Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort Chapter 38 part 2

Chapter 38: Good news, Third Sister in law is too cruel part 2
After the Ling Shan Hall was successfully opened, Mu Zi Ling ordered some people 
to turn the courtyard behind the Yu Han Palace into a small farmland. She 
transferred over the sprouts of some medical ingredients and planted them down so 
that if she needed to restock some medical ingredients in the future, she wouldn't 
have to be sneaky about it.
Today, Long Xiao Ze came happily to the Qi King’s Manor with some good news for 
Mu Zi Ling.
The first one was that after Long Xiao Nan switched medicines for a further two 
times, his wound had made a full recovery, and the gauze on his head had already 
removed. Gui Ying and Gui Mei had also secretly left. However, the hair that had 
been cut away, hadn’t grown back yet, so he looked really funny and was laughed 
at by Long Xiao Ze for a good while. This caused the cultured and refined Long Xiao 
Nan to explode and heartlessly kick Long Xiao Ze out of the palace. Long Xiao Nan 
also stayed in his palace, not daring to step foot out of his palace.
The second piece of good news was that one day, while Long Xiao Ze was waiting 
to see Long Xiao Li get stung, something really unbelievable happened instead.
It was unknown why Long Xiao Li’s vicious and cruel nature became more intense, 
but many innocent women died under his hands.
One thing that he did not understand was that all of his Eldest Imperial Brother’s 
concubines and wives, who were seen as play things, disappeared without a trace.
Who knew if the women were dead or alive? Right now, he didn’t even have a maid 
in his palace, and any women who saw him had to stay a certain distance away from 
him. Even the Empress was not an exception.
Long Xiao Ze had overheard some people from the palace say that it was because 
Long Xiao Li had touched too many women, and contacted some strange disease. 
No matter how old she was, as long as he saw a woman, he would start to throw up
None of the imperial doctors who came to treat Long Xiao Li could find a reason to 
his sickness. They were helpless in face of a crisis, and ended up dying under Long 
Xiao Li’s hands.

The Empress also wept for his situation. She even went to the imperial study room 
to bother and asking the Emperor to find a famous doctor to come cure Long Xiao 
Li’s strange sickness.

Emperor Wen Yin knew that everything that Long Xiao Li was experiencing was well 
deserved, so he did not care too much about the matter. He randomly came up with 
n excuse to deal with her, but the Empress would not give up.The Empress had 
annoyed Emperor Wen Yin that he became impatient, and ordered for people to 
lock up the Empress in the Kun Ning Palace and reflect on her mistakes.

Long Xiao Ze looked at Mu Zi Ling, who was fiddling with the sprouts of some 
medical ingredients, and curiously asked, “Third Sister in law, Why kind of illness do 
you think Eldest Imperial Brother contracted? What could be so strange, as to make 
him throw up after seeing women?

“I don't know. Maybe it was because he committed so many shameful deeds that the 
gods are punishing him,” answered Mu Zi Ling.
She had already known that this would happen to Long Xiao Li, and had laughed 
about it, so there was nothing to be surprised or happy about now.

However, she had started to regret her decision of causing Long Xiao Li’s negative
reactions to women now, since it had involved so many innocent lives.

“Third Sister in law didn’t you give the Eldest Imperial Brother some enhanced 
honeydew potion? How come he has not been stung by poisonous bees and 
butterflies yet?” asked Long Xiao Ze again.
He had been anticipating that for many days, but his Eldest Imperial Brother’s 
face had no bumps and still looked like before.
“Who said that I used the enhanced honeydew potion on him?” asked Mu Zi Ling 
Why would Xiao Ze think of that? Was it because she threatened him with 
honeydewso many times, that he remembered it a little too well?
“You told me that I will know very soon, what you did that day at the Royal Palace. 
However, up until now, the Eldest Imperial Brother still hasn’t gotten stung by any 
poisonous bees and butterflies,” said Long Xiao Ze foolishly.
When Mu Zi Ling saw how stupid Long Xiao Ze was, she suddenly understood and 
reminded him nicely, “Is Long Xiao Li suffering from calamity now?”
Long Xiao Ze stupidly nodded his head.
“Then do you know that he is suffering from calamity now?” asked Mu Zi Ling again. 
She had decided that Long Xiao Ze was plain stupid, and wanted to wake up this 
foolish person.
Long Xiao Ze continued to nod his head, but he felt that something was not right.

Why did Third Sister in law ask him this? Third Sister in law should have only heard 
about the Eldest Imperial Brother’s loath for women now. However, she was calm 
and normal, and didn’t seem happy at his catastrophe at all. It seemed like she had 
already known about this from the start.

Long Xiao Ze suddenly understood something, and screamed, “AH!”

Mu Zi Ling seemed to already know that Long Xiao Ze would scream loudly, and had 
already covered her ears.

However, right next to her, Xie clearly didn’t know what was going to happen, so she 
fell to the ground pitifully after being startled by that scream. Why did the Sixth 
Prince have to scream and scare people like this?

“Third Sister in law, it… it was you….” screamed Long Xiao Ze loudly.

“Enough, it’s fine that you know now but you don't have to go and say it out loud.” 
said Mu Zi Ling, cutting off the rest of his words.

With Long Xiao Ze’s loud voice, whatever he said, the whole world would hear and 
she still wanted to live for a few more days.

Long Xiao Ze used one hand to cover his mouth, and the other to cover his lower 
body parts. His heart started to shake and tremble.

Oh god, Third Sister in law was too poisonous. It was a good thing he had not started 
to develop an antidote for the honeydew yet. Thank goodness he hadn’t acted too 
cocky in front of his Third Sister in law, otherwise he would be the one suffering right 
now instead.


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