Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort Chapter 50 part 1

Chapter 50 Everything is normal? Part 1
After Mu Zi Ling placed Little Idiot back into the Stellar System, she climbed into her bed to go to “sleep”.

Originally, she had assumed that raising the ancient poison worms would be the same as raising any other poisonous creature.
Unexpectedly, the Stellar System had informed her that just feeding them certain things wasn't enough. The proper way to raise them would be to seal them off in container and let them kill each other off. As they killed, they would eventually grow as well.
After forty nine days, the one that survived would be the real ancient poisonous worm, otherwise known as the mother worm. The mother worm would then proceed to give birth to another group of worms.

Basically, there was only one real worm in the group of Heart Controlling worms in front of her.
Mu Zi Ling quickly put everything together. The reason she couldn’t see anything in the soup the Empress gave her was because they were all baby worms. The human eye could only just see the mother worm.
The Empress had planned to let them grow in her body first. They would then fight till death inside of her, and the mother worm that remained, would produce more worms. When ancient poisonous worms enter the human body, they will only need seven days to mature. The date that the mother worm matured, would be the date that the Empress’ plan succeed.
The Empress’ scheming skills were really top-notch. Her moves were all planned and thought out perfectly. Mu Zi Ling thanked her luck that the Stellar System noticed the worms before they could do anything.
She was too naive to think that the Empress was so simple. If she was to be the Empress’ enemy in the future, her focus must be spot on since she was currently alone.
No wonder Long Xiao Yu told her not to provoke the Empress. Was Long Xiao Yu genuinely concerned for her when he said those words?
Mu Zi Ling quickly shook her head. Impossible. She saw with her own eyes  how much Long Xiao Yu hated women. Plus the amount of time that Long Xiao Ze gave her was a perfect example on how much Long Xiao Yu loathed women.

She wasn't that dense. The reason Long Xiao Yu said what he said, was probably because he was afraid that she'd go provoking the Empress and then proceed to get things out of hand, dragging down the Qi King’s Manor with her. Yep, that is probably the reason. It was impossible he'd do things out of concern for her.
This time, Mu Zi Ling stayed in the Stellar System for three days. She lost track of time completely since her spirit didn’t feel tired.
In those three days, Mu Zi Ling continued to do the same exact thing, separating the Heart Controlling Worms from the soup. The Heart Controlling worms were the smallest and most unique one out of all the types of ancient poisonous worms. It was not an easy job to separate them.
For three days, Mu Zi Ling stayed in Stellar System focusing on separating them, neglecting food and sleep. She didn’t know how many people were worried for her during this time.


When Long Xiao Yu arrived at the manor, the sky had already turned pitch black.
Apart from the Yu Han Palace, the entire manor was lighted.
Xie’s tiny frame had remained stationed by the doors of the Yu Han Palace for a long time now. She wanted to knock on the door, but at the same time, she was too afraid.
Young Miss had said very seriously, that she didn't want anyone bothering her. She knew that her Young Miss definitely had something important to do, so she didn’t want to bother her.
However, it had been ages, yet the Young Miss still hadn't come out yet. It was already at the time to eat dinner, yet the room was still pitch black. Could it be that Young Miss had already fallen asleep?
“This servant greets his highness the Qi King,” greeted Xie hurriedly as she caught sight of Long Xiao Yu walking towards the palace.
She hoped that the Young Miss had heard her voice, but when his highness the Qi King walked closer, the Young Miss still hadn’t opened the doors. Could it be that Young Miss really did fall asleep and couldn’t hear her?
However, she didn’t dare to shout loudly anymore. Even though his highness didn’t look at her, she could still feel how scary his presence was.
She didn’t care if Young Miss heard her or not, she could out let out a breath. As long as the Qi King was here, everything would be fine. The Young Miss knew that even if she wanted to, she would not be able to stop the Qi King.
Xie had originally thought that his highness would not bother with her and head straight into the palace, but...
“Is the Princess in there?” asked Long Xiao Yu stoically.
“Yes, Young Miss hasn’t left this room since this afternoon. She has not eaten dinner yet either.” Xie was startled by Long Xiao Yu’s sudden questioning. She still said that her Young Miss had not eaten dinner yet, however, if his highness didn’t go in, then what could she do?
Xie was halfway through, when Long Xiao Yu had already opened the doors and gone inside.
Xie didn’t get discouraged because of this, instead, she got happier since if his highness went inside, she could also go inside.
She quickly pulled the cloth of the night pearl, lighting up the Yu Han Palace, and followed after Long Xiao Yu.
She saw Mu Zi Ling sleeping on the bed, so she walked over and tried to wake her up, “Young Miss…”
Xie originally called out softly, but the Mu Zi Ling didn’t have any reactions. She suddenly got worried.
She didn’t care if Long Xiao Yu was here or not, and started to yell as she tugged Mu Zi Ling’s arm. There was still no reactions. How could Young Miss sleep to the point she lost consciousness? Last time Young Miss said that it was nothing, but why was it happening again.

When Long Xiao Yu walked in, he felt that something was wrong, but he ignored it. He looked at the Mu Zi Ling who was asleep, and picked up the jar that had contained the soup.
His hands stopped. It was... empty? When he opened the container, he saw that there was still a little bit left. Then he closed the container and got ready to leave, but he looked at the person laying on the bed, and only then realized that the servant had called for a very long time, but Mu Zi Ling didn’t even move.
Long Xiao Yu furrowed his brows and felt that something was wrong. He placed the jar on the table and walked over.
When Xie saw Long Xiao Yu walking closer, she wanted to retreat, but she still stared at her Young Miss worriedly.
When Long Xiao Yu reached the bedside, he immediately stretched his hand out to check Mu Zi Ling’s breath. His heart jumped. There was no breath?