Virtual World: Conquering the World Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Perishing Equipment Set
A flash of light came from in front and we entered the fourth floor.  The first thing we saw was that it was completely filled with monsters!

[Undead Priest] (Enhanced monster)
Stats: ???

[Undead Mage] (Enhanced monster)
Stats: ???

[Undead Knight] (Enhanced monster)
Stats: ???

The Undead Priest holding a bone staff gave a low and deep roar.  The Undead Mage was covered in a black robe that revealed its white arm bones, there was dim light glowing in its eye sockets.  And the Undead Knight clad in armour did not have a mount, it was only holding a sword as it looked around itself.

“Zheng, zheng!”

Dragon Soul had already brandished his large sword to fight with an Undead Knight.  Beside him, Heavenly Punisher slashed his axe down on the back of an Undead Knight, but it only slightly trembled and only lost 35 HP!

Heavenly Punisher did not know whether to laugh or cry, “Fuck!  I actually can’t break through its armour……”

Dragon Soul was pushed back again and again by the Undead Knight until his HP fell down to one third.  He helplessly said, “This is bad!  There’s too much of a difference between our levels.  Our stats are much lower than theirs!”

I didn’t say anything and immediately shot out an armour penetrating arrow.  A white glow hit the Undead Knight right in the chest and a damage figure appeared above its head: 549!

I let out a sigh of relief.  This is still good, at least my armour penetrating arrow can still break through their armour!

Ling Yue chanted in a low voice and a fireball was shot out from her hand, dealing 347 points of damage.  Although it didn’t count as much, the combined damage from our two attacks was enough to bring the Undead Knight down to one third of his max HP!

Everyone was flabbergasted.  Ling Yue and my attack power was clear to everyone, but now that we’re only doing this much damage, it was hard to imagine just how strong the monsters we were facing right now were!

We couldn’t use the Scarlet Flame Sea to kill the monsters this time.  A single Undead Knight was already hard enough to deal with for Dragon Soul and Heavenly Punisher, if there were more monsters present, it would definitely cost someone their life!

So, we could only kill the monsters one at a time.  With Ghost Fire coordinating with us, it wasn’t that slow for us to kill the monsters.  

The Undead Priest gave a loud chant, its voice was very ugly.  Ling Yue couldn’t help covering her ears as she helplessly looked at me and gave a faint smile.

At the same time, a layer of purple light appeared above our heads!

Combat Notification: You have been affected by the undead light ring, your attack power has been reduced by 10%!

I was a bit surprised.  I never thought that the Undead Priest would actually have a attack decreasing skill!

With the current situation, Ling Yue and my attacks were no longer as powerful.  Instead the melee fighters Dragon Soul and Heavenly Punisher became our main damage.  The large sword and axe were brandished as the two of them immediately cut down the Undead Priest!

“Pa da!”

A black shin guard fell by our feet and I picked it up to look at it -

[Perishing Shin Guard] (Bronze Equipment - Cloth Armour)

Defense: 28

Intelligence: +10

Additional Effect: Increase dark attributed magic damage by 3%.

Required Level: 30

Set Equipment Stats: ???


I was stunned.  It was actually a Bronze Grade Set Equipment!

Ling Yue leaned in from the side and looked at its stats.  She couldn’t help being stunned.  Then she smiled and said, “A Level 30 Set Equipment!”

I asked in small voice, “What should I do Ling Yue?”

Ling Yue gave a playful smile and said, “You make the decision.  I can’t use it anyway!”

So, I gave a casual smile and shared the Perishing Shin Guard’s stats with the entire party.  At this moment, Dragon Soul and Heavenly Punisher almost began drooling and Ghost Fire revealed a yearning expression.

Out of the people here, Ghost Fire was the only person that used dark magic.  If Purple Rhyme took this equipment, she would only gain a little magic attack, but it would be considered a waste.  The Perishing Set could only display its true power when Ghost Fire equips it!

While Ghost Fire was staring blankly at the item, I had heard traded the Perishing Shin Guard over to him.  Then I smiled and said, “Ghost Fire, come, come, come.  Today is your lucky day!”

Ghost Fire was stunned and then suddenly cancelled the trade.  Then he said, “This, is something that Gentle Breeze Embracing the Moon can use.  I can’t take it for myself……”

I was actually astonished, “This is made for your job, if we don’t give it to you, who do we give it to?  If you feel bad about it, then…...just give me 10 gold coins.  That way you’ll be giving me and Ling Yue a share…...”

Ghost Fire was still hesitant, but Dragon Soul smiled and said, “Ghost Fire, just take it.  It’s brother Bookworm’s good intention, don’t say anything else.  Or are you still treating Bookworm as an outsider?  In my heart, he is already a part of Sword Flame, he is one of our brothers!”

A smile appeared on my face.  Dragon Soul really knew how to talk, even I was getting a little emotional.  The brothers I have in this game, I gained three of them all at once today!

Heavenly Punisher gave a large smile and said, “Ghost Fire, just accept it.  Or are you unwilling to give up 10 gold coins?”

Ghost Fire couldn’t help giving a bitter smile, “You clearly know that this piece of equipment is worth at least 200 gold coins.  What use would you have for just 10 gold coins……”

Although Ghost Fire’s words was very ordinary, it was still very sharp.

I began to laugh, “Alright, let’s not argue anymore.  If nothing strange happens, then we’ll be able to get several pieces of this Perishing Set.  Let’s not waste our time talking and let’s kill some more monsters!”

Ghost Fire fiercely nodded and put 80 gold coins into the trade window.  Then he accepted the Perishing Shin Guard.

Dragon Soul smiled and said, “The goodwill that Bookworm and beauty Embracing Moon has shown my brother, I, Dragon Soul will definitely remember.  If the need comes, we will jump through fire and water without any hesitation for you guys!”

Ling Yue couldn’t help smiling, “Alright, alright, stop being so serious, I can’t take it!  Bookworm, let’s keep killing monsters!”

Everyone began to smile and I turned to trade the gold coins over to Ling Yue.  I had already given Ling Yue 155 gold coins, this would be enough to buy several days worth of potions.

So, we continued to kill the monsters.  It took us nearly five hours to clear most of the monsters on the fourth floor.  Three more pieces of the Perishing Set dropped and there was only a helmet that was missing.   Ghost Fire was very anxious, hoping that the last few monsters would drop them.

But when we saw that it was already 9 pm and nobody had eaten yet, Ling Yue couldn’t help knitting her brows.  Then she smiled and said, “Bookworm, I’m hungry…..

I was a little startled since Ling Yue was truly just like Ling Xue, especially when they said they were hungry.  The coquettish image that they displayed, it was enough to charm anyone!

As I was staring at her in a daze, Ling Yue couldn’t help smiling, “Let’s rush through the fifth floor, I’m going to eat with Xue’er after this!  Bookworm, do you want to come?”

I asked, “Where are we eating?”

“White Jade Orchid."

I took a deep breath.  Good fellow, this is a star grade hotel.  I could consider eating a bowl of mixed noodles, as for the White Jade Orchid, there was no way!

So I shook my head and said, “You guys go by yourself, it doesn’t suit me at all!”

Ling Yue revealed a faint smile and tauntingly asked, “Don’t you want to see Xue’er?  She keeps talking about you at home.  Father is already suspecting whether she has gotten herself a boyfriend.”

I thought of Ling Xue crying in my arm that night.  That beautiful young miss that made others love her, was she actually thinking about me?

Seeing the expression I revealed, Ling Yue couldn’t help smiling, “Bookworm, let’s quickly kill these monsters.  After we finish killing them, I’ll go and eat dinner.  Don’t let yourself starve.”

I nodded and shot out an armour piercing arrow, killing an Undead Priest.

“Pa da~!”

A sound rang out and a black helmet fell down on the floor in front of us.

Ghost Fire was immediately excited as he rushed over to pick up the helmet.  He couldn’t help saying with a pleasantly surprised tone, “This is great!  I finally got the entire Perishing Set!”

After he finished talking, Ghost Fire took out the equipments one by one, letting everyone look at them.  The equipments were still unidentified, so he could not equip them yet.

It took us a whole five hours to kill everything, there were more monsters on the fourth floor than we thought.  Ling Yue had reached level 34 and I had reached level 32, directly becoming the second place player in Sunset City.  The Sword Flame members all reached level 30 except for Purple Rhyme who reached level 29, but they all entered into the top ten ranks.

Seeing the Perishing Set that was dropped, Ghost Fire revealed a satisfied expression, but almost all of Dragon Soul’s gold coins had been traded over to Ling Yue.  Ling Yue was not polite and giggled as she took it all.  The more gold coins she had, the more high level potions she could buy and that would make her leveling much faster!

Finally, after killing all the monsters on the fourth floor, we entered the fifth floor!

Heavenly Punisher was the first person to enter, but he had only entered the fifth floor for two seconds before running back to the fourth floor.  He had a pale face and he began to stutter as he pointed at the fifth floor, “In…..In…..In there, there is a high, high, high…...high level boss!”

Heavenly Punisher almost seemed like he was about to go crazy.  Ling Yue flashed as smile at me.  Very good, it seems like we’re about to reach the climax of the night!