Legend of the Asura Chapter 54

Chapter 54: Two Guild Formation Tokens
“Ding, Chinese Server announcement.  Attention Chinese players, the player ‘Maniac’ has established China’s first player shop, ‘Popular World’ store.  This store will forever be written in the Heavenly Dragon history.”

“Ding, Chinese Server announcement.  Attention Chinese players, the player ‘Maniac’ has established China’s first player restaurant, ‘Popular World’ restaurant.  This store will forever be written in the Heavenly Dragon history.”

“Ding, Chinese Server announcement.  Attention Chinese players, the player ‘Maniac’ has established China’s first player auction hall, ‘Popular World’ auction hall.  This store will forever be written in the Heavenly Dragon history.”

Three consecutive server announcements three three large stones into the «Rebirth» world, raising giant waves.

“Ding, Chinese Server announcement.  Attention Chinese players, the player xx is the first player in the Chinese server to obtain a Guild Formation Token.  He has gained 300 Prestige and 1000 gold coins. The guild system is now open and the first ten guilds formed will be forever written in the Heavenly Dragon history.”


If the previous three pieces of news were giant stones, this guild system opening was like a thunderbolt falling from the sky.   The entire «Rebirth» world began to seethe with excitement.

“So those black tokens were Guild Formation Tokens…..And there are two of them.”  Feng Xiao had spent one gold coin to appraise two Guild Formation Tokens. He spoke with a weird look on his face.

It was a pity he couldn’t form a guild because he was an Asura and Asura’s were doomed to act alone.

Unless he became the legendary Emperor Asura.

“Big brother, was the person in the announcement you?”  Feng Yao’s excited voice came from the communication device.

“What do you think.”

“It has to be!  Because the first place person on the Prestige ranking just went up by 300.”

“......Others must have noticed this too.”


Money Seeker was a large fatty, who was so fat that his facial features couldn’t be seen anymore.  However, his eyes were extremely large at this moment, so big that it might seem like they could shoot out flames.

He really wanted to cut that Maniac who was first on the level ranking into several pieces to feed to dogs and then cut those dogs into pieces to feed turtles.

He began to gather money from the first day the game opened and other than killing monsters for gold coins, he had also bought gold coins from other players for a high price of 10 RMB to 1 gold coin.  All of it was to raise enough funds to open the first store in the «Rebirth» world. This was because the first store had the right to have a server announcement, getting free advertisement across the entirety of China and had a chance to become world famous.

With his high first place wealth list ranking, he thought he had no worries, but this Maniac with ten million had stolen his position, stomping him into the ground.  This was no different from sending a resounding slap onto his face because the wealth he worked to the bone to get wasn’t even a fraction of what the other side had.

Just a minute ago, the moment he was the most worried about had happened.  The first store, auction hall, and even the first restaurant had been established one after the other, crushing his hopes.

“Just wait.  Once the currency exchange opens, all other stores will be crushed under my feet.”  Money Seeker ruthlessly said.


“It’s not should be, it’s definitely!”  Hand of God looked at the Prestige ranking’s first place and spoke with a sigh.

“Un.  But Guild Formation Tokens only drop from level 30 and up Gold Bosses, so he must have a very strong team.”  Hand of Apocalypse said.

“No!”  Hand of God calmly said, “I even suspect it was defeated by a single person.”

“What?!  Definitely impossible.  Not even fifty level 30 players are certain to beat a level 30 Gold Boss, not to mention he is only level 21.”  Hand of Apocalypse had a look of disbelief.

“There is nothing that is impossible.”  Hand of God tightly held his Shocking Thunder Staff, “My intuition tells me that trying to kill him for the Guild Formation Token is a very dumb thing to do.  Come, let’s continue leveling. It’s not very likely that we’ll get a Guild Formation Token to drop while we’re still in the tens of levels. Others having ability doesn’t mean we don’t have any.  Although it’s not good to listen to, it’s the truth.”

“Let the self righteous group ask for trouble.”

“Un!”  Hand of Apocalypse agreed.  He thought in his heart, the second Guild Formation Token will definitely belong to our Gods Domain!

Hand of God, with a natural IQ of 200, he was a genius rarely found in tens of thousands of years.  Countless facts told people that his words were definitely reliable.

It was a pity that god was fair.  He gave him god’s hand, but had taken away his feet.

“Is sister in law not on yet?”  Hand of Apocalypse carefully asked.

Hand of God’s feet gave an undetectable tremble as he continued to say, “She doesn’t like other people calling her sister in law.”

Hand of Apocalypse gave a sigh before following him.


Wild Demon Wolf’s eyes were scarlet red and his body was trembling, as if he was just raped by a group of fierce wolves.  A group of underlings were carefully standing in front of him, not daring to breathe too loudly.


Wild Demon Wolf finally spoke, causing those frightened underlings’ hearts to jump up.

Wild Demon Wolf flew into a rage, “What are you standing there for, why aren’t you looking for that person yet!  Keep killing him until he drops the Guild Formation Token!!”

“Yes…..”  The Demon Wolf Hall’s people all quickly ran off.

“Young master, I think now is not the right time to care about this insignificant matter. It’s most important to level up.”  Uncle Yang who had been standing behind Wild Demon Wolf the entire time couldn’t help speaking up.

“Old man Yang, there is nothing for you to say here.  Quickly go and investigate the Asura.” Wild Demon Wolf revealed a look of disdain.

“Yes…..young master.”  Uncle Yang was helpless.  When he turned around to leave, his eyes flashed with an intense loathing.

Second young master, young miss, where are you now.


Heavenly Demon Wind Clouds considered this a bit before saying to Heavenly Demon Shadow, “Draw back the two groups that are looking for hidden maps and boss respawn points, we’re hunting for Guild Formation Tokens from this moment onwards.  Our Heavenly Demon Gang cannot fall behind.”

Heavenly Demon Shadow let out a sigh of relief, the young master did not lost his reasoning and didn’t send everyone.  But he still said in a worried voice, “Even if we can find a level 30 Gold Boss now, our strength isn’t enough to fight it…..”

“Humph!”  Heaven Demon Wind Clouds gave a cold snort, “Since others could get it, why can’t our Heavenly Demon Gang.  Perhaps the Gold Boss is not as terrifying as others say they are. Perhaps two hundred people are enough to take care of it and if not, then forget it.”

“Yes!”  Heavenly Demon Shadow respectfully replied before going down to send the orders.


Maple Leaf Roaring Waves had a bitter smile as he helplessly looked at Awe Inspiring Maple Leaves, “What should we do, our dreams of being the first guild.”

“What can we do?  Nothing!” Awe Inspiring Maple Leaves shrugged his hands, “I never thought that the Guild Formation Token would drop so quickly.  I thought it would at least take until the average level was 30.”

“A powerful person, no, it’s simply an anomaly!  I wonder what kind of freak group the Asura led to kill a level 30 or higher Gold Boss.  I thought we were strong enough, but now we’re looking at the sky from the bottom of the well.”  

“Perhaps…..it isn’t a group…..Otherwise, why would he need to hide his name.”  Awe Inspiring Maple Leaves considered.

Maple Leaf Roaring Waves: “......”

“Wait two days, perhaps that Asura won’t form a guild.  At that time, perhaps we can buy it from him.”

“Big brother, big brother, have you found that super rich person yet…..”  Before the person had arrived, a slightly weak young girl’s voice came from outside.

Hearing this voice, Maple Leaf Roaring Waves suddenly stood up in a panic, looking around for a place to hide.  The always calm Awe Inspiring Maple Leaves had a head of cold sweat, considering if he should hide under the table.


Scarlet Flames Burning the Heaven ruthlessly swung the golden spear in his hand as he killed ostrich monsters, venting all the anger and dissatisfaction in his heart.  Scarlet Demon Flames to the side had knit brows as he said, “Calm down, it was just a Guild Formation Token.”

“I’m fine, just feeling a bit dissatisfied!”

“Levels, Prestige, wealth, and equipment, we’re being suppressed by this person, but I didn’t care.  How far could a person’s strength go, could it surpass thousands of people or even tens of thousands of people?  But why did the first Guild Formation Token not belong to us! I can’t swallow this.”

Scarlet Demon Flames said with a sigh, “In reality, we can cover the sky, but «Rebirth» is not our domain and it contains all the elites of China, so it is unavoidable that we would be frustrated.  Just wait, after the currency exchange opens, it’ll be our Scarlet Flame Guild’s turn to be famous.”

Soul Destroyer was standing in the middle of a group of crab monsters wildly attacking him, revealing an ugly smile as he gave two sinister laughs. “It seems like the enemy this time is a bit strong, but there will be a day when you fall under my, Soul Destroyer’s feet!”

Disdainfully looking at the countless misses above his hand, Soul Destroyer raised his short sword and instantly the crabs were turned into experience points.


“Hen Tian, some people are establishing a guild, are you interested?”  Mei Yu licked her vermillion red lips. After not speaking for so long, her lips unconsciously felt dry.

“Guild?  What does it matter to me.  My mission only includes slaughtering!”  Hen Tian coldly said. His Doom Yellow Springs flashed with a black glow as it instantly killed all the monsters five meters in front of him.

Mei Yu gave a sigh and said nothing else.   She just silently used the “healing technique” on Hen Tian.

You, although you seem very cold and cruel, do you really like slaughtering?

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