Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort Chapter 49 part 2

Chapter 49 No problem is the biggest problem part 2
“Little Idiot, nothing will happen because you ate so much, right?” asked Mu Zi 
Ling concernedly. If anything happened to Little Stupid, then she would start 
drowning in regret.
Croak croak.” Little Stupid licked its lips and then shortly croaked a few times to 
show that it was fine. Even if you gave it another bowl, it would still be able to 
finish it.
Mu Zi Ling was struck dumb.
A violet toad’s stomach sure could expand!
Without waiting for Little Idiot to rest, she lifted it up by its leg, then she threw it 
back into the little box. She could not let Little Stupid eat too much next time. It 
was so full that it couldn’t even get up, resorting to rolling.
Little Stupid then looked at the new ancient world, as if it was reluctant to part 
with it. Then it started to sleep. Once it finished digesting all of this deliciousness, 
it must tell little master to take him out again. This world was too wondrous and 

Black Bamboo Yard.
Le Tian was peacefully sitting on a little stool with elegance. His sleeves were 
pulled back, and he was immersed in drying the medical ingredients in the yard. 
The gentle and warm sunlight shone on him and it was as if this gentle and 
cultured man gave off a golden shine.
Suddenly, Long Xiao Yu walked in from outside.
Le Tian sensed that someone had entered, so he stood up. He tossed around 
the medical ingredients in his hand and said, “Xiao Yu, what did you talk to your 
Emperor father about? You stayed there longer than usual today.”
“Nothing important, anyways take a look at this,” replied Long Xiao Yu calmly, as 
he threw a black piece of tough cloth towards Le Tian’s chest.
Le Tian stretched his hands, and caught the piece of cloth to smell. Other than 
the scent of soup, he couldn’t find anything else wrong about it. He then confusedly 
asked, “This is…?”
“Is there anything wrong with it? Long Xiao Yu didn’t answer him, and asked a 
rhetorical question instead.
“I smell a bit of soup, but there's nothing wrong with it. Where is this from?” Le 
Tian answered genuinely, a bit surprised.
He knew that Long Xiao Yu would probably not bring over a random piece of 
cloth with soup on it just for him to check. If no problems could be found then 
that would be the biggest problem.
“It was prepared for Mu Zi Ling by the Empress,” replied Long Xiao Yu simply.
If it was not because he had seen how Mu Zi Ling acted towards the Empress 
today, he would not have asked Le Tian to check the bowl of soup that the 
Empress gave Mu Zi Ling.

Right now, Long Xiao Yu only wanted to understand one thing. As for what that 
one thing was, only he knew.
“The Princess?!” exclaimed Le Tian in surprise.
His original calm and gentle form was gone. He never would have thought that 
the Qi King would observe and take care of a woman other than his mother. 
This really was a miracle!
The reason Long Xiao Yu came here so late tonight was probably because of 
the Qi Princess. If this matter were spread out, nobody would believe it. It truly 
was shocking to hear.
Long Xiao Yu was immediately displeased and coldly glared at him.
Le Tian resentfully withdrew his neck and didn’t dare to say anything else. He 
picked up the piece of cloth and carefully smelled it, but he still didn’t find any 
problems. Did this truly have nothing wrong, or was it just so concealed that it 
could be a catastrophe?
“Could it be that it is just a normal bowl of soup with no problems?” asked Le 
Tian unsurely, ceasing his teasing of Long Xiao Yu.
Long Xiao Yu didn’t know if this proved that the bowl of soup was safe or not. He 
was still not willing to believe it. He started to think for a bit and didn’t speak.
“I could not detect any problems from this, but if there really was a problem, then 
this is a big problem.” Seeing that Long Xiao Yu had decide to stay silent, Le Tian 
decided to add a few more words.
“Is there a way you could check this?” asked Long Xiao Yu coldly.
He understood that if no problem could be detected, that would be their biggest 
problem. For there not be any problems was only wishful thinking.
“Where did you get this from? Maybe the cloth has dried, so I couldn’t tell what 
was wrong with it. Can you get some more of this, so I could examine it more 
closely?” asked Le Tian again.
Ever since he watched Mu Zi Ling cure Gui Ying’s poison last time, he knew that 
this Qi Princess was not someone simple.
The time he suggested Long Xiao Yu bring Mu Zi Ling over to check on Long Xiao 
Nan’s brain, was just a random suggestion. He was never expecting for her to fully 
cure Long Xiao Nan.
He had always wanted to know how Mu Zi Ling cured him, but no matter how 
many times he asked Long Xiao Yu, he never got an answer.
Sigh. Trying to get the Qi King to open his holy mouth just to say how Mu Zi Ling 
cured Long Xiao Nan was harder than visiting the heavens.
It was then he started to admire the same Mu Zi Ling who everyone originally 
thought was an idiot. She definitely had much more secrets that they didn’t know 
about yet. If it was not because of how busy he had been these days, he would’ve 
already visited the Qi King’s Manor to ask for a few tips.
Although he didn’t know what Long Xiao Yu was thinking about, he could tell that 
Long Xiao Yu really cared about this matter. Maybe the soup really did have a 
problem, or maybe it proved something by not having a problem.
Right now, Long Xiao Yu’s deep, mysterious eyes were so far away that  a single 
soul could tell what he was thinking. It was as if his eyes had a hypnotic power to 
Moments later...
“Wait here.” Long Xiao Yu spit out the two words before leaving.


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