Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort Chapter 36 part 1

Chapter 36: Why was the face so red part 1
Long Xiao Ze knew that today, Mu Zi Ling would be going to the Royal Palace to 
switch Long Xiao Nan’s medicine, so he came here early to go with her.
He knew that it was not safe for his Third Sister in law to go into the Royal Palace 
by herself. Although he wasn’t as imposing as his Third Brother, he was still useful 
in critical times.
This time when Long Xiao Ze came to look for Mu Zi Ling, he was a lot more 
restrained. He didn’t dare to speak nonsense anymore. He was worried that his 
Third Sister would not take him with her. He was also worried that she would kick 
him off the carriage again and then go into the Royal Palace by herself. What could 
she do if she runs into problems? This was the reason why he was so obedient this 
time and didn’t speak much.
Originally Xie was also wanting to go with Mu Zi Ling, but she refused to let Xie go. 
Xie was so simple minded and pure, and she didn’t want to let the foul black smoke 
atmosphere of the Royal Palace to affect her.
Mu Zi Ling also let Long Xiao Ze go with her to the Royal Palace, because this was 
her first time visiting. She knew that Long Xiao Ze wanted to go into the Royal 
Palace with her, because he cared about her.
Before Mu Zi Ling stepped her foot onto the carriage, she was already prepared her 
ears for Long Xiao Ze’s chitter chatter along the way. The strange thing was that 
this time, Long Xiao Ze was exceptionally quiet. He was being so quiet that she felt 
something was wrong. Only when she asked him a question, he would answer with 
a few words every so often. Other than that, he didn’t even let out a peep.
Along the whole journey, Long Xiao Ze has only spoken a total of three words. Mu 
Zi Ling finally couldn’t stand the awkward quietness anymore when they have almost 
arrived to their destination. She reached her hand over and felt Long Xiao Ze’s 
forehead. Then she started to mutter to herself, “Weird... He doesn’t have a fever...”
Long Xiao Ze’s face suddenly turned red, and his ears suddenly felt hot when he 
was touched by the cold small hand that came \out of nowhere. What was Third 
Sister in law doing? Why did she touch his face without any reasons?
“Third… Third Sister in law, what.. what are you doing?” stuttered Long Xiao Ze as 
he looked up at the little hand on his forehead.”

Mu Zi Ling didn’t find anything exceptional about Long Xiao Ze’s temperature. She 
angrily retrieved her hand and had a old and decrepit expression. She then patted 
Long Xiao Ze’s shoulder and meaningfully said, “If you have any illness, tell Third 
Sister in law. Third Sister in law will definitely cure you.”
After Mu Zi Ling finished speaking, she carried the medical box, and she left the 
carriage without looking back.
On the other hand, Long Xiao Ze was completely confused. He wasn’t sick! He was 
very healthy, ok? What was wrong with Third Sister in law today? She did such a 
weird movement to him and said some weird words. Could it be that Third Sister in 
law was the one who was sick?


Nan He Palace.
“Your subordinates greets Princess and Sixth Prince.” bowed Gui Ying and Gui Mei 
when they saw Mu Zi Ling and Long Xiao Ze.
“Hmph!” humphed  Long Xiao Ze arrogantly and coldly. Then he swung his sleeves 
before going in. Every time he does something wrong, Gui Ying and Gui Mei would 
be more vigorous than anyone. As long as Third Brother gives out an order to them, 
they would heartlessly drag him to the Yu Palace. They wouldn’t even give him any 
pity. Now that they are being so polite to him, he would definitely not accept their 
When Mu Zi Ling saw that Long Xiao Ze was angry, she couldn’t decide whether to 
cry or laugh. Then she looked towards Gui Ying and Gui Mei and said, “Was there 
anything wrong with the Fifth Princes in the past few days?”
“Everything is fine, Princess can rest assured.” replied Gui Ying

“Ok.” Mu Zi Ling gave a reply and then walked in.
Long Xiao Nan was laying on the soft mattress and reading by himself. When he 
saw Mu Zi Ling and Long Xiao Ze come in, he placed the book in his hand down 
and slowly stood up.
“Fifth Brother, this is Third Sister in law. It was her who has cured your headaches.” 
Long Xiao Ze opened his mouth first to introduce them.
“Greets Third Sister in Law.” Long Xiao Nan looked towards Mu Zi Ling and lightly 
nodded his head.
This was his first time that he saw Mu Zi Ling. Both of the times that Mu Zi Ling saw 
him was when he was still unconscious. He has also heard matters that revolve 
around her before. He was also like everyone else and believed in rumors. He never 
thought that this Mu Manor’s idiotic Eldest Miss who had no talent and no vigor 
would be able to cure his headache that has been troubling him for many years. 
She has even became his life saver.
Today he has finally seen her with his own eyes. Her pair of clear and alert eyes were 
very shinny and touching. She was emitting a respectable aura from head to toe that 
no one can neglect. That saying “only what you see with your own eyes is believable” 
was true. The rumors outside were all not believable.
“Fifth Prince does not have to be so polite. Just think of this Princess as a regular 
doctor that is coming to change your medicines. There is no need to be so reserved.” 
\Mu Zi Ling pointed at the gauze on Long Xiao Nan’s head and lightly smiled. Why 
was this Long Xiao Nan so polite? Compared to Long Xiao Ze, one was day and the 
other was night. There was no way of compare them!
The last time that she saw Long Xiao Nan, he was battered and exhausted from 
head to toe. Today, his was wearing snow white clothes, and they were neat and tidy. 
He looked like he was refined in manners, gentle, and cultured. Even when he has a 
thick gauze over his head, it was still not able to conceal his handsomeness. At this 
moment she still would not believe what a cultured and refined man would do when 
he was tormented by pain.
She has already seen three of the Emperor's son, but not a single one of them was 
like him. One was as cold as ice, one was like a sparrow chirping everywhere, and
then another one was cultured and refined. There was just too much personalities!
“Fifth Brother, I didn’t tell you lies, right? Doesn’t Third Sister in law look really pretty, 
has really high medical skills, and treats people very caringly?! She doesn’t have any 
bit of arrogance.”
Mu Zi Ling rolled her eyes at Long Xiao Ze. She treats people caringly?! Did he forget 
that she kicked him off the carriage last time?!
“Third Imperial Sister in law really was different from what I imagined.” smiled Long 
Xiao Nan faintly. He could not deny the fact that Third Imperial Sister in law looked 
really beautiful. Although she looks to be very noble and composed, she really doesn’t 
have any arrogance. This made people want to come in contact with her more often.


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