou felt faint.  This was that person praised by the emperor as rare in heaven, unparalleled on earth number one warrior that subdued a qilin?   Why did he seem like a hooligan that was filled with narcissism?

“He, he, Asura’s Illusion, off.”

A light flashed in front of Rou Rou as she was instantly stunned.

This was an unparalleled handsome face.  He had brows as sharp as swords and eyes that lit up like stars, pitch black as ink, and were as deep as the ocean.  The bridge of his nose and his lips formed an exquisite arc. He had sharp eyes, natural expression, and adding in his straight figure, he was as handsome as a jade tree.  There was an evil hint to his expression, like he was looking down on the entire world.

“Young master…..really has the skills to be narcissistic…..”  Rou Rou whispered like she was talking in her sleep.