Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort Chapter 36 part 2

Chapter 36: Why was the face so red part 2
“You can first sit down over there,” Mu Zi Ling pointed Long Xiao Nan to a soft 
mattress beside her because she didn’t want to hear those two flattering her 
anymore. Although she did like to be complimented, being complimented by two 
grown men was embarrassing, ok?
“Before that, I would like to thank Third Imperial Sister in law for your troubles,” said 
Long Xiao Nan gently, before walking towards the soft mattress to sit down.
Mu Zi Ling set the medical box on the table, the moment she opened the box with 
her fingerprint, a head appeared before her eyes.
“Wow, Third Sister in law! How come you can put so many things in this medical box, 
but it’s still so light?” asked Long Xiao Ze curiously.
Ever since last time, he had been curious about Mu Zi Ling’s medical box, and had 
always wanted to take a look of what's inside. When she was opening the box earlier, 
he had been reaching his head over, itching to see what was inside.

Even if the box was empty, it still shouldn’t be so light, however Third Sister in law 
had placed a ton of stuff in that box.
“You need to move out of my way,” said Mu Zi Ling, as she grabbed onto Long Xiao 
Ze’s ears and removed his exploring head. These items were only the surface, she 
had put a lot more stuff into the inner area. However, Long Xiao Ze did not see that.
“Ah… it hurts…. Third Sister in law let go, it hurts,” shouted Long Xiao Ze 
exaggeratingly. Why was Third Sister in law being so petty? He only wanted to get a 
glance. Why did she have to pull his ear?
Mu Zi Ling let Long Xiao Ze go, and then she started to take out the things she 
needed from the box. Then she shut the box with a “bang” sound. What a joke! There 
were so many secrets in the box, so how could she let someone examine it?
“Third Sister in law….” Long Xiao Ze looked pitifully at Mu Zi Ling. He still didn’t want 
to give up finding out why the box was so light.
“Enough Sixth Brother. At this rate, I won’t even need to swap medicines anymore,” 
said Long Xiao Nan helplessly as he watched Long Xiao Ze. Sixth Brother was still 
as unruly, without a care as before. Other than Third Brother who could control him 
for a while, no-one else had a way to deal with him.
However, Long Xiao Ze didn’t listen to Long Xiao Nan and continued stare at Mu Zi 
Ling, his face longing for information. It was as if he would die if he didn’t know the 
reason behind this.
“You want to know? Before I tell you, you have to first try out the enhanced 
honeydew concoction,” said Mu Zi Ling with a no nonsense expression.
There would be no way to control him if she didn’t give him something severe. On 
the way here, Long Xiao Ze was so quiet that she had started to think that there was 
something wrong with him, but now it appeared that she had just been over thinking. 
The second they reached the Nan He Palace, Long Xiao Ze had returned to being 
his annoying and talkative self.
When Long Xiao Ze heard this, he ferociously shook his head and obediently shut 
up. Naively, he thought to himself that he would have to try invent a cure to the 
honeydew concoction so he didn’t have to be afraid of his Third Sister in law 
Long Xiao Nan gave a knowing laugh. So this was the method Third Imperial Sister 
in law used to control this sloppy Sixth Brother of his.
After Mu Zi Ling was finished with Long Xiao Ze, she started to switch Long Xiao 
Ze’s bandages.
As she removed the gauze on Long Xiao Nan’s head layer by layer, her long 
sleeves indistinctly brushed past Long Xiao Nan’s face, and the fragrance of a 
young girl entered his nostrils.
Long Xiao Nan’s face slowly started to turn red. From start to finish he had held his 
breath, not daring to let out a single sound. On the other side, when Mu Zi Ling 
worked, she entered a state of complete concentration, and didn’t notice him acting 
It seemed like half a century has passed before Mu Zi Ling finished wrapping up the 
wound. Then she started to pack up her tools.
Long Xiao Nan also lightly let out his breath. This was his first time being so close to 
a woman. Only the gods knew that his heart was beating so fast that his throat had 
started to itch.
At this moment, off to the side, Long Xiao Ze seemed to notice the difference in Long 
Xiao Nan’s face. He then worriedly asked, “Fifth Brother, are you ok? Why is your 
face so red? Was it really painful?”
When Mu Zi Ling heard Long Xiao Ze’s voice, she also turned towards Long Xiao 
Nan. Oh gosh, why was his face so red?
She walked over to Long Xiao Nan’s side, and looked at the wound she just finished 
wrapping up. Then she worriedly asked, “Are you ok? Did I accidently wrap the 
bandage too hard that it’s hurting you? Let me rewrap it.”
When Long Xiao Nan heard Mu Zi ling say that she would rewrap it, his face turned 
even more red. He dodged the hand that Mu Zi Ling had stretched over and said, 
“Ha.. Ha… I’m fine. It was probably because it was too stuffy in here. I will get better 
in a bit.”
“It’s good that you’re okay, and it is indeed somewhat stuffy in here. You are sick, so 
you should open the window more often to let in some air so you can get well sooner. 
Also you shouldn’t use your brain too much, so try to not read so much.”

When Mu Zi Ling heard him said that he was fine, she also let out a breath. She just 
reminded him because earlier, when she came in she had seen him holding a book.
Long Xiao Nan had already slowly recovered from embarrassment and replied, 
“I know, thank you Third Imperial Sister in law.”
“Fifth Prince does not have to regard me as an outsider. I still have matters of my own 
to take care of, so I have to leave. You can keep this medicine here, since you will still 
have to change the it two more times. I have already wrote down how to use the 
medicine, so all you need to do is to find a trustworthy imperial doctor who can switch 
your medicine. In the future, I won’t be coming here anymore.”

Mu Zi Ling remembered that she still had to get her land deed from the Night Rain 
restaurant, so she didn’t want to stay here for much longer.
The last two times that his medicine needed changing would be really simple, and 
any imperial doctor would be able to do it. She wanted to get out of the Royal 
Palace’s deep waters and scorching fires as soon as possible since someone 
unwanted would definitely hear about her visit to the Royal Palace. She needed to 
take advantage of the fact that no one was looking for her her yet and leave now.
However although the thought was simple, the reality was very different. Whatever 
you wanted to stay away from, would end up finding you and not leave.
It was then that an uninvited guest arrived.


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