Legend of the Asura Chapter 67

Chapter 67: Harassing the princess
Shui Yue let out a soft breath before saying to the eunuchs behind her with a strange expression, “Lift me in front of sir Wind Spirit, I want to……”

The hearts of the four eunuchs and four maids skipped a beat.  They were secretly thinking, would she fight with him? But they didn’t dare say it, the four of them obediently lifted the princess in front of Feng Xiao before backing on the princess’ command, looking at each other in blank dismay.

Feng Xiao was grinning as he looked at Shui Yue, not hiding his complacent expression at all.  Shui Yue gritted her teeth in anger even more, but the smile on her face bloomed even brighter.

“I wonder what secret order the princess has, to have to come this close before saying it.”  This was his first time seeing Princess Shui Yue up close, it made Feng Xiao’s heart beat a little faster.  Not only was she an outstanding beauty, her skin was like that of a newborn, like water could be squeezed out with a gentle pinch.

“This kind of skin, it really should be impossible to exist.”  Feng Xiao secretly said.

“This princess has a few things to say to Rou Rou.”  Princess Shui Yue revealed a faint smile and walked out of the sedan.  This action scared the four eunuchs and four maids behind her, but they didn’t dare act rashly.

As expected, Princess Shui Yue had just recovered and had no strength at all, so she couldn’t stand still and fell forward after taking a few steps.  Feng Xiao was shocked and quickly came forward to catch the falling Shui Yue.

“Ding, player ‘Wind Spirit’ has harassed you.  You can request the system to send a third level Heavenly Thunder punishment, do you want to punish him?”

Shui Yue revealed an evil smile and replied, “Yes!”  Her body suddenly trembled because she felt a hand on her chest.

“Ding, player ‘Wind Spirit’ has seriously harassed you.  You can request the system to send a first level Heavenly Thunder punishment, do you want to punish him with a first level punishment?”

“Yes!”  Princess Shui Yue weakly replied.  This matter had surpassed her expectations.  She desperately wanted to struggle, but her body had no strength at all and the master of the hand didn’t have any intention of moving his hand.

Third level punishment: Summons Heavenly Thunder to turn the offender into charcoal, stunning them for ten seconds.

Second level punishment: Summons Heavenly Thunder to turn the offender into charcoal, stunning them for ten seconds and breaking part of their equipment.

First level punishment: Summons Heavenly Thunder to vaporise the offender.  They will drop by 1-2 levels and will drop 2-5 pieces of equipment.

Special level punishment: Summons Heavenly Thunder to vaporize the offender.  They will drop by 2-5 levels and will drop all their equipment.

There were different levels of punishment for harassment and female players could choose advised level or a lower level of punishment.  For example someone suffering second grade harassment, they could choose a second grade or third grade punishment, but they couldn’t pick a first level.

Feng Xiao was currently feeling the abundant shape in his hand when a boom suddenly appeared in the clear sky and a purple bolt of Heavenly Thunder directly fell down…...


Feng Xiao didn’t even have time to react as the giant bolt of thunder accurately fell down on his head.  Everyone on the spot covered their mouths in shock as Feng xiao was covered in thunder.

…...It was incomparably comfortable as a green 400000 appeared on his head.

A green number meant absorbing damage.  140% Thunder Resistance meant that Feng Xiao did not receive any thunder damage, but rather he absorbed 40% of the damage.

The chins of the four eunuchs and the four maids fell to the floor.  Princess Shui Yue was also shocked, looking at the uninjured Feng Xiao in shock.  Suddenly there was a numb feeling from her chest and her weak body became even weaker.

“This little girl looks so tender, but she is so ruthless.  Since it is like this, I’ll be a bit more ruthless.” Feng Xiao’s expression didn’t change at all.  He just proudly stood there after being hit by Heavenly Thunder, looking very powerful, making the four maids feel faint.  His hand hidden by Princess Shui Yue’s body began to become active.

Shui Yue’s chest was not as big as Xi Rou’s, but it was more gentle.  Pinching it a bit almost made Feng Xiao call out in comfort and he couldn’t help using more strength.  Princess Shui Yue was enraged by her shame, but she couldn’t struggle and didn’t dare call out. She could only let Feng Xiao bully her body.

Two fingers caught a little bud separated by the light gauze and softly pulled it.  Shui Yue gave a moan and a tear fell onto Feng Xiao’s hand. Feng Xiao was shocked and felt he went a little too far, so he could only take back his hand.  He then helped a softly sobbing Shui Yue back to her sedan.

“Return to the palace.”  Princess Shui Yue tried very hard to make her voice serious.  She looked at Feng Xiao like he was her mortal enemy, wishing she could use his eyes to cut him into one thousand and eight hundred pieces.

The four eunuchs and four maids clearly didn’t know what happened, but they saw Princess Shui Yue seem to lay in the Heavenly Dragon Secret Envoy’s embrace for a long time before being supported back to the sedan.  Based on the princess’ reaction, eight people surprisingly had the strange thought. There was adultery between the princess and the Secret Envoy, there had to be.

After Princess Shui Yue let in shame, Shui Rou Rou kept looking down, not daring to look at Feng Xiao.  Feng Xiao’s hand on the princess’ chest had been clearly seen by her and she covered her hand in shock, not daring to call out.  She had a new understanding of how bad he was.

Even daring to bully the princess and the Heavenly Thunder had no effect on him, was there anyone worse than him?

Softly raising her petite chin, Feng Xiao looked into her eyes and said, “Why didn’t you choose to go with Princess Shui Yue just now?”

“I…...I don’t know.”  Shui Rou Rou was very embarrassed, not daring to look into his eyes.

“You really are my good Rou Rou.”  Feng Xiao revealed a smile before suddenly kissing her.

“Come, Rou Rou, let’s go eat our loving breakfast.”

Shui Rou Rou softly touched the lips that had just been kissed.  After being stunned for a while, her heart was filled with chaos, but she knew clearly that she liked this feeling.  Her heart was filled with an inexplicable joy and satisfaction. She gave a joyful laugh before following him.

Although Feng Xiao was not hungry, he still ate breakfast with Shui Rou Rou each day because he liked seeing her embarrassed look while she was eating.  Her not daring to make too much sound was very cute.

“Although she is only a girl of the system, I still have a possessive feeling for her.  I don’t know if this is good or bad.” Seeing Shui Rou Rou secretly peeking at him from time to time, Feng Xiao had a strange thought.

“Big brother Feng…..Big brother Feng, are you in the city?  There is someone bullying me.” Yang Xi Ruo’s anxious voice suddenly came from the communication device.  Feng Xiao immediately stood up and the vein on his head popped out, as an intense rage filled his heart.

“Young master, what is it?”  Shui Rou Rou saw Feng Xiao suddenly stand up and asked him in a weak voice.

“There’s something I need to go out for.  Rou Rou, you eat breakfast first.”


Feng Xiao suddenly stopped moving and turned his head back to Rou Rou to say, “Perhaps, there will be a big sister to be with you in the future.  That way, you won’t be lonely.”


He couldn’t use the Infinite Space Gate in the city.  After asking foy Yang Xi Ruo’s position, Feng Xiao quickly used ‘Wind’s Spirit’ and ‘Spiritual Wind’, reaching a shocking move speed of 90.  Just like a gust of wind, he ran towards the life skill player area.

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