Legend of the Asura Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Instant kill
Arriving in front of Old Man Bao at the Heavenly Dragon warehouse, Feng Xiao displayed his Heavenly Dragon Secret Token and said, “Boss Bao, help me expand my inventory to its max.”

Players had 50 inventory spaces in the beginning and the largest was 200 spaces.  Each space expansion would cost 200 gold coins.

Seeing the legendary Heavenly Dragon Secret Token, Old Man Bao’s pig body trembled.  He quickly expanded Feng Xiao’s inventory to 200 spaces and sent him off with a charming smile.

Feng Xiao secretly sighed.  This Heaven Dragon Secret Token is really a good thing!

Feng Xiao then went to the pharmacy and the weapon shop, buying two dozen High Grade Red Potions.

High Grade Red Potions
Requirement: Level 20
Instantly heals 400 HP, has a cooldown of 5 seconds.

The strength of players increased by a large amount after their Job Change, so the strength of monsters increased accordingly.  Therefore, the effect of the potions also increased. The Heavenly Dragon City’s potions had half the cooldown of the Beginner Village potions of the same level, but it was very expensive.  A single High Level Red Potion cost one silver.

Although these potions couldn’t compare to his Asura’s Heavenly Return, there was no harm to being prepared.  As for the blue potions, Feng Xiao directly ignored them. Other than the Asura’s Yama Wave skill, he had no other skills which couldn’t be matched by his MP recovery.

Arriving in a relatively quiet corner of Heavenly Dragon Square, Feng Xiao turned on his communication device.

“Have you changed Jobs yet.”

“Just this morning.”

“Where are you”

“The Life Skill Players area.”

“Is ten million enough.”


“Heavenly Dragon Square resurrection point, give me five minutes.”

Turning off the communication device, Feng Xiao revealed an evil smile, “Five minutes, it’s enough.”

“Infinite Space Gate!”

With a flash of white light, the scene in front of Feng Xiao changed.  This speed made his brain fall into a daze.

“What space gate, this is simply an infinite teleport without limit!”  This was the first thing Feng Xiao thought of when he came back to his senses.

He thought that using the Infinity Space Gate skill would cause a gate to appear beside him and he would be teleported once he walked through.  He never thought that with a single thought, he would already arrive at his target.

The Death God’s Tomb second floor was still gloomy and it was covered in Spirit Spearmen wandering around.  Suddenly seeing a living person appear, it was like they had eaten stimulants as countless spears flew at him at the same time.

Miss, miss, miss, -24, miss, -27, miss…...

Feng Xiao was disinclined to hide.  With his silver Undead Set and the Xuanyuan Sword strengthened by the Qilin’s Blessing, he was not the same as before.  He was instantly killing the Spirit Spearmen charging at him with Ice Shattering Slashes in a bored manner while looking for his target, the Golden Spirit Knight.

Unless the evolved boss was killed by a player, it would not disappear.

Taking care of the small mobs blocking his way, Feng Xiao finally found the Golden Spirit Knight wandering not far away.

Feng Xiao excitedly ran over and calculating the distance, he sent a “Wind Wheel Slash”.

The “Wind Wheel Slash” had attack range close to the archer’s attack range and it became his signature move in greeting opponents.

-454, -473.

Feng Xiao was stunned.  His fifteen times attack power of 1230 and adding in the 150 wind damage, it had only dealt 400 damage

The Golden Spirit Knight’s defense could actually negate over 900 points of damage.

Feng Xiao cursed.  This high defense, other than a level 35 and up pure attack Job like a mage, one could not break through its defense.

But it’s weakness was, its slow attack speed.  Generally those that used spears had high attack power, but slow attack speed.  Generally they could only attack once every 14-15 seconds and Feng Xiao’s normal attack speed was one attack every second.  It was because of this weakness that Feng Xiao could keep his life the first time he faced him.

Feeling the attack, the Golden Spirit Knight charged forward with five Spirit Swordsmen.  At the same time, there was a look of despise in his eyes. It was clear that he remembered this human that had been chased away by him before.

Receiving the Xuanyuan Sword flying back, Feng Xiao revealed a strange smile.  When his enemies were five meters away, he loudly shouted.

“Asura’s Yama Wave!”

A shrill cry filled with hatred filled the tomb’s second floor.  With it, a black circle of light with Feng Xiao at its center began to spread out.

“Pa!  Peng! Ka!  Cha!”

Poison, blind, weak, fear, dizzy, paralysis, petrification, frozen, and asleep…..

These various abnormal states appeared above the heads of the Spirit Spearmen and the Golden Spirit Knight.  With Feng Xiao’s high luck, each person would be affected by two status debuffs. The most unlucky one had suffered six abnormal states.

The Golden Spirit Knight was covered in a layer of ice and it could not move.  At the same time, a black mist covered his eyes.

Frozen and blind.

Feng Xiao laughed and softly said, “Summon Xiao Xiao.”

This was his first time summoning the Nether Five Elemental Saint Qilin, Xiao Xiao.  This was because if he had summoned it before, it would have been instantly killed. Now, he had found a way to give it large amounts of experience for it to grow.  At least he had to prevent the embarrassing situation of it being accidentally killed.

But Feng Xiao seemed to have forgotten the most important thing.  Contract summons were different from normal pets, Xiao Xiao would still gain experience even if it wasn’t summoned.

The summoned Xiao Xiao was very happy.  Its “z” shaped tail was softly swaying. It did a beautiful spin in the air before it fell to the ground.

It was very steady because what hit the ground first was its white belly.

Feng Xiao almost broke out in laughter, “A qilin like you, you really are too sloppy.”

Xiao Xiao struggled to stand up.  It gently patted off the dust on its belly and revealed an aggrieved expression.

Feng Xiao wanted to laugh, but his heart suddenly went alert.  He quickly turned around and what welcomed him was a cold glow that quickly approached.

With too much of a difference in levels, the Golden Spirit Knight’s freeze and blind effect had only lasted three seconds.  Feng Xiao was distracted when he summoned Xiao Xiao, but three seconds had already passed. The recovered Golden Spirit Knight immediately used its unique skill “Comet Passing” to attack.

The “Comet Passing” had more than double the speed of “Meteor Throw” and from this close range, Feng Xiao was not confident in dodging it at all.  Seeing this move for the first time, he didn’t even have time to react.

“Absolute Time Domain!”


Silence, a deadly silence…..Everything in this space seemed like it had frozen.

A golden spear was floating in front of Feng Xiao, being less than ten centimeters from his chest.

The first second: “Hu…..”  Feng Xiao let out a sign and wiped the sweat on his forehead as he quickly dodged this spear attack.

The second second: “Blazing Flames!  Xuanyuan Sacred Flame!” “Wu ka!”

Feng Xiao was taken aback.  He never thought that in the Absolute Time Domain, his pet could also move freely.

The third second: Feng Xiao roared, “Fuck you, die!”

“Hong——”  With a dazzling gold light and an incredible roar, it was the Xuanyuan First Form, Dominating the World.


The giant golden damage figure appeared above the Golden Spirit Knight’s head and Feng Xiao raised his middle finger at it, “If you don’t die, this young master will take your surname!”

The Absolute Time Domain was released and the Golden Spirit Knight finally released a cry of despair.  It fell to the ground and exploded into items, dropping over ten different items. Feng Xiao’s high 66 luck, him skipping levels to kill this monster, and adding in the fact that it was the Golden Spirit Knight’s first time being killed, it would be hard for it not to drop a large harvest.

“Ding, congratulations to player Wind Spirit for killing the level 35 Golden Boss, Golden Spirit Knight.  Prestige +35.”

“Ding, congratulations to player Wind Spirit for reaching level 21.  HP +20, MP +10, Strength +1, Vitality +1, Agility +1, Intelligence +1.  You have gained 5 free skill points.”

“Ding, your pet, Nether Five Elemental Saint Qilin has reached level 1.  HP +7, MP +10, Attack +3, Magic Attack +5, Defense +3.”

“Ding, your pet, Nether Five Elemental Saint Qilin has reached level 2.  HP +7, MP +10, Attack +3, Magic Attack +5, Defense +3.”



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