Virtual World: Conquering the World Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Gravekeeper
After teasing the girls, my heart felt satisfied.  Watching these beautiful girls log off, I did not feel like sleeping at all.  I held the Star Chasing Bow in my head, feeling like I was invincible in this world!

The players around me planning to level overnight immediately saw the Star Chasing Bow in my hand.  I pondered for a bit and turned off the weapon light effect.  As a person, one should life a low key like.

Then I spent 12 gold coins on repairing all my equipment before going to the square and shouting, “High level armour of the Dark Iron Grade for sale!”

In the end, a group of players immediately came over.  When I showed the stats of the items, countless people raised their middle fingers at me, “Damn!  You clearly know that we aren’t even at level 30 yet and you still take out a piece of level 40 equipment.  Are you looking down on our intelligence and our levels?”

I was speechless.  I tried for a long time, but I still couldn’t sell them in the end.  It seems like I still had to wait another two days for more level 30 players before I could sell these pieces of equipment.

So, I went to the warehouse and put away those twenty pieces of high level Dark Iron equipment.  Then I went to fill up on red potions before heading to the east of Sunset City!

My goal was the Hero Memorial Park that Ling Yue showed me this morning.  In the afternoon, I had already found that there were several high level undead monsters deep within the cemetery, so it was more suitable for me to level here.  After all, my current level is quite high and normal leveling would decrease my training speed.  Plus, I can’t go level in the top class training ground like the Ancient Ghost Temple by myself.  After all, although my attack power was quite high, my defense was quite low.  If there were a few Spirit Warriors that came together, then I would easily lose my little life!

After around half an hour, I passed through the normal leveling areas.  Although it was early in the morning and the sun was rising to the east outside the window, there were quite a few players still fighting monsters.  After all, when day came, there were many parties who came to take these leveling areas.  So only in times like these could solo players level in such a satisfying manner.

My target were not those level 30 little monsters.  Once I pass through the forest, I arrived at the back of the Hero Memorial Park, but I still had a long way to go.  Those level 35 Hell Skeletons that I fought with Ling Yue this morning couldn’t satisfy my leveling needs anymore.  The monsters that I wanted to kill now were at least over level 40, that way, the experience I gain from killing them would be enough!

When I pushed aside a bunch of dead foliage, a giant cemetery appeared in front of me.  This place was had not been visited by others, but many tombstones were on the ground and graves were emptied.  It was clear that they had been robbed, but there were many undead creatures aimlessly wandering around!

Not far from me, there was a skeleton warrior carrying an iron sword.  He was limping around, moving very slowly!

[Corrupted Skeleton] (Normal Monster)

Level: 42

Attack: 280-370

Defense: 200

HP: 5000

A very ordinary monster with a slightly high defense, but to me, 200 defense did not count for anything!

Opening the equipment ranking, it was not strange to find the Star Chasing Bow in my hand in first place.  Second place was Ling Xue’s Light Flow Sword and following that was Ling Yue’s Roaring Flame Staff.  It had to be said, of the top ten equipment, there were three pieces of Gold Equipment and seven pieces of Silver Equipment.  The three Gold Equipment were all from China and five of the seven Silver Equipment were also from China.  At the beginning of the game, it was the Chinese players that reigned supreme!

Thinking of this, I revealed a faint smile.  I released an ice arrow at the Corrupted Skeleton and I saw a terrifying damage figure appear.


It was not a fatal blow, but being able to deal this kind of damage, my attack power was quite incredible!

I sent out another armour piercing arrow and it was even more exaggerated this time, dealing 1889 damage to the monster.  Followed closely by a fire arrow, the Corrupted Skeleton only took a few steps before it dropped a pile of silver coins and died!

I couldn’t help giving a faint smile.  Seeing that these skeletons had around the same move speed as the ones I killed this morning, I could easily pull in a group before killing them all!

As I was about to make my move, I found that on a small hill in the distance, there was actually a small rotten cabin!

“Perhaps it’s a quest!”

My heart couldn’t help skipping a beat, but I put away the Star Chasing Bow and walked over.  When I opened the door, a rotten smell assaulted my nose, but I heard a weak moaning sound come from within.

I saw a single person lying on a dirty wooden bed with his body covered in a black robe.  His legs were already rotten to the point that bone could be seen and it was very terrifying.  It’s a good thing it was me, otherwise Ling Xue would have screamed in terror if she had been here.

This person was clearly a NPC and there was the name “Gravekeeper” above his head.  He looked at me and said in a weak voice, “Are you…..a warrior sent by the forces of light?”

I nodded and said, “Yes.  Can you tell me what happened here?”

The Gravekeeper said with gritted teeth, “I am a soldier that has been in charge of guarding this cemetery for twenty years, but who knew that half a year ago, an evil wizard would suddenly appear.  He spread a soul plague and resurrected most of the undead in this cemetery.  As you can see, Hero Memorial Park has turned into a place for the dead, with only the undead wandering around.  Young man, I am old and inflicted with the plague, so can you help me with a favour?”


System Notification: Do you accept the quest?

I clicked confirm without even thinking about it.

System notification: You have accepted the quest [Gravekeeper’s request]!  (Quest difficulty: 280)

Quest Details: The Gravekeeper has been infected by the soul plague and has no strength to inspect the tomb.  He hopes that you can kill the Corrupted Skeletons in the cemetery and collect 400 skeleton rib bones.  These bones can be ground up to create a medicine that can cure the Gravekeeper’s illness!

I couldn’t help revealing a faint smile.  The only hard part about this quest was that it required a lot of items.  400 skeleton rib bones, if I killed them one at a time, it would take around 2000 Corrupted Skeletons before I completed this quest.  However, for the current me, this was not a problem at all.

I once again returned to the edge of the cemetery.  When I entered the cemetery, several Corrupted Skeletons in the distance already noticed me.  Without any hesitation, I ran in the direction where many monster groups were standing and quickly I drew in a large group of Corrupted Skeletons.  When I turned around to have a look, I found that there was a dense, black group of Corrupted Skeletons!

So, I immediately turned around and used the Star Chasing Bow to release the Thousand Bladed Arrows.  Only seeing the rainbow coloured glow fall from the sky, instantly countless damage figures appeared above the heads of the Corrupted Skeletons, all doing over 500 damage.  The Thousand Bladed Arrows had reached the intermediate level and with the attack power of the Star Chasing Bow added in, it couldn’t compare to the past at all!

In less than a few minutes, the Corrupted Skeletons had already fallen.  After ten minutes, several hundred Corrupted Skeletons had already turned into experience points.  Moreover, there were sparkling equipment and coins, as well as quest items silently lying there!

So, I happily began to clean the battlefield, throwing each item on the ground into my inventory without even looking.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that each Corrupted Skeleton dropped around 50 silver coins and in just a short ten minutes, I had earned over 200 gold coins!  The cost in potions that I took was only worth around 10 gold coins!

I also looked at the quest item [Skeleton Rib Bone] lying in my inventory.  I had already collected 40 of them, so 400 of them was no problem at all.  As for equipment, there were seven-eight pieces.  Other than a single Bronze Equipment for Mages, the rest were all Dark Iron Grade.  In a few days, I would be able to sell these equipment.

So, I continued to kill the monsters, happily leveling by myself.

In the blink of an eye, two hours had passed.  When the Corrupted Skeletons from the neighbouring cemetery had been emptied, I had finally finished gathering 400 Skeleton Rib Bones.  What made me even more pleasantly surprised was that I had also reached level 37, finally catching up to Ling Yue for the first time!

Opening the level rankings, the Chinese Server’s level rankings were -

1. Gentle Breeze Embracing the Moon

Level 37, Beginner Magician

2. Easily Angered Bookworm
Level 37, Beginner Archer

3. Sword Flame Ghost Fire
Level 36, Beginner Dark Magician

4. Battle Soul Defying Heaven
Level 35, Beginner Berserker

5. Bing Cha
Level 35, Beginner Sword Warrior

6. Gentle Breeze Flying Snow
Level 35, Beginner Sword Warrior

7. Quiet Rain Fall
Level 34, Beginner Archer

8.  Zi Yue
Level 34, Beginner Assassin

9. Sword Flame Dragon Soul
Level 34, Beginner Warrior

10. Favoured Son of the Heavens
Level 34, Beginner Magician

Basically, most of the people in the top ten were people that I knew.  Bing Cha, Quiet Rain Fall, and Zi Yue were all girls from the Xue Yue Studios that had reached the level rankings.  It seemed like they had a bit of talent to be gathered by the Blue Star Group.  As for the last placed Mage called Favoured Son of the Heavens, I had no idea where this person had come from.

But this was only the rankings for their country and it would be different on the world’s level rankings.  The Chinese Server’s first place, Ling Yue would only be fourth in the world’s rankings.  The first placed player in the world was a level 38 Mage!

I looked at my own level and saw that I was seventh place, but my experience was not that lacking.  If I had another two hours, then I could also reach level 38!

So, I brought the 400 Skeleton Rib Bones to the little log cabin.