Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort Chapter 56 part 1

Chapter 56 The Zhang Princess’ request part 1
Within the Yu Han Palace courtyard, Mu Zi Ling was lying leisurely on a chair. 
One of her hands were supporting her head as she relaxed. She was talking to 
Xie and tasting the new deserts that she had made.
Until out of the blue, uncle Fu came over with a cute little servant.
“I give you my greetings, Princess,” kneeled uncle Fu and the little servant.
Mu Zi Ling put down the desert in her hand, brushed away the powder on her 
hands, and then glanced at the male servant by uncle Fu’s side.  

“You may stand, uncle Fu what are you here for?”
Who was the person next to uncle Fu? She had never seen him before. He had 
the reddest lips, white teeth and soft, tender skin. He didn’t look like a servant at 
all. The Qi King’s Manor didn’t have a servant like either.
“In reply to the Princess, this is housekeeper An from the Zhang Princess’s Manor. 
He is here for you with some matters to discuss.” Uncle Fu quickly signaled the 
person beside him to reply respectfully.
Zhang Princess? Housekeeper An?
Mu Zi Ling was confused for a while, but quickly realised what was going on.
So it turns out that people from the Zhang Princess’s Manor really did all look 
beautiful. Even the housekeeper was born with such a young and handsome 
Long Xiao Ze had already informed her of every royal and important personals 
in the Imperial Family. The Zhang Princess was his aunt, and the Emperor’s only 
sister, Long Jia Yi.
Long Jia Yi used to be the previous Emperor’s most beloved and youngest 
daughter. She was titled a Princess the second she was born. To this day, her 
rank and power was equivalent to the Empress’.
However, the Zhang Princess was already twenty five years old, but still 
unmarried. The Emperor already had a headache because of that, the fact that 
she raised a bunch of pretty young men in her Palace only worsened it.
The Emperor had already talked and scolded her about it, but didn’t give her too 
harsh of a punishment. In the end, there wasn't much he could do about it, so he 
could only let Long Jia Yi continue to do what she wanted.
The Zhang Princess was really picky about the young men in her palace. In the 
entire palace, she was the only female, everyone else was soft skinned and tender 
fleshed young men. This particular man’s age didn’t seem to exceed twenty two.
All this started when the love of her life died after his flesh started to rot from 
multiple injuries.
Usually, the Zhang Princess stayed in her Palace and rarely left. That was the 
reason why she didn’t meet her in the Royal Feast last time.
Once night came, the doors to the Zhang Princess’s Manor were tightly shut, 
and sounds of laughter, conversation, and singing would drift from within. Even 
though one couldn’t see what was going on, it was easy to imagine what was 
going on.
Thinking up to that, Mu Zi Ling couldn't help but tremble, and feel her goose 
bumps start to rise. In ancient times, it was normal for a man to mess with a 
group of women. But a woman messing with a group of men, that was too weird 
for her to even think about.
Bus he had never met the Zhang Princess, so why was this housekeeper here 
“What are you looking for this Princess for?” asked Mu Zi Ling, walking over.
“Princess, my Princess wanted to invite you over for a night,” answered 
housekeeper An in a quiet voice.
The moment Mu ZI Ling heard his voice, she was intoxicated. He even addressed 
the Zhang Princess as “my Princess”.
Housekeeper An’s voice didn’t sound like a man’s voice at all. It was as soft as 
cotton, and it as thin as a strand of hair. It brought the word “sissy”, into her mind 
instantly. The Zhang Princess’ taste in men was sure special.
“Did the Zhang Princess say why?” asked Mu Zi Ling as she furrowed her brows.
“The Princess will know once she gets there,” replied housekeeper An without 
revealing anything.
This time Mu Zi Ling felt uncomfortable. Why was the Zhang Princess, whom she 
had never, suddenly want to talk with her?
The Zhang Princess’s Manor was full of “special” men. She was the Qi Princess, 
would it be right for her to go?
It's not like she wanted to go. However, she couldn’t not go either. No matter how 
high ranked she was, she still couldn't compare to the Zhang Princess. And since 
she sent her own housekeeper to invite her over instead of a random servant. 
How could she still decline her?
This time, she couldn't just not go, so had to go.
Mu Zi Ling took a long while, but ended up deciding to bring Xie along with her. 
This way she would have at least one normal person by her side as she entered
to the Zhang Princess’s Manor.
Plus, the Zhang Princess’s Manor couldn’t be as shady and treacherous as the 
Empress’ Palace, right? She hadn't met the Zhang Princess before, so there was 
no reason for her to hate her.
Since the Zhang Princess’ Manor was so full of men, she shouldn’t see her as an 
enemy. Bring Xie with her was most likely safe.
Housekeeper An had originally prepared a large carriage for Mu Zi Ling, but Mu 
Zi Ling chose to sit in her own carriage since she would feel more reassured.
The carriage finally stopped at the Zhang Princess’s Manor. Xie helped Mu Zi 
Ling off the carriage. Looking around at the Zhang Princess’s Manor, it wasn’t 
tiny, but it wasn’t huge either. There were two stone tigers by the doorway, 
imposing and solemn.
But although the outside was cold and sombre, the inside was a whole other 
story. There were peach trees everywhere, and their fragrance wafted in the 
Mu ZI Ling couldn’t help but sigh. The Zhang Princess’ Manor wasn’t as bad as 
she thought. At least the Zhang Princess had good taste in trees.
Housekeeper An brought Mu Zi Ling to the entrance of the Chang Princess’s 
Palace. Then he signaled her to enter before he left.