Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort Chapter 37 part 2

Chapter 37: A shameless person had no enemies in the world part 2
“So it turns out that Third Sister in law has already secretly heard about this Prince. 
To be able to get noticed by such a beauty, this Prince really does have three 
lifetimes worth of luck. Even if I die now, I wouldn't have any regrets.”
Long Xiao Li’s face was full of smiles. He completely disregarded the meaning 
behind Mu Zi Ling’s words.
Mu Zi Ling felt disgusted when she heard those words.
Three lifetimes worth of luck? Even if he died he would have no regrets?
Then why didn't he just go and die now? She had seen narcissistic people before, 
but never had she seen a person as narcissistic as Long Xiao Li. It seemed like 
Long Xiao Li would be even more troublesome than what she imagined.
She laughed coldly and lightly said, “Three lifetimes of luck? It was only by 
coincidence that this Princess heard the beggars on the streets talk about the 
Eldest Prince’s ‘brilliant doings’. As it turned out, the Eldest Prince’s reputation was 
truly like lightning piercing a pair of ears. This Princess had been really shocked 
time and time again.”
The meaning behind Mu Zi Ling’s words, basically meant that he was had stooped 
to the level of a beggar on the streets. From the princes and lords, all the way to 
the beggars on the streets, every one of them knew about the Eldest Prince’s 
shameful deeds. But the main point of focus was “Three lifetime worth of luck”. 
Mu Zi Ling was trying to say that to be able to be noticed by a beggar took three 
lifetimes of luck.
When Long Xiao Ze heard those words, he started to hold back his laughter again. 
The worry he had for Mu Zi Ling earlier was completely unnecessary.
He had no choice but to worship Third Sister in law’s sharp and eloquent mouth.
While silent, nothing happened, but once she spoke, she could amaze the world!
How was Third Sister in law so awesome at turning corners to insult people?! Today, 
his Eldest Imperial brother would definitely suffer a lost, and he would have a good 
show to watch.
Long Xiao Nan’s face had been full of shock, but later, a sense of admiration passed 
by his eyes. He couldn't help but look at Mu Zi Ling a few more times.
Meanwhile, Mu Zi Ling was calm, every one of her words carrying disrespect and 
rudeness. However, they all came out in a luxurious tone, making it so not a trace of 
fault could be found.
It seemed like anywhere she went, her body would emit divine and inviolable rays of 
Long Xiao Li was not offended by Mu Zi Ling’s words in the slightest. Instead, he 
laughed out sinisterly, “Ha ha! If you say it like that, then in the future, this Prince’s 
fame would definitely spread throughout the whole Ming Yue continent.
Who knew that this woman was so clever and eloquent. She dared to even use filthy 
beggars to insult him, by saying that his terrible reputation was known everywhere.
Mu Zi Ling secretly cursed in her heart. This person really was shameless, no one in 
the world could possibly compare to him.
Long Xiao Li’s face was already thick to the point of being incurable, so how was he 
still be so detestable? He really lived up to his title of Empress’ son. They were the 
same, both very sinister.
Mu Zi Ling smiled slightly, “This princess will be anticipating the day you do 
something so brilliant that the entire Ming Yue continent will know about your brilliant 
doings and 
your name be remembered for centuries.”
It would be the best if she could help the commoners, and let his stinky reputation be 
spread everywhere, his name to be remembered for centuries.
Long Xiao Li’s eyes flashed by with a sense of evilness. Then he started to laugh 
arrogantly, “With pleasure, with pleasure! To have Third Sister in law anticipate this 
Prince's fame, this Prince will definitely not let you down. I hope that in the near 
future, Third Sister in law will know about this Prince’s glory and honor!”
This stupid woman was very eloquent and powerful!
Mu Zi Ling, the day that you fall into this Prince’s hands, this Prince will let you have 
a taste of what it feels like to be on your knees enjoying both pain and pleasure as 
you please this Prince.
Mu Zi Ling smiled disdainfully, “Then this Princess will be waiting for that time. Right
now however, this Princess is really busy and still has matters to take care of, so this 
Princess can’t keep you company anymore.”
Once Mu Zi Ling finished talking, she didn’t even wait for Long Xiao Li to open his 
mouth before she walked straight out the door without looking back. She didn't forget 
to rub some microscopic powder onto Long Xiao Li as she walked by him on the way 
Long Xiao Ze saw Mu Zi Ling walking away, so he followed closely behind her.
Behind them traveled Long Xiao Li’s arrogant voice, “This Prince is very happy after 
speaking with Third Sister in law today! This Prince hopes to see Third Sister in law 
again in the future!”
Mu Zi Ling, I believe that we will meet again soon!
When Mu Zi Ling heard these words, she did not stop in her tracks and continued to 
happily walk away.
Meet again? You'll have to see if you have the luck to.
When Long Xiao Nan looked at the Long Xiao Li, who had been messed around with 
by Mu Zi Ling to the point of being dark faced, his mood brightened. He didn't forget 
to say “nicely” to Long Xiao, “Eldest Imperial Brother is rarely in such a good mood 
like this. Why don't you let this Imperial Brother order the imperial kitchen to make 
you some dishes and bring some wine to celebrate?”
The main lead had already left, so there was no point for Long Xiao Li to stay here 
any longer.
“Hmph.” He coldly humphed and walked out.


Kun Ning Palace.
“Son, did you go see the Qi Princess? How was it?” The Empress was sitting nobly 
and gracefully on the main seat as she asked Long Xiao Li, who had just came out 
of the Nan He palace with a dark face.
Long Xiao Li retrieved his darkened expression, and then he meaningfully said, “She 
really was a fierce character, and this Prince really likes her.”
The Empress saw that Long Xiao Li was acting different from usual, so she warned, 
“Son, pay attention to the important things. It is fine if you play with her, but don't let 
that woman steal your heart.
Long Xiao Li smiled demonically, “You may rest assured, Mother. This son naturally 
has his own plans.” Not only did he want to play, he wanted to play very well.
He had seen many women in his lifetime, but he had never seen such a beauty like 
her. If he could use her, then he would definitely become more powerful in the future.
The Empress returned the smile, “That's good then. If she turns into a threat in the 
future, then……” The Empress did not continue her sentence, and made a throat 
slitting gesture instead.
When Long Xiao Li saw this, he did not think much into it. He already had a plan, 
and he felt like he would win for sure.


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