Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort Chapter 55 part 2

Chapter 55 You care about her don't you? Part 2

Long Xiao Yu didn’t seem to care about this matter. But was he really indifferent, 
or did he have other feelings that he kept hidden.
Even though the Empress hasn’t succeeded this time, I am afraid that she will not 
give up so easily,” continued Le Tain.
Although he didn’t understand the fight for royal power, he still admitted that the 
Empress’ moves were really thought out. Making Mu Zi Ling a puppet was a pretty 
smart idea.
A normal person couldn't cause much harm, but a talented person could arouse 
the envy of others.
The Qi Princess was a mystery. If he were to tell everyone of the Qi Princess’ 
secrets, he knew that it would make them gasp in shock. But more importantly, 
she was the wife of the Qi King.
If Long Xiao Yu developed affection for Mu Zi Ling, then wherever she went, she 
would be seen as a piece of high quality fruit. Ripe for the picking.
However, Long Xiao Yu’s next words were completely unexpected.
“She can fill the holes that she dug herself,” said Long Xiao Yu coldly. It was as if 
his question had nothing to do with him.
Long Xiao Yu’s words surprised Le Tian. He knew exactly who Long Xiao Yu was
referring to with “she”. Could it be that he was the one who was misunderstood the 
whole time?
Long Xiao Yu’s words had two meanings in them. They revealed he didn’t care 
about Mu Zi Ling at all, so helping her was an incredulous thought, and that she 
could go against the Empress by herself.
However, Le Tian couldn’t help find it hilarious when he unintentionally imagined 
the Empress with brazen claws, reaching out towards Mu Zi Ling.
The Empress had been overconfident. Though she thought the Gu would stay a 
secret, it had been uncovered by Mu Zi Ling. Just the Empress alone was 
powerful enough. But there was also a ruthless Prince, would Mu Zi Ling still be 
able to fight them?
He had watched the Eldest Prince move with his own eyes. What type of woman 
could birth that kind of son, each obstacle was tougher than the other. This son 
was harder to deal with than the mother.
“However, the Qi Princess….” started Le Tian, but stopped after Long Xiao Yu 
glared at him.
“You sure do care about her,” remarked Long Xiao Yu coldly, as his surrounding 
temperature dropped.
This time Le Tian angrily shut his mouth. He didn’t think too much into Long Xiao 
Yu’s tone, and just assumed that Long Xiao Yu was telling him to mind his own 
Out of the three times he met Mu Zi Ling, they had only spoken to each other 
He didn’t really care about Mu Zi Ling in a special way, he was just really worried 
for her. However, he didn’t say that out loud. Long Xiao Yu was her husband and 
he didn’t even care, so why should an outsider like him care that much?
Then again, if Long Xiao Yu didn’t care, then why would he get him to inspect the 
jar of soup? He even pulled him over, getting him to personally take a look at Mu 
Zi Ling when she had fallen unconscious, tormenting him for three days.
He clearly cared about her, but kept insisting that he didn’t. Why was their 
relationship so exasperating!
The Qi King’s feelings were really unpredictable.
How many people in the palace drooled over Long Xiao Yu’s power? All these 
years, they could only long for it, too afraid to make any rash movements.
Yet this time, Long Xiao Yu was unconcerned that the Qi King’s Manor could 
break into chaos because of Mu Zi Ling’s matters. Was he not afraid that he 
could be bringing trouble upon himself by letting people take advantage of her?
In addition, since the Empress had access to a creature as poisonous as the 
Gu, she would definitely use it again. If this matter were to spread out, even if 
it didn't damage the kingdom and bring harm to people, it would not be far off 
from that.

Even if Long Xiao Yu didn’t care about Mu Zi Ling, he should still care about his 
Emperor father. The conflicts between women in the Royal Palace were more 
difficult to deal with than a bloody battlefield.
However, would Long Xiao Yu really not care?

After Mu Zi Ling had woken from her mini coma, she ate, drank, and slept more 
than usual for a while, but soon returned to her usual energized self and spent 
her days leisurely.

These peaceful days almost had Mu Zi Ling wanting to thank the Empress 
Dowager for arranging this mariage. She had married her to the right person. 
Thank goodness the Empress Dowager had “good eyes” and married her to 
Long Xiao Yu instead of some other scum.
Being married to Long Xiao Yu meant she didn’t have to fight other concubines 
for attention, and there were no fights between the mother and wife. Additionally, 
she was in charge of the Qi King’s Manor now, so as long as Long Xiao Yu wasn’t 
here, she would have the most power in the Manor.
As for the beasts in the Royal Palace, as long as they didn’t bite her, there was 
no need to be an idiot and provoke them. For the most part Mu Zi Ling completely 
ignored them.
The lack of conflict wasn’t the only benefit to the marriage, her days were spent 
comfortably and happily.
Every so often, she would go out to the back garden and take care of the medical 
ingredients, sometimes, she would even go to the You Shui Pavillion and play the 
zither. She would even help take care of some of the Qi King Manor’s many 
matters once in a while.

Plus, occasionally she would dress up in a man’s attire and leave to check on the 
Mu Shan Hall’s business. She couldn’t deny that her move had been really clever. 
Ever since the eunuch had bought medical ingredients from the Mu Shan Hall, 
there had been a lot of people from the Royal Palace buying ingredients from 

With that, business at the Mu Shan Hall had become more prosperous with 
each passing day. Money was rolling in everyday.

Mu Zi Ling also had an business idea. She told the shopkeeper to make a deal 
with the imperial doctors that had been buying medical ingredients from Mu Shan 
Hall that the Mu Shan hall would provide all future needed ingredients for the 
Royal Palace.

Although it was really dangerous to do business with the Royal Palace, and a 
slight mistake could cause many deaths, it would be stupid of her if she didn’t 
make this money. Doing business with the Royal Palace was simple, and their 
money was easy to earn. What could she have against it?

As long as her secret boss didn’t reveal her identity, everything would go the 
way she planned. She would just work towards earning back the money she 
used to buy the shop. She would not suffer any type of deficiency. As for the 
shop’s future, that could be put off till later.

However, good and easy days would never last forever.
Soon, someone would visit the Manor to stir up trouble...


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