Virtual World: Conquering the World Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Scarlet Flame Sea

A light sound rang out and a damage figure appeared above Ling Yue’s head - 428!

In an instant, Ling Yue’s small mage body already could not hold on.  Seeing her HP drop, she quickly drew back.  Taking out a HP potion as she gave a light roar.  She slightly raised her staff and a fire qi shield surrounded her!

Finally I clearly saw that there was a single monster that sneak attacked Ling Yue -

Netherworld Assassin!
I could not see the monster’s status, but from Ling Yue’s serious face, it was clear that the attack power of this monster was not small!
Ling Yue stepped backwards and created distance between her and the Netherworld Assassin.  A frostbolt was shot out and the body of the Netherworld Assassin was covered in a layer of frost, it could only wave the daggers in its hands in vain.
I released a frost arrow after seeing the circumstances and it had the same effect as the mage’s frostbolt.  The Netherworld Assassin could do nothing and with a few fireballs, it exploded, releasing several silver coins!

What is pity.  It only gave silver coins.
I picked up the silver coins as I said, “The monsters appearing here come too suddenly.  Ling Yue, you should just keep your fire qi shield going!”

Ling Yue pursed her lips and said, “I can’t, the fire qi shield takes up too much MP.  It uses a 500 point blue potion every minute!”
I couldn’t help smiling as i said, “It’s fine, just keep it up.  If you die, then you’ll lose a level and that’s not worth it.  Relax, I also filled up on blue potions, so there should be no problems with our supplies.”

Ling Yue immediately gave a charming smile and said, “Alright then!”
So, Ling Yue kept her flame qi shield up, like this I was more relaxed.  Those Netherworld Assassins didn’t have enough attack power to instant kill me, after all, I had over 1000 HP at level 27!
In the Netherworld Cavern First Floor, there were only Netherworld Warriors and Netherworld Assassins.  They hid in the dark and only revealed themselves after a player approached them, which brought a little trouble for us, after all, I was an archer with leather armour.  If I was a berserker and could wear bronze rank heavy armour, my defense would be around 350.  If the Netherworld Warrior with their 320 attack hit a player with 350 defense, the damage would not go past 150!
But, with me and Ling Yue’s strong combined attack power, we passed through the Netherworld Cavern’s first floor quite easily.  Seeing the monster corpses on the ground, my experience quickly rose and I reached level 28.  More importantly, Ling Yue had finally gone from level 30 to level 31 and was incredibly happy.
Seeing the staircase leading to the second floor, Ling Yue pushed my arm and lightly said, “Bookworm, you walk in front!”

I didn’t dare reject her because this person was my direct superior and she was the young miss of the Bluestar Digital Group.  If I offended her, i would be losing this rice bowl that I had just obtained.
So, I walked up to the stone steps and went down step by step, with Ling Yue following close behind me.  Her snow white little hand was holding onto my arm, making my heart beat uncontrollably fast.  I couldn’t help sighing.  This cute little girl was actually the number one mage in «Spirit of Grief».  There was no justice in the world, the male mages had no way to compete with her…...
“Pa da!”

A light sound rang out and I stepped onto the Netherworld Cavern’s second floor.  The surroundings immediately lit up and a spacious hall filled with monsters appeared.  This time, there was no layer of stealth applied and the area was stilled filled with Netherworld Warriors and Netherworld Assassins, but their levels were a bit higher.  According to Ling Yue, they were at level 36.  I was afraid that once we reached the third floor, we would have to fight without any information!
I carefully used my bow to pull a single Netherworld Warrior over and Ling Yue coordinated with me by using a frostbolt to slow it.  After that, she began to fire the usual fireballs and before the Netherworld Warrior could reach us, it had already fallen apart underneath our feet.  Sometimes Ling Yue would hit the wrong monster and cause two monsters to attack us together.  The result was the two of us running away as we drank potions, finally we used a relatively safe method to kill the monsters.
Before long, Ling Yue and I had come to a sort of silent understanding.  The two of us did not seem to need words as we attacked a monster together.  The Level 36 monsters gave really good experience and our experience bars continued to rise.  Ling Yue smiled and said, “If we can kill all the monsters on the second floor, I can reach level 32!”

I followed up with, “Slow down a bit, don’t level up too fast.  Give me a chance to catch up.”
Ling Yue pursed her lips into a smile, “You have a silver grade bow and the armour piercing arrow, you can easily level by yourself.  Stop taking so much of my experience!”
I smiled, “Let’s level together from now on then!”

Ling Yue gave a slight smile, which could be considered a nod.
This time, another Netherworld Warrior charged over.  Ling Yue’s frostbolt slammed into its chest and my armour penetrating arrow continued to fly out.  Once the Netherworld Warrior arrived in front of us with a wild low roar, it suddenly fell down into a pile of bones.  At the same time, it exploded with several silver coins and a piece of armour.

I quickly picked up the armour and looked at the stats -
[Revenge Chestplate] (Bronze Grade Equipment - Heavy Armour)
Defense: 72

Strength: +8
Level Requirement: 30
Ling Yue looked at it and couldn’t help shouting out in surprise, “Wow, such strong defense!  Once it is appraised, the defense should be higher than 100~!”

I nodded and smiled, then I traded the armour over to her.  Who would have thought that Ling Yue would cancel the trade.  She smiled and said, “Why would a mage like me need this kind of equipment?”

I said, “But, an archer like me can’t equip this kind of equipment!”

Ling Yue casually smiled and said, “Then just keep it.  Once we return to the city and the appraisal says the defense is over 100, then give it to me.  If it doesn’t go pass 100, then you can keep it.  Is this fair enough?”
I was speechless, what kind of logic was this?  Ling Xue’s elder sister was just like her, she was just as unpredictable!

So, I didn’t say anything else and put the armour into my inventory.  There seemed to be around 500 monsters in total on the second floor.  Although Ling Yue and I killed monster really quickly, but 500 monsters would still take us 2-3 hours to clear.  Moreover, it was very convenient since the monsters were all surrounding the third floor entrance, so we couldn’t move on until we killed them all.
It was good that this map respawned monsters relatively slow, it would take around 6 hours for a single respawn.  This also gave us a chance, otherwise we would have to continue killing without end.  But, continuing to kill them wasn’t that bad either since the experience they gave was quite good, moreover they could drop high level equipments!
Of course, the probability of equipment dropping was as low as possible.  These level 36 monsters were only 8 levels higher than me, but only a single piece of bronze equipment dropped after killing several hundred of them.  If I killed them at the same level, perhaps even this piece of bronze equipment would not have dropped.  But, then again, the value of this bronze equipment was hard to estimate.  There were many level 30 players that were still wearing level 15 black iron equipment, it was very hard to get a piece of level 30 bronze equipment.  But a state of the art player like Ling Yue was different.  I didn’t know how she got that Roaring Flame Set, but she should have gotten lucky like me!
Very quickly, we cleaned up the last monsters on the second floor.  As I expected, I reached level 29 and had a 50% experience bar, and Ling Yu had reached level 32.  But she clearly stated that to reach level 33, killing our way through the first and second floor again wouldn’t have been enough, this was very terrifying.  It seemed like it truly was harder to level at later levels!
After this, we had to enter the third floor.  The Netherworld Cavern had five floors in total and we had already cleared two fifths of it already!
When I stepped onto the third floor, I couldn’t help being surprised.  The third floor actually didn’t have any Netherworld Warriors or Netherworld Assassins, rather, there was a bunch of Netherworld Archers holding bows and arrows!

We couldn’t see the levels of the Netherworld Archers, but we guessed they were above level 38.  Moreover, these monsters seemed to have a very wide aggro range.  Once Ling Yue and I appeared, we immediately drew the aggro of five Netherworld Archers!

“Sou, sou, sou!”
Several consecutive sounds of Netherworld Archers releasing arrows immediately drained my HP by over 300.  It was good that they didn’t have very strong attack, but if too many of them came at once, it would be very hard to deal with!
Ling Yue was not any better off, she had been aggroed by two Netherworld Archers.  Two cold glows bounced off the flame qi shield as the colour of the shield became dimmer and Ling Yue’s HP decreased by around half.  This situation was very dangerous!
I quickly fired ice arrows to slow down the monsters’ attack and Ling Yue suddenly used a long chant.  Fire began to bloom and it rained down from the sky, falling right beneath the Netherworld Archers’ feet.  Suddenly, the damage figures appeared above the archers’ head and in an instant, they fell down to half HP!

“This Scarlet Flame Sea is really easy to use!”
What Ling Yue had just used was the Scarlet Flame Sea skill that I had given her earlier!
But, beginner level skills could only be maintained for around ten seconds, so Ling Yue casted the spell once more.  Finally, inside the flames, the five Netherworld Archers gave pitiful cries as the burst into an explosion of silver coins as the died!

It was a pity that we had no way to collect the silver coins.  There was a group of Netherworld Archers over there and whoever dared to go pick up the loot would be turned into a hedgehog!

Ling Yue was filled with regret as she smiled and said, “Such a waste!”
I said, “It’s more important to keep our lives.  Only the monsters on this third floor are too strong, it’ll be hard for us to kill them…….”

Right at this moment, the sound of people came from outside.  Ling Yue looked at me in surprise and said in a low voice, “Bookworm, there are other players coming here!”


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