Virtual World: Conquering the World Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Roaring Flame Staff

System Notification: The Spirit General has used the skill - [Heaven Shocking Earth Tremble]!

The air was filled with rocks falling down on them and there were rock spires that stuck out of the ground continuously, sending the Fated players flying into the air.  Many of the low HP mages were directly stabbed by the rock spires and their blood flowed down the rock spire as they turned into white light and returned to the city!

I was completely shocked.  Damn, it was a good thing the Fated players came!  If not, the ones that would have had to face this boss’ last ditch skill would be me and Ling Xue!

The result was, looking at the pitiful scene in front of her, Ling Xue gave a regretful laugh, “Turn on the camera, this is a beautiful scene!”

I said, “I already turned it on ten minutes ago……”

In a blink of an eye, the Fated players had mostly been taken care of, with only a few mages sending their dying counterattacks.  Even the clerics were killed by the Spirit Warriors and Fated Madman looked at Ling Xue and I with a fierce gaze after losing his final advantage and said, “This account, father will get payback for.  You just wait!”

The spear in the hand of a Spirit Warrior pierced through Fated Madman’s chest and with a miserable groan, he was sent back to the city!

Then in less than half a minute, the Fated players died one after the other, leaving not a single person alive.  This also meant, from this one fight, all the Fated players had lost a level!

Ling Xue smiled and said, “That person is quite vicious.  Little fool, how did you annoy them to this point?”

I said, “They stole my thing, so I beat them up once.  Then we became enemies…..”

“Oh, so it’s like this!”  Ling Xue revealed a faint smile and then pointed into the distance.  She smiled and said, “Then, pull the boss over.  We will now reap the benefits!”

I laughed and carefully moved closer.  Nocking an arrow into the Golden Bow, I shot an ice arrow right into the Spirit General’s chest, but it was inevitable that I also pulled over 7 little monsters.

The Spirit General had finished releasing his Heaven Shocking Earth Tremble skill, so he immediately threw his sword at me.  I quickly turned to run and said to Ling Xue, “I’ll pull the boss away, you should take care of the little monsters first!”

Ling Xue happily nodded and raised the Light Flow Sword as she rushed out.  With the twinkling of the sharp sword, a Spirit Warrior’s HP instantly dropped by half!

Although I knew that Ling Xue’s attack was very strong, it still hurt seeing it first hand.  With this kind of terrifying weapon, it would be hard for Ling Xue not to enter the level rankings!

In less than a few minutes, Ling Xue had already killed off all the Spirit Warriors.  She had already turned her attention onto the Spirit Warrior boss!

The current Spirit General only had a sliver of health left, but he would not fall down.  This made me feel a little listless as I had no choice but to continue sending out armour piercing arrows.

With the fear of the Spirit Warrior releasing the Heaven Shocking Earth Tremble skill if she attacked from close range, Ling Xue did not dare to get close.  She could only watch me fight from the side and run away with me.  Moreover, it had to be said, in terms of game rhythm and positioning, Ling Xue was essentially a master that could even put me to shame.

Finally, with an unwilling angry roar, the Spirit Warrior’s HP had finally been emptied by us.  Its giant body was like a small mountain as it fell while dropping equipment and gold coins on the ground!


System Notification: Congratulations, you have killed the Silver Level Boss, Spirit Warrior.  You have obtained 100000 experience points and 500 prestige!

System Notification: Congratulations, you have leveled up!

Those two consecutive system notification sounds filled me with joy.  I had finally reached level 34!

Opening up the level rankings, I was disappointed to find that I had fell down to third place.  First place was Gentle Breeze Embracing the Moon at level 35 and second place was Sword Flame Ghost Fire at level 34!

It seemed like after obtaining the Perishing Set, that fellow Ghost Flame leveled up quite a bit.  He could gain so many levels in such a short period of time!

Ling Xue let out a cheer and quickly ran up beside the boss.  After picking up the gold coins and equipment, she quickly ran back beside me.  First giving me the 50 gold coins, she then traded all the equipment over to me.  She said with a faint smile on her face, “Little fool, quickly divide the loot!”

I couldn’t help letting out a gentle laugh as I accepted the equipment.  Looking at them, there were a total of three pieces.  One heavy armoured helmet, one mage staff, and a pair of heavy armoured boots.  Judging by the light coming from it, they seemed to be Bronze Equipment.

[Spirit Helmet] (Bronze Equipment - Heavy Armour)

Defense: 65

Strength: +8

Required Level: 35


[Roaring Flame Staff] (Silver Equipment)

Magic Attack: 35-80

Intelligence: +12

Additional Effect: Fire attributed magic attack +5%

Required Level: 35

[Ghost Battle Boots] (Silver Equipment - Heavy Armour)

Defense: 75

Strength: +14

Required Level: 35


Looking at the stats of these three items, I couldn’t help being a little surprised.  There really was something wrong with my eyes, since I misjudged two pieces.  There were actually two pieces of Silver Equipment dropped!

Ling Xue looked over the equipment and said with a smile, “These Silver Grade boots are quite good……”

I immediately traded the Spirit Helmet and Ghost Battle Boots back to her and then said, “Since we got them together, then the ones you can use are yours.  I’m really unlucky today, not getting a single piece of equipment I could use……”

Ling Xue accepted the trade and revealed a faint smile, “That Roaring Flame Staff is quite good, you can sell it for money!”

I nodded and said, “Let’s go back to the city and appraise the equipment!”


Immediately taking out a Town Return Scroll, a light flashed and I appeared in Sunset City.  I immediately rushed to the appraisal shop and when I arrived, I found that Ling Xue was inside waiting for me.

Putting the Spirit Helmet on the counter, Ling Xue revealed a sweet smile and said, “Old master, can you give me a discount?”

The appraiser looked at the beautiful little girl and said, “I’ll give you a 20% discount.  It will be 80 silver coins!”

My chin immediately fell down.  You can get a discount like this?  How did I know about this?

Ling Xue quickly handed over the silver coins.  With a flash of light, the stats of the Spirit Helmet appeared.

[Spirit Helmet] (Bronze Equipment - Heavy Armour)

Defense: 85

Strength: +12
Vitality: +8

Required Level: 35

The stats increased by quite a bit, especially that high defense.  With it, Ling Xue would be able to enter the realm of being an iron plate!

Placing the Silver Grade Ghost Battle Boots on the counter, Ling Xue smiled and asked, “Boss, what about this?”

The appraiser looked at it and said, “10 gold coins!”

Ling Xue revealed a smile, “Then 20% off would be 8 gold coins?”

The appraiser was a little stunned, but immediately nodded.

So, Ling Xue quickly handed over the money.  After it was appraised, the Ghost Battle Boots’ stats also appeared in front of us.

[Ghost Battle Boots] (Silver Equipment - Heavy Armour)

Defense: 95

Strength: +18

Vitality: +10

Required Level: 35

Looking at the Ghost Battle Boots’ stats, I couldn’t help letting out a surprised cry, “God, this thing’s stats are so strong!”

Ling Xue had a very sweet smile, “Un, after I reach level 35, then I can really kill monsters!  Little fool, we’ll continue tomorrow.  We’ll go to the third floor and find some equipment for you!”

I nodded.  With the Light Flow Sword in her hands, I will definitely benefit from it.  The speed at which Ling Xue was killing monsters now was like flying through the dungeon.

At this moment, I pulled out my drops.  Placing the Roaring Flame Staff on the counter, the appraiser looked over at me and said, “20 gold coins!”

I asked, “Can I also get 20% off?”


I couldn’t help swearing.  Fuck!  Are only beauties allowed to get discounts?

I was full of regret over not letting Ling Xue appraise it.  I was filled with regret as I pulled out the 20 gold coins.  The appraiser stroked the Roaring Flame Staff with his hand and then a light shined out.

[Roaring Flame Staff] (Silver Equipment)

Magic Attack: 50-125

Intelligence: +16

Vitality: +10

Additional stat: Fire attributed magic attack +25%

Required Level: 35

Looking at the Roaring Flame Staff, Ling Xue couldn’t help opening her little mouth and saying, “Such….Such a strong magic attack!”

I was also stunned.  I was immediately filled with joy that I only spent 20 gold coins on this!

Ling Xue smiled and estimated, “Un, this weapon is definitely worth over 1000 gold coins.  There is no current market value!”
I nodded and said, “Very good, very good, I’ll sell it in a few days!”

Ling Xue smiled and said, “Why don’t you sell it to my sister?”

I was stunned.  Thinking about it, Ling Yue was a fire attributed mage and she had a fire attributed set, this Roaring Flame Staff would be perfect for her!
But I was thinking it over in my head, if this matter was done wrong even by a bit, it would be considered disgusting.  For me to give this kind of good equipment to Ling Yue, it was basically impossible since I was not that close with her.  The Light Flow Sword had been given to Ling Xue because I owed her a precious gaming helmet which caused her to be behind in levels, but Ling Yue was not the same.  I had no reason to give her anything, moreover, even if I did give it to her, it would just provoke gossip.  After all, Ling Yue and Wang Jun Jie were dating in name, so if I wanted to stay in the Blue Star Group, this matter had to be carefully handled!

Seeing me knit my brows, Ling Xue pursed her lips into a smile and said, “Little fool, what are you thinking about?”

I put the Roaring Flame Staff into my inventory and said, “Nothing.  It’s getting late, you should go and rest.  Aren’t you having a test on Maoism tomorrow?  I still have to go to work tomorrow!”

Ling Xue nodded with a faint smile on her face, “Un, I’ll be online tomorrow after my test, remember to wait for me!”

I revealed a smile, “Alright, go to sleep!  Don’t become panda eyed next time we meet!”

Ling Xue revealed a sweet smile and logged off.

I also opened the system to log off.  When my body was fading, Ling Xue suddenly grabbed my hand and said, “Little fool, wait!”

“What’s wrong?”

“Dummy!  You still haven’t added me as a friend yet.  How were you going to find me tomorrow?”


So I quickly added Ling Xue as a friend and then the two of us logged off.