Virtual World: Conquering the World Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Give me a beautiful girl!
On my bed, there lied a beautiful girl.
She calmly lied there, her beautiful and elegant face had a trace of a red blush.  Her long eyelashes slightly trembled and her white neck shined like jade.  From her short pink dress, two white slender legs poked out from the blanket, exposing them.
Seeing this attractive girl’s body under the tight clothes she wore, I swallowed a mouthful of saliva.  This girl was truly a natural beauty!
“Girl, wake up!”
I shook her arm, but she didn’t respond.  I gave a sigh and stood up to leave.  Who would have thought that she would wake up and grab my neck as she jumped onto me.  Crying as she rose, crying as she said, “Why are you like this to me…..Why are you like this to me……”
As if she had something troubling her, her warm tears began to soak into my shirt.  I began to feel embarrassed as from my chest, I could feel the sensation of two soft mounds.  I didn’t say anything, but my hands went around and I pulled her into a hug.  A warm feeling and a fragrant smell came from his chest, a burst of the girl’s fragrance drifted into his nose and enchanted him.
She sobbed in a low voice as her small shoulders trembled.  A soft melodious sound came out as she tightly hugged my body.
I had tears streaming down my eyes as I thanked the heavens!
I was an ordinary man, always hoping for the day I met a beautiful girl who was a little crazy.  Then I would have a chance, however that was still a fantasy.  And this girl in front of him, she was the most beautiful girl he had seen in all his 24 years of life.  In his heart he thought, was god finally pitying him?  Was he giving him this rich and attractive little girl?
But, things weren’t as I imagined.  Right as I was about to take the next step, this young girl suddenly shoved me away, crying as she said, “I’m hungry…..”
I couldn’t speak.  Was she crying because she was hungry?
So I stood up, but I found that she stood up too.  She suddenly looked at my face and began to scream!
My second hand keyboard was thrown right at my forehead, followed by me being thrown out of my own room.  With a “hong” sound, the door was locked!
“Yi?  This seems to be my house……”
I was in a daze for a while before I knocked on the door, “Girl, let me in!  Girl, you can’t be like this!”
Not a single sound was heard so I ran over to the balcony and peeked in.  She was already using my sheets and sleeping soundly.  A face that was beautiful beyond compare!
I sat down on the ground on my butt.  What was happening?  
With a single glance, he found that in the main hall were the girl’s belongings.  He found a half empty bottle and a round thing inside of a bag, what it was, he didn’t know.
So, out of curiosity, he went over to take a look.  He actually made a shocking discovery.  It was one of the game helmets that was being promoted on the internet!
Even more, there were large words posted on the helmet: Spirit of Grief!
I was shocked, it was actually a game helmet for Spirit of Grief!
Half a year ago, a storm of propaganda about an online game engulfed the world.  This was because the giant ship of the gaming industry, Moon Monochrome had just announced the game that had taken them ten years to develop and they had finally finished developing the new game.  It was being called by all players as the most “incomparable” new game - Spirit of Grief!
It was said that «Spirit of Grief» used a new body brainwave connection technology that could completely simulate person’s senses to achieve a 100% realistic game!  Moreover it was said that «Spirit of Grief» had an engaging storyline, the most incredible equipment, and it is said that there are beautiful NPC women!
So, interest in other games began to decline and everyone began to focus on «Spirit of Grief».  Even many gaming corporations began to sell their equipments for the other games and planned to establish themselves in «Spirit of Grief» as soon as it launched.
And today, it was the day before «Spirit of Grief» launched.  This was undoubtedly a very important day for the game lovers of the world!
But, the young girl in my room, just who is she? Perhaps, did I recognize the wrong person?
Oh, what I forgot to mention if why this beautiful girl was even in my room. That was something that happened a few minutes ago.
I don’t know when, but a new, white BMW had parked below.
I didn't pay any attention to it, but soon sounds of unrestrained laughter was heard from downstairs. Turning my head to look, I saw a few ruffians were surrounding the BMW. They were currently teasing something.  I could vaguely hear them say, “There’s a girl inside.  Do you want to drive away and bring her home with us?  Hei hei, it seems like she doesn’t look that bad…....”
Suddenly, my heart slightly trembled. Hadn’t these bastards been taken by the police before? Why did they come back to this neighbourhood?
The person in the car was a girl.  She wouldn’t be in trouble right?  If I go out now, what kind of things would happen?
So, I went flying downstairs and rushed out beside the BMW.  
When the ruffians saw me, they immediately laughed and said, “Little brat, what do you think you’re doing?”
Disgust began to rise from the depth of my heart.  I pushed apart the crowd and used my hand to open the door.  With a “click” sound, it actually opened!
Suddenly a rich alcohol smell drifted out.  Other than the alcohol smell, there was also a young girl’s beautiful fragrance!
I lowered my head to look and I was instantly shocked as I saw a beautiful young girl sitting in the seat.  Her was lying against the back of the seat, her pale white face was so beautiful that it made it hard for people to breathe.  Her long neck and the twin peaks under her clothes took my breath away!
This girl was around twenty years old.  She had a bottle of expensive looking alcohol in her hand.  It was the kind that I’ve seen many times in the supermarket but could not buy.  In her right hand was a bag with something round inside of it.
At the same time, the ruffians also saw the incomparably beautiful young girl inside the car.  They sucked in a cold breath and immediately one of the ruffians said, “Little brat, what do you think you’re doing?  We saw her first!”
I turned around and coldly said, “Let me through, she is my girlfriend!”
The ruffian instantly shouted, “Nonsense, if you had a girlfriend that could drive a BMW, would you still need to live in this small neighbourhood?  You let her go or else we’ll call the police!”
I couldn’t help laughing, “Call the police?  Alright call the police.  If you don’t call the police then I will!”
After I finished, I immediately grabbed the pink phone beside the driver’s seat.  It probably belonged to the young girl.
Instantly the little ruffians seemed a little scared.  One of them said, “Alright!  If you say that she’s your girlfriend, then we’ll just watch you take her upstairs!”
I was a little surprised.  Fuck, this was like riding on a tiger…….
Seeing the ruffians wouldn’t give up, I gritted my teeth and reached out for the young girl’s waist.  I used a little force and lifted her out of the car.  She drank quite a bit of alcohol.  She only gave a little tender groan and she obediently fell onto my shoulder.
I pulled out the car keys and closed the door, then I used the key to remotely lock the door.  I helped support her up the stairs as the ruffians began to mutter dumbfoundedly behind me, “This beautiful girl, she wouldn’t really be this little brat’s girlfriend right?”
After I stumbled back up the stairs, I opened the door and place the girl onto the bed.

So, just like this, a beautiful little girl like this appeared on my bed.

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