Legend of the Asura Chapter 74

Chapter 74: Killing without a single drop of blood
“Big brother Feng, you’re out.”  When Feng Xiao came out of the gaming chamber, he heard Xi Ruo’s gentle voice.

Xi Yuo was half lying on the sofa, with her blurry eyes looking in his direction.  There were vague shapes that appeared in her eyes.

In the past, she felt she didn’t have the right to love, so even when she fell in love with a man at first sight, she didn’t have the slightest bit of hope or courage.  However, when this man appeared by her side again and again, giving her pleasant surprises one after another, giving her hope and the warmth of a home, the tiny bit of hope once again slowly bloomed in her heart.

“You really aren’t obedient, you came out of your room again!  Aren’t you afraid of hurting yourself!”

With a gasp from Yang Xi Ruo, she was lifted up by the waist and gently sent back to her room.  Feng Yao silently watched her beloved big brother and her new sister, as a faint smile appeared on her face that had a trace of worry.

Today was the seventh.

Their dinner passed by with a warm atmosphere.  Feng Xiao gently put down his bowl and spoon and while being watched by Yang Xi Ruo’s unwilling gaze, he walked out of the room.

Feng Xiao had his hands behind him as he looked into the starry sky.  There was a complicated glow in his eyes as he thought of memories, pain, hatred, confusion, and determination.

Every month at this time, he would stand on the balcony and look at the waning moon until midnight.

Time silently passed and Yang Xi Ruo had already fallen asleep.  Feng Yao held a stack of neatly folded clothes as she silently moved beside Feng Xiao.

“Big brother, come back soon.”

“Yao’er, don’t worry about me.  Go to sleep early.” Feng Xiao softly pinched her little nose.

“Un!”  Feng Yao revealed a faint smile.  She gently helped him change his clothes before carefully covering his face with the mask.

Feng Xiao planted a soft kiss on Feng Yao’s face before he turned into a shadow.  He went out the window and disappeared into the night.

Feng Yao returned to her room and silently watched Yang Xi Ruo’s graceful sleeping posture, but not sleeping herself.


“It’s been four months, it’s finally our turn.  I wonder who it’ll be this time.” A look of pain, terror, and helplessness flashed in Nalan Yi Shuo’s eyes.

The door was suddenly pushed open and seeing his grandfather still there, Nalan Yi Hong was shocked.  He quickly charged in, “Grandfather, why are you still here? Quickly leave. Ying Feng wants to kill someone from the Moon Accepting Mountain Villa, as long as you leave here, there won’t be any danger.”

Moon Accepting Mountain Villa, the Nalan Family’s headquarters in the capital city.  The one in charge was the Nalan Family’s Family Head Nalan Yi Gui’s second brother, Nalan Yi Shuo.  He had two grandsons, Nalan Yi Hong and Nalan Yi Xuan.

Nalan Yi Shuo waved his hand and said in a calm voice, “Everyone hasn’t left yet and are guarding here, so how could I leave this place.  Moreover, Ying Feng only kills people who aren’t too important, his goal is just to let us feel fear and despair.”

“How did our Four Noble Families offend Ying Feng for him to treat us like this.”  Nalan Yi Hong gritted his teeth.

“I don’t know, no one knows.”  Nalan Yi Shuo shook his head in pain.  Three years ago, the Blood Emperor Ying Feng started killing one of the Four Noble Families each month and it was at a strangely set time, the seventh of each month at 11:50 at night.  Before he moved each time, he would use all kinds of ways to send information on his target, filling the other side with fear. This was because no matter how careful they were and how carefully they guarded themselves, Blood Emperor Ying Feng would never fail.  He would always take a life at the set time and the only thing people saw was the red flash of Flying Feather.

Everyone from the Moon Accepting Mountain Villa clearly remembered the scene from yesterday.

Nalan Yi Ping who had married into the Ximen Family sent out one surnamed Liu (maid Liu) on a secret mission ran back to the Moon Accepting Mountain Villa yesterday, saying to everyone, “The Blood Emperor Ying Feng will come to the Moon Accepting Mountain Villa tomorrow and take a life that shouldn’t exist.”

No matter what others said to her or did to her, she didn’t react at all.  She just kept repeating the same thing before finally fainting on the spot.  When she woke up, she had lost all ability to move and had turned into a complete vegetable.

“Hong’er, what time is it?”


“Quickly summon everyone in the villa and gather them in the main hall.  We can’t be scared by the Blood Emperor’s name and sit here waiting for death.  Gather everyone and see how he can make his move.” Nalan Yi Shuo stood up and his bones made cracking sounds.

“Yes, grandfather.”


The Moon Accepting Mountain Villa’s hall was filled with people, but it was strangely silent.  There were several people nervously counting everyone.

“Second head, there isn’t a single one missing, they are all here.”  The Gold Hall Head respectfully reported.

“Good!  Have everyone in full battle array and pay attention to all movements around.  Also, you definitely mustn’t scatter.” Nalan Yi Shuo gave his orders in a serious voice.

“Yes, second head.”  The Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth Hall Heads immediately started moving, gathering everyone in the center of the hall.  The Nalan Family elites were on the outside, the Hall Heads were in the center and Nalan Yi Shuo was right in the middle with the two young masters.

One could hear the sound of a needle falling in this hall, one could only hear the beating of hearts at different speeds.  Time passed by minutes and seconds, as the hearts of these people beat faster and faster. The Nalan Family elites holding swords and even guns began to be filled with cold sweat.

The powerful Nalan Family’s capital residence had over two hundred people in full battle array, as they defended against a single person.  But they didn’t feel it was exaggerated or any shame at all because the other side was the Blood Emperor Ying Feng.

Time reached 11:49, but there wasn’t any movement at all, so everyone let out a sigh of relief.   With this kind of battle array, even the Blood Emperor Ying Feng wouldn’t have a chance to make a move.

“He, he, I think Ying Feng isn’t coming.  We’re gathered like this, ready to fight at any moment, even if he is a god, he wouldn’t dare charge in.”  The Gold Hall Head laughed, as he eased their nervous moods.

“That’s right, I feel the same.”  The Wood Hall Head let out a long sigh of relief.  He suddenly felt a breeze past his nose and when he doubtfully rubbed it, he asked in a curious voice, “Yi?  This place is clearly tightly sealed, so why is there wind? Gold Hall Head, did you feel it? …..Gold Hall Head?  …..Gold Hall Head? …...Ah, Gold Hall Head is dead, Gold Hall Head is dead!!”

The Wood Hall Head’s cries were like claps of thunder, shocking everyone present, as a chill all ran down their spines.  In such a tightly closed hall and in this kind of silence, with defences that even wind couldn’t pass, a hall head guarded by two hundred people was killed without a single sound.  This was how terrifying the Blood Emperor Ying Feng was?

The Wood Hall Head’s courage shattered and he fell onto his butt.  He couldn’t understand it no matter how he thought about it. Why was it that someone who had just been talking to him had died without a sound in front of him and his body didn’t have a single wound or blood mark.

Eastern Blood Emperor, killing people without a single drop of blood.  Being able to kill someone without leaving a single wound or mark, only that person could be called the true Blood Emperor.