Virtual World: Conquering the World Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Overnight rent

In the end I sat down and drank a mouthful of the porridge.  To be honest, I was also very hungry!
Ling Xue sat across from me and picked up a vegetable leaf.  She slowly chewed it in her mouth.

In less than a minute, the midnight snack was finished!

Ling Xue was quite cute as she licked her lips.  She smiled and said, “The taste wasn’t that bad, but remember to add less salt in the future……”

I was speechless.  Looking at her, she didn’t seem sleepy at all.

“You look quite silly right now.  I’ll call you fool from now on, alright?”  Ling Xue suddenly said with a smile.

I resolutely said, “That is an insult, so no!”

Ling Xue had faint dimples as she smiled, “No, most insults can actually seem endearing.  Like little bastard, or little fool……”

“Fuck……”  I was speechless.  According to this theory, little bastard, mentally disabled, little stick, and little thing could all be endearing nicknames?

Ling Xue’s gaze swept across the room and found that the gaming helmet had been opened.  She was a bit surprised and quickly bent down to pick up the gaming helmet, she saw that the blue chip had already turned yellow.  Ling Xue’s face turned cold and she turned around to look at me, “Is this your good deed?”

I awkwardly stared and was slightly embarrassed as I explained, “It was a misunderstanding.  Who would have thought that it would lock to me after I tried it?”

Ling Xue was in a daze as she stared at me, then she bit her lip and said, “You idiot!  Do you know how much effort it took me to just get this?  It was used by you first in the end.  Wu, wu~~

Raising her head to look at the clock, Ling Xue pursed her lips and said, “After this, there is still only 14 hours before Spirit of Grief opens.  I don’t want to line up to buy a new helmet!”

I really wanted to find a hole to jump into, finally I said in a low voice, “That…..I will compensate you later.  Right now, I don’t want to lose it now……”

Ling Xue walked in front of me and suddenly threw the helmet at my hands.

I reached out and caught the helmet.  I asked in surprise, “What are you doing?”

“Humph!  Naturally I’ll give you this helmet since this helmet can only be used by you now.  What use would it be for me to keep it?”

Ling Xue indignantly asked, “Do you have a place to shower her?  My body feels very uncomfortable and I want to take a shower!”

I said in amazement, “Forget it, you should drive to find a place to take a shower.  It’s not convenient for you to do it here in my place.  Moreover, I don’t have any female clothing…..”

Ling Xue raised an eyebrow and said, “Making me leave even though it’s this late, what happens if I meet a bad person?”

I said, “Aren’t you afraid that I’m a bad person?”

Ling Xue looked at me and said with a slight smile, “With your silly appearance, you seem like you wouldn’t even dare to take something good if it was beside you.  Being with it, it’s definitely safe!”

Goddammit, isn’t this an insult?

Ling Xue didn’t say anything and impolitely walked into my room.  She opened my wardrobe and took out a large white shirt.  Then she looked for pants, but she could only find a large one that I only wore in summer.  Ling Xue’s face turned red and she took the shirt into the washroom.

Water flowing sound rang out and I couldn’t help but listening to the water from outside.  What part of the body was Ling Xue washing right now?

Fuck, no matter what place she was washing, it was all enough to make it get hard!

The ten or so minutes that passed, it was simply torture.  When Ling Xue quickly came out wrapped in the shirt and I was shocked when I saw her.  Underneath her shirt, she was only wearing shorts.  A pair of creamy snow white legs were revealed under the shirt, it was enough to make anyone go crazy!

Ling Xue entered the room and very impolitely entered under the blanket.  Then she said, “You…...should still sleep outside.  Also, take this!”


A thin wool blanket was thrown out by Ling Xue.  I quickly caught it and smiled bitterly in my heart.  It seems like I was doomed to spend a night in the living room!

Holding the blanket and the gaming helmet, I had a pleased feeling in my heart.  After all, with this gaming helmet I was holding, I could enter into Spirit of Grief.  It is said gaming pros could sell equipment and gold coins to earn real life money.  Perhaps I could also make a lot!

That night, I had a beautiful dream.  In my dream, I had become an expert in Spirit of Grief.  I sliced off a thousand heads with a single slice.  I had great wealth and many wives!”

When the doorbell rang, I realized that I was having a dream.  I raised my head and the door to my room opened.

Quickly getting up, I realized that Ling Xue had already left.  The blanket was neatly folded on the bed and everything was very smooth.  The bag with her phone and keys were gone, it was probably taken away by Ling Xue.

On the bedside cabinet there was a pack of brand new bills, on top there was a piece of paper.  I took the piece of paper and saw some neatly written words, “Fool, if you want to find some work, then go look for the development department of the Blue Star Digital Square.  Also, this one thousand dollars, it is the rent for me staying a night!”

At the bottom, there was a cute smiley face drawn.  The eyes were like moons, the eyelashes were bent, and it was just like Ling Xue smiling, very attractive.

I thought for a bit.  Overnight rent?  Fuck…...

It seems like when I was talking to the landlord, Ling Xue had every single word we said.

Carefully looking at the written words, it was hard to imagine that a girl’s writing could look so good.  Moreover, Ling Xue was a kind of simple beautiful little girl.  Some people said that if god makes you beautiful, he would take away your wisdom.  But it seems that this didn’t apply to Ling Xue.  The heavens favoured her and actually made her completely perfect!

I couldn’t help wondering, what kind of status did Ling Xue have?  But, since she said I could get a job at Blue Star Digital Square, then I should go and try it out!

So I took a shower and wore fancy clothes, then I went out the door!

No matter what happens with the job, I had to be back before 6pm.  When Spirit of Grief opens, I had to be the first one to enter, the first one to make his pot of gold!


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