Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort Chapter 37 part 1

Chapter 37: A shameless person had no enemies in the world part 1

Once he heard that Mu Zi Ling wouldn’t be visiting to change his medicine anymore, 
his heart suddenly felt a bit lost. However, he quickly recovered.

He nodded his head and respectfully said, “I will order an imperial doctor to take care 
of everything. Since Third Imperial Sister in law has matters to attend to, then I won’t 
keep holding you here. I hope that there will be a chance in the future for me to 
properly thank Third Imperial Sister in law.”

Meanwhile, Mu Zi Ling had been busy packing up, so she had not been paying 
attention to Long Xiao Nan’s words. She waved her hand and said, “There is no 
need to thank me. His highness the Qi King has already given large consultation 

Long Xiao Nan and Long Xiao Ze both had the same reaction when they heard this 
and stared blankly at Mu Zi Ling. Then he confusedly asked, “What consultation 

Weren’t Third Brother and Third Sister in law husband and wife? Why would there 
still be consultation fees?

Did Third Sister in law lack money? If Third Sister in law did lack money, then she 
could’ve just gone and directly asked Third Brother for it. Third Brother would
definitely agree. Why would she still have to use this method to get money?

Mu Zi Ling was completely oblivious to what they were meant, so thought that they 
were looking down on her for asking reward money.

Then she explained, “When a doctor saves people or practices medicine, it is 
naturally for money. After all, a doctor is not a god. His highness the Qi King asked 
me to cure the Fifth Prince so it’s not unreasonable for me to ask him for 
consultation fees is it?”

The two froze, startled by Mu Zi Ling’s words. What was all this?! What relationship 
were their Third Brother and Third Sister in law in right now? Currently, the two were 
completely confused.

Once Mu Zi Ling finished packing up, she picked up the medical box, and then 
careless said, “Alright, I’ll be leaving now,” to the two confused men.

Only when Long Xiao Ze saw Mu Zi Ling about to leave, did he recover back to his 
senses and hurriedly say, “Wait! Third Sister in law, I’m coming with you!”
Mu Zi Ling did not reject him. Just as she was about to leave with Long Xiao Ze, 
they were stopped by a person.

“Why is it that when this Prince gets here, you’re just about to leave?” Just outside, 
Long Xiao Li arrogantly walked over with large strides.

The moment Long Xiao Li saw Mu Zi Ling, he was stunned. Who knew that the so 
called idiot Eldest Miss of the Mu Manor was such a beauty.

How come he didn’t know about this? It was only as he was coming over, that he 
heard that this beauty was not an idiot and even excelled in medicine. She was also 
really exquisite!

This woman had even cured the headaches that had bothered Long Xiao Nan for so 
many years. It was really such a waste that the old Empress Dowager married such 
a good woman to Long XIao Yu.

When Long Xiao Ze saw Long Xiao Li, he turned to Mu Zi Ling and quietly warned, 
“Third Sister in law, you must be careful, he’s the eldest prince”

When Mu Zi Ling heard this, she furrowed her eyebrows. Long Xiao Ze had told her 
before that this person was the Empress’s son.

He was cruel, malicious, hid knives in his smiles, and was really perverted and 
lecherous. He often used his identity as an excuse to carelessly kidnap girls off the 
streets.The concubines in his palace could even be compared to the Emperor’s 

Now, even if she wanted to leave, she wouldn’t be able to. With just a glance she 
could tell that this person wouldn’t be easy to deal with.

Long Xiao Li had already started to walk up to Mu Zi Ling before they even had a 
chance to speak. He looked at Mu Zi Ling’s shining eyes and said perversely, 
“Oh! So you are my Third Sister in law. You seem so beautiful and lively! Come, 
let Eldest Imperial Brother take a look at you.”

As he said that, he had been stretching over his hand to touch Mu Zi Ling’s soft chin.

Mu Zi Ling felt disgusted, and was about to dodge, when Long Xiao Ze moved in 
front of her. He pushed away the hand that had been stretching out for her.

He then laughed and said, “Oh, so it is Eldest Brother. I haven’t seen you in a long 

Long Xiao Li actually dared have stretch his hand out to Third sister in law with 
perverted intentions? Was he sick of living?

At this moment, Long Xiao Nan also came over and bowed slightly, “Eldest Imperial 
Brother wouldn’t come to my palace if he did not have anything to do. May I ask 
what you are here for today?”

He too, had also seen the expression Long Xiao Li had as he looked at Mu Zi Ling. 
He also naturally knew Long Xiao Li’s intentions, and started to worry for Mu Zi Ling.

When Long Xiao Li heard these words, his eyes flashed with a trace of 
dissatisfaction. Then he coldly said, “What? Do you not welcome this Prince’s visit?”

“If Eldest Imperial Brother visits, then this Brother is naturally welcoming. However, 
this Brother is feeling a bit unwell today, so I won't be able to properly greet Eldest 
Imperial Brother.” Long Xiao Nan wasn’t affected by Long Xiao Li’s imposing manner, 
and kept on the gentle expression he had before.

He knew that Long Xiao Li was not easy to deal with, so he had been trying to think 
up way to get Mu Zi Ling outside safely.

“Hmph. Is this Prince not allowed to visit and greet our Third Sister in law?” coldly 
humphed Long Xiao Li.

He heard the Empress say that the new Qi Princess was not simple, and would be 
visiting the palace today to change Long Xiao Nan’s medicine, he came over 
curiously to meet her.

She really was different from what he had imagined. Not only did she hold beauty 
that could overturn a country, she had only been married for a short while and 
already, she was winning everyone over! She even got Long Xiao Ze and Long 
Xiao Nan to willingly protect her.

Such a intelligent and beautiful woman! He would be sorry for himself if he did not 
take her as his own.

“Yes. How could we not let you visit?” Long Xiao Ze still smiled annoyingly and 
nuisance freely.

As he spoke, he didn’t move a step, and continued to stand in front of Mu Zi Ling.

Behind him, Mu Zi Ling felt very touched. Who knew that Long Xiao Ze would try 
protect her?!

However, she was not the type to hide behind someone and watch the battle. 
Although her position in the family was lower than Long Xiao Li, her identity was 
way higher than his!

She believed that she could be able to control him. Even if she was a regular person, 
she still wouldn’t be afraid of him.

Mu Zi Ling lightly patted Long Xiao Ze on the back, signaling for him to move out of 
the way. However, Ling Xiao Ze didn’t move, so she could only helplessly walk out 

“Third Sister in law…” said Long Xiao Ze worriedly. Mu Zi Ling looked him in the eye, 
signalling that she would be fine.

Mu Zi Ling ignored Long Xiao Li’s perverted eyes, and she lightly said, “So this is the 
Eldest Prince. Seeing you in person is so much different from just hearing your 

Long Xiao Li actually dared to openly stare at her so perversely without fear!

In the past, she had heard Long Xiao Ze talk about the extremely unbearable things 
he did. Now that she saw him in person, she really didn’t dare to give out a 

He looked like a proper and normal human, but the way he handled things were