Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort Chapter 39 part 1

Chapter 39: His return part 1
When Long Xiao Ze saw Mu Zi Ling, it was as if a mouse saw a cat. He started to 
tremble while staring at her, afraid that Mu Zi Ling would pounce and bite him.
Mu Zi Ling speechlessly looked at Long Xiao Ze’s strange movements. What was 
Long Xiao Ze doing now?

“What? Are you afraid that I will eat you?” asked Mu Zi Ling incredulously.

Long Xiao Ze nodded and then shook his head.

Mu Zi Ling was amused by Long Xiao Ze’s foolishness and started to laugh. Then 
she amiably said, “Rest assured, as long as you don’t anger your Third Sister in 
law, then your Third Sister in law won’t see you as a target!”
“Really?” asked Long Xiao Ze foolishly

However, something did not seem right. He was clearly older than his Third Sister 
in law, so why did it seem like she was disciplining a kid when she talked to him? 
He was the high and mighty Sixth Prince! When did his courage weaken so 
It was fine that he didn’t have any courage in front of his Third Brother in the past, 
but now, there was also Third Sister in law. Was it necessary to bully somebody 
this much?
Off to the side, poor Xie had only just stood up from the floor and brushed the mud 
off her backside. Then she asked in a puzzled manner, “Young Miss, what are you 
guys talking about? This servant doesn’t understand anything that you just said.”
When the Sixth Prince said that the Eldest Prince was really unlucky, he not make 
any fuss. However, as he kept speaking, he suddenly started to scream and stare 
at the Young Miss in fear. His reaction speed was way too slow. How was the 
Young Miss so scary?
Mu Zi Ling glanced at the Xie who was looking pitiful, and said, “It’s ok. It is a good 
thing that you do not understand since there is nothing important anyways. Your 
ears would be contaminated if you heard that.

Earlier, she was only bothered to cover her own ears and forgot about Xie.

“Ok,” said Xie as she foolishly nodded her head.
“Alright, everything's done. Let’s go,” said Mu Zi Ling carelessly as she stood up 
and stretched. It had been too long since she last exercised. She had only been 
squatting for a short time, yet her shoulders and back were feeling sore.
At this moment, when Long Xiao Ze saw that Mu Zi Ling’s shoulders and back 
were sore, he immediately ran over. He gave Mu Zi Ling a shoulder massage, and 
then asked, “Third Sister in law, can you tell me what poison you used on him? 
How is it so amazing?”
That day, his Third Sister in law had poisoned the Eldest Prince without anyone 
realizing. So how exactly did she poison him, and what kind of poison was it?
The little tricks he knew were merely childish games compared to Third Sister in 
law’s. He was just too weak! In the future, he would have to suck up to Third Sister 
in law harder, in order to get her to teach him some tricks in the future.
Mu Zi Ling looked at the Long Xiao Ze as he massaged her shoulders and asked, 
“Do you want to know?”
Long Xiao Ze nodded, and used even more energy to massage her. His eyes lit 
up waiting for Mu Zi Ling’s next few words.
“I’m not going to tell you.”

As soon as Mu Zi Ling said that, it was as if she had poured a bucket of freezing 
water onto Long Xiao Ze’s head. Then she walked away with Xie.

There was nothing for Long Xiao Ze’s hand to land on, so he fell down. Third Sister 
in law was bullying him again!
“Third Sister in law, wait for me! Then can you teach me some small tricks? Third 
Sister in law…“ screamed Long Xiao Ze as he followed her.
You Shui pavilion.

“Master, the Fifth Prince has made a full recovery. Also, when the Princess went to 
the palace in order to change the Fifth Prince’s medicines, she ran into the Eldest 
Prince. They had a small conversation before the Princess left. The Princess 
seemed to have angered the Eldest Prince, because the Elder Prince left angrily 
after her.
In the last few days, the Eldest Prince had contracted a strange illness. He can’t 
touch women, and he had every single women in his palace secretly killed. It is not 
known where the dead bodies were carried off to.

This time, many imperial doctors have died under the Eldest Prince’s hands. The 
Emperor was very angry about this matter, and the Empress was put under house 
arrest in the Kun Ning Palace. Your highness, do you think that the Eldest Prince’s 
illness could be related to the Princess?” said Gui Ying said respectfully to Long 
Xiao Yu.
The Princess was good at curing poison, so she must also be good at making 
poison. No one could figure out what strange illness the Eldest Prince had 
contracted, so the poison was probably a secret formula.
When Long Xiao Yu finished listening, he coldly said, “Mu Zi Ling really does dare 
provoke anyone.”
However, as he talked, his eyes flashed with a faintly discernible admiration that 
even he did not notice.

“The Princess has also sold all of her jewelry in the past few days. This subordinate 
went to investigate, and found out that the Princess has opened a Ling Shan Hall 
in the imperial city. She has been leaving the manor with the Sixth Prince in 
disguises, so no one should know that it's them.”

As Gui Ying continued to tell Long Xiao Yu everything that had happened on the 
past few days, everything he mentioned were related to Mu Zi Ling.
Long Xiao Yu looked into the distance and asked, “Night Rain Restaurant?”
“Yes, the land the Ling Shan Hall was on, was originally the Night Rain 
Restaurant’s territory. However, it’s unknown why the mysterious boss of the Night 
Rain Restaurant, who didn’t even give face to the royal family, would sell the shop 
to the Princess.

Ever since the day the Princess saved his life, the more and more he thought that 
the Princess was deep and impossible to predict. She seemed to have a lot of 
secrets. She poisoned a prince, and she easily bought a shop from the Night Rain 
restaurant’s boss. All of this had already surpassed his expectations.
Long Xiao Yu thought for a while before he coldly opened his mouth, “The palace 
won't be so peaceful in the next few days, continue to watch everything carefully.”
“Yes,” replied Gui Ying.


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