Virtual World: Conquering the World Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Cannon fodder should go first
After Battle Soul Drifting Wind and Battle Soul Iron Wing had been taken care of, the situation had completely turned around!

Battle Soul Defying Heaven had a very ugly expression.  This person who was first in Battle Soul’s face was completely pale as he stood there without saying anything.  He just continued to drink potions and restore his HP, apparently he still wanted to fight.

At this moment, Sword Flame Dragon Soul had already stepped forward.  He smiled and said, “Ao Tian, have you been well these past few years?”

Battle Soul Defying Heaven said, “It doesn’t matter if I’ve been good or not.  The online game world is just like an empty dream, you’re still farming equipments for money and chasing after girls…….”

I said, “You really are bitter.  Try saying something else, like how you’ll be enacting your revenge later.”

Sword Flame Dragon Soul smiled and said, “What revenge?  Battle Soul won’t make a move against Sword Flame!”


“Because, Battle Soul Defying Heaven is my highschool classmate…….”  Sword Flame Dragon Soul helplessly spread his hand and said.


At that moment, Battle Soul Defying Heaven had already walked over.  He said, “Since Gentle Breeze Embracing the Moon and Easily Angered Bookworm are Dragon Soul’s friends, then the fight we had just now was a mistake.  Only the deaths of my brothers were not deserved……”

Sword Flame Dragon Soul could not help laughing, “Of course it was deserved.  Those two brats depend on the fact that they are members of Battle Soul, even you can see how rampant they act on the outside.  Humph, Battle Soul’s reputation has been completely ruined by those two bastards over the years!”

Battle Soul Defying Heaven couldn’t help saying, “You can still say that?  When you left Battle Soul to form Sword Flame, weren’t you cursed as a bastard by everyone?  Humph, you actually fought with your brothers over an ingame girl, that was great.  That girl turned out to be a transvestite, so are you happy?”

Sword Flame Dragon Soul revealed an awkward expression, “Fuck, don’t mention that after all these years.  I still feel eternal pain from that!”

Battle Soul Defying Heaven gave a sigh and then said, “I say, Dragon Soul, come back.  Battle Soul needs more management class people like you, otherwise it’ll become even more chaotic.  From what I can see, Drifting Wind and Iron Wind are not up to the task.  Currently Battle Soul is being held up by myself.”

Sword Flame Dragon Soul could not help smiling as he said, “I now have new friends and it’s not right for me to abandon Sword Flame.”

Battle Soul Defying Heaven was a little surprised, but he then said, “Alright then.  Since you have friends like Gentle Breeze Embracing the Moon and Easily Angered Bookworm, I won’t insist.  I’ll be leaving then!”

“Don’t.  How about we finish the quest together?”

Battle Soul Defying Heaven gave a bitter smile, “If your two brothers had been sent back, could you stay here by yourself to finish a quest?”

After he finished, Battle Soul Defying Heaven used a City Return Scroll.

The members of Sword Flame immediately broke out in smiles.  Heavenly Punisher looked at Ling Yue and I in surprise and couldn’t help saying, “Bookworm, you truly are not simple.  I never thought you would be with the number one female mage.  You truly have luck in love……”

I was stunned.  Ling Yue tried to keep her calm appearance, but her cheeks turned red.

I said, “I truly have to thank you guys this time.  If it wasn’t for you, she and I would have already been killed……”

Flame Sword Dragon soul waved his hand as he smiled and said, “What does this count for?  You even pked with those Fated members for Purple Rhyme, it should be us thanking you!  It truly is a man changes in just a few days.  In less than a day, you actually entered the Chinese levels rankings.  Truly powerful, truly powerful!”

I looked at them and saw that the Sword Flame members were all still level 25.  Their leveling speed seemed a little slow, but they were still considered experts.  After all, people like Battle Soul belonged to a minority.  Of course, Ling Yue belonged to a completely different category.

So I said, “Since it’s like this, let’s form a party to finish the quest together!  It’s perfect since you have two tanks and a cleric which perfectly offsets our imbalance!”

Dragon Soul immediately nodded, “Un!  We should finish this quest quickly, otherwise Battle Soul will be bringing people over.  Battle Soul Drifting Wind and Iron Wing are not good natured people!  That’s right, are you two together?”

I didn’t know what Dragon Soul meant by this, so I didn’t reply.  Ling Yue just smiled and said, “That’s right, Bookworm and I are friends!”

After she finished she looked over at Purple Rhyme and said, “I never would have thought that Bookworm would be familiar with your team.”

Purple Rhyme couldn’t help smiling as she said, “Bookworm and I are only ingame friends.  Miss, you don’t have to worry about anything……”

Ling Yue immediately looked over at me and then angrily said, “I’m not worried.  Since it’s like this, let’s team up to finish the quest.  It’s faster this way.”

So, I invited the four people from Flame Sword one by one into our party.  Sword Flame Dragon Soul did not act like the leader and asked Ling Yue, “Young miss Embracing Moon, how do we fight them?”

Ling Yue looked at the Netherworld Archer not that far away and said, “We’ll use the normal strategy.  The swordsman and berserker will tank the monsters while the mage and archer will deal damage from behind.  The cleric will keep track of everyone’s health, but focus your healing on the swordsman and berserker.”

Dragon Soul nodded and then said to Heavenly Punished, “Brothers, let’s begin!”

Heavenly Punisher happily nodded and the two heavy armour players charge forward.  They instantly attracted the aggro of several Netherworld Archers, but it was obvious that these archers could not deal that much damage to these heavy armour players.  Dragon Soul and Heavenly Punisher both had Bronze Grade Armour, so every attack from these Netherworld Archers only did around 100 damage.  Purple Rhyme was very relaxed as she healed them.

Ling Yue and I were the main attack force, but Sword Flame Ghost Fire was not slacking.  After he finished chanting, a dark fireball flew out and slammed into a Netherworld Archer’s chest, dealing 457 points of damage!

Ling Yue shot out a strong fireball and dealt 724 damage to a single Netherworld Archer!

I also shot out a flame arrow.  With a “pu” sound, it dealt 845 points of damage and killed the Netherworld Archer.

At this moment, Sword Flame Ghost Fire was dumbfounded.  His eyes were wide open as he said, “God!  What is with your attack power?  With this kind of attack power, how can others compete……”

Ling Yue smiled and casually said, “This is just a normal attack power!”

Ghost Fire’s heart filled with shock as he lost all his confidence.

Purple Rhyme revealed a faint smile and said, “Ghost Fire, take a look at the levels ranking.  Gentle Breeze Embracing the Moon is first in all of China and Bookworm is in third place, you think they could enter the levels ranking without a few tricks?”

Ghost Fire gave a relaxed smile and said, “You’re right.  With their heavy firepower, we should easily be able to complete this quest!”

At this moment, Ling Yue was actually feeling impatient.  She then said, “Why don’t we pick up the pace!”

Sword Flame Dragon Soul was filled with amazement as he said, “You still want to go faster?  We’re already fighting five monsters at the same time!”

Ling Yue pursed her lips into a smile and said, “Why don’t you draw some more monsters.  If you can gather them together, I can kill them all in 10 seconds.  Now do you have the ability to accomplish this?”

Dragon Soul was not a new player.  He immediately nodded and said in a low voice, “Alright, I’ll give it a try!”

After he finished talking, Dragon Soul rushed out several steps and attracted the aggro of tens of Netherworld Archers.  He ran around until they were grouped together, then he stopped moving and pulled out red potions to drink.

Purple Rhyme carefully paid attention and two Heals fell onto Dragon Soul’s body, one after the other.

And at this moment, Ling Yue had already begun the chant for her AOE magic.  I only saw the flame flicker before countless balls of flame rained down from the sky around the monsters.  Immediately, the Netherworld Archers quickly began to lose HP and several damage figures appeared above their heads, it was all very conspicuous!

Once Ling Yue released the second Scarlet Flame Sea, the Netherworld Archers began to drop in groups and our experience bars quickly increased!

Heavenly Punisher revealed an excited expression.  He couldn’t help saying, “God!  Leveling like this is too fast!  I should be able to level up in just half an hour!”

Indeed, the Netherworld Archers were 10 levels higher than them, so they would receive increased experience from killing them.  Not long passed before they quickly leveled up!

In the end, with two tanks and a cleric, it was much faster clearing out all the monsters.  Within half an hour, we killed all the monsters on the third floor.  There were no equipments that were dropped, but there were quite a few silver coins.

After Dragon Soul cleaned up the battle field, he came over and gave me 25 gold coins.  The he said, “There was a total of 30 gold coins.  The potion consumption for you and Gentle Embrace is too big, so we’ll give this to you guys!”

I was a little embarrassed, “How could we do that?  We only have two people, how could we take such a large portion……”

Dragon Soul laughed, “Just take it.  If it wasn’t for you guys, who knows how long it would have taken us to kill all these monsters.”

Thinking about it like that, I decided to take the gold coins.  I turned and traded them over to Ling Yue since she’s the one that really needed the gold coins to buy potions.  Archer skills only used a small amount of MP, a single armour piercing arrow only took 10 MP, but Ling Yue’s Scarlet Flame Sea took 100 MP, there was no comparison between the two.  No wonder Ling Yue kept complaining about being poor.

Looking at the empty third floor, Dragon Soul and Heavenly Punisher walked over to the fourth floor stairs.

Ghost Fire also quickly followed them.  I looked at the two beautiful girls and they looked at me, so I said, “Ladies first?”

Ling Yue snappily said, “Stop with that.  Cannon fodder first!”

I rolled my eyes.  I knew it, I really was just cannon fodder!  Purple Rhyme covered her mouth and gave a gentle laugh.  Then she followed Ling Yue behind me as we entered the Netherworld Cavern fourth floor.