Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort Chapter 55 part 1

Chapter 55 You care about her don't you? Part 1
Xie looked at Mu Zi Ling, she was smiling treacherously as plotting someone's doom. Did she miss something when she went to make some food?
Young Miss had cursed at Doctor Le Tian. Could it be that Doctor Le Tian had angered her Young Miss and she was getting ready to pay him back?
Xie secretly started to feel bad for whoever would be tormented by her Young Miss.
“Young.. Young Miss, are you really okay?” asked Xie weakly.
“Course. Anyways, come here, let me see what tasty food you’ve prepared,” smiled Mu Zi Ling, patted Xie on her shoulders.
She walked over to sit at the table, and started to eat ravenously. She hadn’t eaten anything in the past few days and felt like she was about to starve to death.
She wasn't kidding when she said she was fine. In fact, she felt like a huge weight had been taken off of her shoulders. She didn't know why, but whenever she remembered that she didn’t have to leave the Yu Han Palace, she felt a burst of joy.
Eventually she decided that it was because she would have trouble sleeping in a bed other than her own.  The Ice Jade bed was also located in the Yu Han Palace. It’s constant cold sensation helped her feel at ease. If she was not allowed to stay in the Yu Han Palace, then she wouldn’t get a chance to sleep on it anymore.
No matter what it was, she was sure that it had nothing to do with Long Xiao Yu directly.
Xie didn't want to interrupt Mu Zi Ling eating so happily. However, she couldn’t hold the question in and asked in confusion, “Young Miss, why did you stay unconscious for so many days this time?”
Mu Zi Ling didn’t think about how to respond to a question like that. She thought of something random and said, “I’m fine. Look, am I not awake now? I just slept for a few more days.”
However, Xie was not feeling reassured with Mu Zi Ling’s words. The more calm that Young Miss was, the more that it makes her worry. Could it be that something is wrong with Young Miss, but Young Miss didn’t want to tell her?

“Young Miss, you have slept for so many days this time. This servant is really worried that you wouldn’t wake up the next time you sleep…” said Xie with lots of worry as she didn’t finish the rest of her sentence.
Last time Young Miss slept for one day and night. This time, Young Miss slept for three days. Would Young Miss sleep for an even longer time next time? She didn’t even dare to think about what would happen.
After Mu Zi Ling heard Xie’s words, she thought to herself for a moment.

This was indeed a problem. In the future, she would definitely have to go back into the Sellar System. Whenever she goes in, there was no way to tell time, causing this silly girl to be worried about her outside.
If she was really busy to the point of forgetting to wake up, then she really would be asleep for a long time.

  “Rest assured, my body is really healthy, and nothing bad will happen to me.” said Mu Zi Ling muffly with a mouthful of food as she placed down the chopsticks in her hands
“But..” Xie wanted to continue asking her, but she was cut off by Mu Zi Ling.
“Next time, if I am still asleep for a long time, then use a needle to prick my finger. I will definitely wake up after that.”
After Mu Zi Ling finished speaking, she walked over and opened her medical box. Then she handed Xie a really thin silver needle.
“Young Miss, aren’t you afraid of being pricked by needles?” asked Xie confusedly
She remembers that when the Young Miss has just married over, she pricked her hand to fake the handkerchief of chastity because Young Miss was scared of needles.
“Because I am afraid of needles, I will be woken up by them. However, I must be sleeping over one day if you are going to prick me. Also, please don’t prick too hard.” said Mu Zi Ling.

 She wasn’t scared of the sky or the ground. Even the her who was afraid of needles was going all out. In order for her to not fall into a long term sleep, she could only let Xie “cruely” prick her. Maybe she will be scared awake before Xie even gets a chance to prick her.
Xie believed in every word that Mu Zi Ling said, and she foolishly nodded her head. Then she placed the silver needle somewhere safe.
She doesn’t understand why Young Miss would be so scared of being pricked by needles. It doesn’t hurt at all. However, as long as Young Miss is fine, as long as Young Miss wouldn’t sleep for a long period of time, she would be willing to do anything.


Black Bamboo Park.
The first thing that Le Tian did after he came back from the Qi King’s Manor was washing the filth on his body that he had had for three days.

Although he wasn’t as big of a clean freak as his highness Qi King, he still cares a lot about being clean. After being filthy for three whole days, only now did he realised how disgusting he was. He was almost disgusted to death.
He went all out for Qi Princess’s health and well being. However, at the end he did all of that for nothing. He was worried for no reason and worked for nothing.
A question that took him so long to think of an answer was already figured out by the Qi Princess. With one glance she was able to tell what was wrong. Compared to the Qi Princess, their differences were too large.

   Even though he went over to the Qi King’s Manor for no reason, he still didn’t lose much. At least he gained a bit of knowledge from the Qi Princess. It also let him know that the Qi King was not as cold and heartless as the Qi King he knew.
Not after long, Le Tian turned back into a scholarly and cultured man.
After Le Tian finished cleaning himself up and came out, he saw Long Xiao Yu calmly sitting on a rock in his yard, carefree and relaxingly sipping a cup of tea.
Le Tian was a bit startled when he saw this. Why was the Qi King here when he has just came back? By the looks of it, he has been here for a while now.
Did the Qi King finish “dealing” with the Qi Princess so fast already?
Or was it that he understood something wrong? Could it be that the Qi King doesn’t care about the Qi Princess’s words, so he didn’t “deal” with her when he came back with him?
Le Tian retrieved his thoughts. Not thinking of anything else, he slowly walked over. Long Xiao Yu continued to sip on his cup of tea. It was as if he didn’t see Le Tian.
Le Tian seemed to be used to being ignored by Long Xiao Yu. He walked over to a chair made out of rocks and sat down.
“Xiao Yu, what do you think about the matter this time?” asked Le Tian as he poured himself a cup of tea and took a sip.
Le Tian didn’t say what the matter was, but Long Xiao Yu understood what he was talking about.

   “Watch them carefully for movements.” said Long Xiao Yu calmly as he took another sip of his tea.


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